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Wed 5 Jun 2013
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Special Rules
Race Adjustments.
All Races Start with 2 less Background Options than are listed in the books. Refer to the Racial Chart in the Character creation thread for BO for this game.
 You can Take Traits and Flaws to gain additional Back Ground Options.(see Below) If you want an Allowed Race that Has Zero Back Ground Options, You must Take Enough Traits and Flaws to Be able to "Buy" the race at Minimum.

Weapon reach and Closing (Comp VI page 21)

Traits/Flaws(Comp VI Page 39) (back ground Option = BO)
2 Trivial Traits = +1 BO / 1 Minor Trait = +1 BO / 1 Major Trait = +2 BO
A Character May Gain, at most, 5 Additional BO this way. You may Choose the Traits you want or Roll Them, Your choice.

Social Class Can be Considered Either a Trait/Flaw Or a Background option.
1  = 1 Major Trait   = slave No money
2  = 2 Minor Trait   = Homeless x0.1 Money
3  = 1 Minor Trait   = Poor x0.3 Money
4  = 2 Trivial Trait = Borderline Poor x0.5 money
5  = 1 Trivial Trait = Low Middle income x0.7 money
6  = Standard Character
7  = 1 Background Opt = Upper Middle x2 Money
8  = 2 Background Opt = Prosperous/poor Noble x5 Money
9  = 3 Background opt = Lower Noble x10 money
10 = 5 Background opt = Weathly/Upper noble x25 Money

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Wed 19 Jun 2013
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Re: Special Rules
Additional Weapons and Mounted combat Comp III page 18
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Mon 1 Jul 2013
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Re: Special Rules
Stun rounds

Any Time you take Stun Rounds From a Critical result, You Will Make a RR (resistance roll) Against the Total Number of Stun rounds you have accumulated x the critical Level (a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4,e=5) as the Attackers Level.
You get to apply your Con bonus as a Bonus against the RR. If you fail the check, you are knocked unconscious by the blow for a number of seconds equal to the amount you failed by X10.

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Sat 29 Mar 2014
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Re: Special Rules
Stat Gains for maxed stats

If a Temporary is equal to it' potential stat:
If a roll of 96-99 is obtained when rolling stat gains for said stat, increase the potential by 1.
If a 100 is rolled, then increase the potential by 2 and the temporary by 1
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Mon 2 Jun 2014
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Re: Special Rules

Power points
PP Recovery per hour of rest______ (1 per hour + (magic stat bonus/20)  PP recovery per sleep cycle = 3 times hourly

Hit points
Recover_____ hit per hour of rest. (1 + [ con bonus /10)  Recover hits per sleep cycle = 3 x hourly

Recover per min of rest _____([50+con bonus] / 10

Long term exhaustion
Recovery (only through sleep) ____ (1 + (con bonus/5)) per hour of sleep
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Sun 17 Aug 2014
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Re: Special Rules
Spell Adders.

a +1 Spell adder gives a spell user a 5 power point reservoir to use as he needs.
a +2 adder would give 10 power points and so forth.
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Tue 17 Feb 2015
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Re: Special Rules
A few Maneuvers to Add flavour to combat.

Giving Ground: By moving backwards away from your opponent, at half walking speed to full walking speed, you double the bonus gained from shifting OB to DB.

Pressing the Attack: Pressing the attack means attacking in a aggressive manner that forces your opponent to fall back in the direction you choose or give you a Bonus to OB. If the Opponent chooses to stand their ground or move in a direction not of your choosing, you receive a +20 to OB. Attempting this Maneuver requires that you apply no more than 25% of your OB to DB but you also suffer a -10 to DB as you make yourself more vulnerable when attempting this maneuver.

Missile Modifiers

A target moving at least at a 45 degree angle from the attacker, and at least at a jog speed, gains a +20 to the DB.

Size will also affect range.

Medium creatures are the Base size typically.

Small creature increase range factor by 1.5
Tiny creatures x2
Large Creatures x0.50
Huge Creatures x0.25

If you have any other suggestions for combat maneuvers or adjustments, Please feel free to recommenced them. I am trying to improve the detail of the game.
And please feel free to comment on these in the Shout out thread.

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