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Wed 3 Sep 2014
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Calendar and Events
I will be using the Forgotten Realms Calendar of Harptos, Mostly for ease since we are using that world Setting currently, to track time.

Each Year consists of 365 days divided in to 12 months of 30 days each of 3 tenday weeks. there are 5 special Days that fall between some months that mark special Holidays and the changes of seasons.

the Months and special days are :
# / Name       / Common Nick Name
1  = Hammer    / Deep Winter
Holiday  =  Midwinter
2  = Alturiak  / The Claw of Winter
3  = CHes      / The Claw of Sunsets
4  = Tarsskh   / The Claw of Storms
Holiday = GreenGrass
5  = Mirtul    / The Melting
6  = Kythorn   / The Time of Flowers
7  = Flamerule / SummerTide
Holiday = Midsummer
8  = Eleasis   / High Sun
9  = Elient    / The Fading
Holiday = Highharvestide
10 = Marpenoth / Leaffall
11 = Uktar     / The Rotting
Holiday = Feast of the Moon
12 = Nightal   / The Drawing Down

To Determine when your character was born.
Roll a d13
a roll of 1-12 determines the month you were born in. roll a d30 to determine the day.
If you roll a 13, roll a d5 and that determines that you were born on a holiday and which one in order.

I will Be using this thread to track the passing of days and major events that happened at that time.
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Wed 3 Sep 2014
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Re: Calendar and Events
Campaign Start. On Midwinter day.
I am going to try and go over the past sessions and throw together a basic time line of what transpired to bring us to where we are now.

Midwinter day:

Pcs were woke from a dream of a fight within an ancient tomb.
They meet for the first time in Bralizaar, each having come for their own reasons, but find themselves drawn to meet one another due to the odd dream that plagued their sleep the night before.
They are invited to Lunch with a Local Sage.

<b>1st of Alturiak<b>

They meet with the Aman Al-Raquib and hear his story and agree to set out to a tomb to search for a book of knowledge.

<b>2nd to the 9th of Alturiak<b>

TRavel to the tomb

<b>9th to the 11th of Alturiak<b>

The PCs deal with Bandits in and around the Tomb
then find the lower crypt and find the book

<b>11th to the 18th of Alturiak<b>

Return Journey to Bralizaar

<b>19th of Alturiak to the 10th of Ches<b>

I can't find it in the threads just how long you guys did spend in town, So I just guestimated 3 weeks, If it was shorter or longer some one correct me and I will update the time line please.

<b>11th to the 13th of Ches<b>

The group is Approach by the Hett Man of Bralizaar to take up guard duty on a caravan mission.
The group meets with their own employer, and ends up leaving before the other caravan was planned to leave to attampte to get a head of them.

<b>14th to the 22nd of Ches<b>

Group travels to the North Knife Pass. Camps for the night before attempting passage through the first Gorge.

<b>23rd of Ches<b>

Group rises early and assaults the bandits on the Gorge Heights

During clean up they are assaulted by wolves and meet up with Eldhar and Seshop

they Continue up the Pass, passing a caravan going in the opposing direction.

They are delayed by a Giant in the second Gorge who is throwing boulders down the pass.

At the Spring, Kasib (NPC) is severely injured by the attack of a Mountain Lion.

The Group makes the Cave Camp at the top of the Freezing cold Pass.

they rest and heal for the night.

<b>24th of Ches<b>

The Group sets out in the late morning to begin the trek down into the Northern desert out of the Dustwall mountains.

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Tue 16 Sep 2014
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Re: Calendar and Events
In reply to GM Joe (msg # 2):

24th of Ches

The Group sets out in the late morning to begin the trek down into the Northern desert out of the Dustwall mountains.

they are greeted and examined by 10 dupari lancers.

the rest of the day passes uneventful

25th of Ches

Day passes uneventful

26th of Ches

Pass two other caravans going south

27th of Ches

bandits at the Gates of Sul
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Mon 29 Sep 2014
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Re: Calendar and Events
27th of Ches

Take out the Bandits at the gates of Sul and their camels further on.

28th of Ches

Ran into scout searching for a lost caravan.
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Mon 13 Oct 2014
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Re: Calendar and Events
29th of ches

Encounter the Oasis

30th of ches

nothing of interest

1st of Tarskh

found the oblisk

2nd of Tarskh

Followed the trails to the east

3rd of Tarskh

Fel Beast attacked

Spectral Pharoh