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Character Creation
Going to Make a walk through of character creation.

Rolemaster uses a 1d100 For pretty much everything. Can't think of any other dice I use in this game at this time.
Note to Follow the Character creation Guide lines here as if you follow the Books you will not make the character correctly by my game rules.

Everyone please use the die roller on this forum for all roll in making your character. please Post the die results in your private thread.

#1 Roll Stats (Page 38 of the Character Law PDF)
  First roll 1d100 ten times. (this Determines your Base or temporary Stat.)

  Second roll the d100 again for each stat referencing it on table 15.1.1. Find the column your Base stat fall in across the top of the table and then cross reference with the result you rolled on the second die. The result is What your Potential for that Stat Set will be. (example. If I rolled a 50 for my base stat and then rolled a 50 on the table, my potential for that stat set would be 68) List each stats set (Base and potential) as ##/## the first being your base, the second being your Potential.

#2 Choose Profession
   (note you can choose race or profession in either order. I list them this way for ease. If you wish to roll your Race and then obtain your Back ground options Before choosing Profession, that is fine.)

   Professions Listed here will be listed By Book. The Information in ( ) next to a profession lists how common a Profession is in My world and will effect how common "Trainers" are For Profession specific skills and spell lists.

Character Law
Arms realm (non-spell users)
Fighter (common); Thief (common); Rogue (common); Warrior Monk (rare); No profession (uncommon)
Essence realm (pure spell users)
Magician (uncommon); Illusionist (uncommon); Alchemist (VERY rare)
Channeling realm (pure spell users)
Cleric (common)(see companion I page 44); Animist (uncommon);Healer (uncommon)
Mentalism Realm (pure spell users);
Mentalist (uncommon); Lay Healer (uncommon); Seer (rare)
Hybrid spell users;
Sorcerer (rare); Mystic (uncommon); Astrologer (rare)
Semi-spell users;
Monk (rare); Ranger (uncommon); Bard (uncommon) swap realm with monks

Companion I classes
Arms realm (non-spell users);
Burglar (common); Barbarian (uncommon); High Warrior monk (very rare)
Channeling realm (pure spell users);
Druid (rare)
Hybrid spell users;
Archmage (unique)
Semi-spell users;
Paladin [see companion 2 option 1] (rare); Night blade (rare); Delver (rare)

Companion II Classes
Arms realm (non-spell users);
Dancer (uncommon); Scholar (common); Trader/Merchant (common)
Essence realm (pure spell users);
Conjuror (rare); Rune Master (unique)
Channeling realm (pure spell users);
Shaman (rare)
Mentalism Realm (pure spell users);
Sage (uncommon)
Hybrid spell users;
Necromancer (very rare); Warlock (rare); Witch (rare)
Semi-spell users;
Beast Master [Mentalism version] (rare); Dervish (rare); Warrior Mage (rare)

Companion III classes
Arms realm (non-spell users);
Bounty Hunter (uncommon); Assassin (very rare); Bashkar (rare); Farmer (common); Duelist (rare); Craftsman (uncommon); Cavalier (uncommon); Gypsy (uncommon); Sailor/pirate (common); Warrior (uncommon); The professional (uncommon)
Hybrid spell users;
Crystal Mage (very rare); Magus (unique); Dream Lord (very rare)
Semi-spell users;
Crafter (very rare); Noble warrior (Rare); Monte banc (rare); Moon mage (very rare); Sleuth (rare)

Companion IV Classes
Arms realm (non-spell users);
Leader (Uncommon)
Hybrid spell users;
Astral traveler (very rare); Enchanter (rare)
Semi-spell users;
Houri (very rare)

Companion V Classes
Essence realm (pure spell users);
Force Mage (very rare); Wizard (very rare)

Companion VI Classes
Arms realm (non-spell users);
Romantic (uncommon); Free Thinker (rare)
Hybrid spell users;
Seeker (rare); Creator (very rare)
Semi-spell users;
Cultist (rare)

Companion VII Classes
Essence realm (pure spell users); Tarot mage (rare)
Mentalism Realm (pure spell users);
Doppelganger (unique)
Hybrid spell users;
Shadow Mage (very rare)
Semi-spell users;
Arms Master (rare); Elementalist (very rare); Witch hunter (very rare)

#3 Choose Race
Listing the Races Here  With all stats so that the Books Need not be referenced and Any changes/additions are shown.

Common Man +5 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +5 +0 +0   0...   0...   0...   .0.   .0. x1..   .0..   .0.. +0..  +0..  4
High Man ..... +10 -5 +10 +0 +0 +0 +10 -5 +0 +0   -5.   5...   -5..   .0.   .0. x0.7  .0..   .0.. +0..  +0..  2
Bear Tribes .. +15 -5 +5 +5 -10 +15 +0 +0 +0 +0 +20  0...   0... +20 +15 x0.7 +10   .0.. +0..  +40. 2
Dark Tribes .. +5 +5 -5 -5. +5 +5. +5 +0 +0 +0 +0.   0...   0... +0.. +0. x1. +0.. +5.. +10  +0... 4
Northmen .... +10+0 +5 +0 -5. +10 +0 +5 +0 +0 +0. +0.. +0.. +0. +10 x1.0 +5.   +5. -10.  +40 2
Mixed Tribes . +5 +0 +5 +0 -0 +5 +0 +5 +0 +0. -5.   -5..   -5.. +0. +0. x0.8 +0..   +0. +5... +5... 3
Half Elf A ...... +5 +10+10 +0 +0 +5 +5 -10 +0 +0 -5. -5... -5... +0. +50 x0.7 +0.   +0. +15.  +05. 2
Half Elf B ...... +0 +10+10 +0 +0 +0 +10 -5. +0 +0 -5. -5... -5... +0. +50 x1.. +0.   +0. +05.  +05. 2
Half Elf C ...... +10+10 +5 +5 -5 +10 +5 -10 +0 +0 -0. -0... -0... +10 +60 x0.7 +0.   +0. +15.  +05. 2
Half Elf D ...... +5 +10+10 +0 +0 +5 +5 -5. +0 +0 -5. -5... -5... +0. +50 x0.7 +0.   +0. +10.  +05. 1
Half Elf E ...... +5 +10 +5 +0 +0 +0 +10 -5 +0 +0 -0.. -0.. -0... +0. +15 x1.0 +0.   +0. +15.  +05.. 2
Wood Elves .. +0 +5 +5 +0 +5 +0 +10 -20 +5 +0 -5. -5... -5... +10+100 x1.5 +0.   +10 +15.  +10. 2
High Elves .... +0 +10+10 +0 +5 +0 +5 -20 +5 +0 -5. -5... -5... +10+100 x2.. +0.   +0.. +10.  +0... 1
Fair Elves ..... +0 +15+15 +0 +5 +0 +5 -20 +5 +0 -5. -5... -5... +10+100x3.0 +0. +0... +10.  -05.. 0
Grey Elves ... +5 +10+5 +0 +5 +5 +5 -20 +5 +0 -5. -5... -5... +10+100 x1.5 +5.   +10 +10.  -10.. 1
Dark Elves ... +0 +10+10 -5 +10 -5 +10 -20 +5 +5 -5. -5... -5... +10+100x3.0 +0.   +0.. -10.  +35.. 1
Dwarves ...... +5 -5 -10 +0 -10 +15 -5 +5 +0 +0 +40 -0.. +40. +20+15 x0.5 +25  +25 +65.  +50 3
Hill/Half Dwarf +5 -5 -5 +0 +0 +15 +0 +5 +0 +0 +20 -0.. +20. +15 +15 x0.7 +15   +15 +50 +25 3
Halfling ....... -20+10-15 +0 -5 +15+15 -10 +0 +0 +50 -0.. +40. +30 +15 x0.5 +0.   +0. +15.  +05. 3
Tallfellow .... -15 +15+10 +0 +0 +10+20 -20 +0 +5 -20 +0.. +20.. +20+50 x0.7 +0.   +0. +10.  +10. 2
Stout ........ -5 +5 -10 +0 -10 +20 +10 +0 +0 +0 +50 -0.. +40.. +40+60 x0.5 +0.   +0. +10.  +05. 2
Pysk ........ -30 +25 +5 -10 +0 -5 +25 +0 +0 +0 -10 +10.. -10.. +5+50 x0.2 +15   +0. +5  -10. 3
Sylphs.... -40 +30 +0 -10 +15 -5 +30 +0 +0 +0 -15 +20 -10 +10+75 x0.2 +5   +0. +100.  +100. 1
Orex ... +10 -5 -5 +0 -5 +10 +5 +15 -5 +0 +20 +20 +20.. +15+30 x0.7 +10   +10 +15  +05. 0
Gnomes -5 -5 -5 +10 +15 +5 +0 +5 +10 +5 +20 -20 +20.. +10 +10 x0.7 +10   +10 +5  +5 3

Racial Descriptions and Other bonuses
Half-Elves: +10 to Hearing and sight. Penalties for lighting reduced by 15 when outdoors. +10 to Sneak and Hide. Long Lived (300 to 500 years)

Elves: +25 to Perception Hearing and sight. Penalties for Lighting reduced by 30 outdoors. +20 to stalk and Hide (except wood elves who get +30) Immortal

Dwarves: Can see up to 50 Even in Pitch Black conditions No penalties for Lighting. receive 2 ranks in smithing and 2 ranks in geology and 1 in caving with a +25 bonu to Caving .  Lifespan up to 400 years

Hill Dwarves: (Half Dwarves) Half penalties from lighting. 1 rank in Smithing and Geology. Lifespan up to 250 years

Halflings: Lighting Penalties reduced 10, +20 to Sneak and Hide, +10 Defense Bonus. Life span 70 to 110

Pysk/Pixie: A Strong love of fun and Pranks Motivates the Saucy Pysk. They range from 12 to 18" tall and weigh between 9 and 15 lbs. They prefer bright Nature Colors and often dress in garments of vibrant green. Curly Red Hair clashes with the Pixie's clothes.
Damage dealt (hit points) are halved and crits are reduced 1 category when using their own sized versions of weapons.
Pysk Gain 4 ranks in the Spell list "Fey Magic" from Comp VII and may develop it as if they were a Semi Spell user unless they are already a Pure spell user. They have a +50 to stalk and hide, and a +20 defense Bonus. Can not be channelers. Lifespan 25 to 30 years

Sylph/Farie: Scantily Clad Sprites with Butterfly or dragonfly like wings in varied gossamer colors, Sylph lead a carefree existence among the treetops. Miniature cottages and terraces woven from twigs sway with the highest branches in the strong winds while the Sylph flits from one to another. High users of magic, All sylph, regardless of profession posses some command of magic. Ranging from 12-18" tall and 6 to 12 Lbs in weight.
Damage dealt (hit points) are halved and crits are reduced 1 category when using their own sized versions of weapons.
All Sylph Posses 4 ranks in the open Channeling Lists "Weather Ways", but it is treated as a Essence list. They also receive 4 ranks in the Lists "Fey Magic", from Comp VII. Both of theese lists may be developed as if they were a Pure spell user. Sylph can Only be Essence users. All Sylph have Magical Aptitude, But if the Back ground Option is taken anyway, they receive 1.5X power points. Sylph can fly at a Base rate of 50' modified by quickness at the rate of 1 foot per +/-1 point of quickness. +20 Defense bonus when flying. Life span 12 to 15 years.

Orex: (Creatures and treasures III page 57) Orex stand nearly 7 feet tall and appear to be Humans, though humans with 4 arms and hands. The second set of Arms attached slightly above the hips, these arms can act independently just like normal arms. Desert Nomads, some consider Barbarians, they complexions are darkly tanned with sharp features brown to grey eyes and dark hair. Orexians are known for being Master bowman. Their Bows are Powerful, but the most prized and rare amongst them are the "Berak", a Bow that Can be Pulled with two arms to fire two arrows at the same target. Orex are able to employ 2 Weapons Without the need of two weapon combos, wielding one in the upper and 1 in the lower set of hands. They can wield a Nanook, a small shield similar to Bucklers, on each off hand/arm giving +15 DB per free arm, but they are ineffective against missiles. They can alternatively wield 4 weapons at once, But must develop two Weapon combo For each set of arms. Unfortunately, Orex are not only Large, but also some what slow.
-10 Defensive Bonus and -20 to Initiative, 4 Ranks in Long Bow (Beraks are rare and can only be developed once one is acquired). Life Span 50 to 70 years. Can not be Essence users.

Gnomes: Some times confused with Dwarves, Gnomes also dwell in homes carved from Rock or Dug into Hills. Like Dwarves, they mine, But their love of Mining is more focused on Gold, silver and Gems. Gnomes are not as strong or hardy as Dwarves, but have a greater joy of entertainment and merry making.
Gnomes have vision in dim or unlit place the same as dwarves. they Gain 2 Ranks in Mining, 2 ranks in Geology, 2 ranks in Gem lore, 2 ranks in Crafting: Jewelry and 2 ranks in Appraisal Gems. They have a +10 bonus to defense. They can not be Channelers.

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Re: Character Creation
#4 Traits/Flaws(Comp VI Page 39) (back ground Option = BO)
2 Trivial Traits = +1 BO / 1 Minor Trait = +1 BO / 1 Major Trait = +2 BO
A Character May Gain, at most, 5 Additional BO this way. You may Choose the Traits you want or Roll Them, Your choice. This Includes Social Class.

#5 Social Class
Social Class Can be Considered Either a Trait/Flaw Or a Background option.
1  = 1 Major Trait   = slave No money
2  = 1 Minor Trait +1 trivlial   = Homeless x0.1 Money
3  = 1 Minor Trait   = Poor x0.3 Money
4  = 2 Trivial Trait = Borderline Poor x0.5 money
5  = 1 Trivial Trait = Low Middle income x0.7 money
6  = Standard Character
7  = 1 Background Opt = Upper Middle x2 Money
8  = 2 Background Opt = Prosperous/poor Noble x5 Money
9  = 3 Background opt = Lower Noble x10 money
10 = 5 Background opt = Wealthy/Upper noble x25 Money

If you take a Lower class than 6 you get 1 rank in your CHOICE of one of these skills Per rank below 6(no more than 2 ranks in any one skill)
Foraging, region lore (specific Region), Scrounge, begging.

If you Take a Higher than 6 Background Option, besides the Bonuses to language mentioned further below, you get 1 rank in your CHOICE of one of these skills Per rank above 6(no more than 2 ranks in any one skill)
Etiquette, Diplomacy, Riding(usually horse though speak to the GM as to what would be appropriate for your culture), Play Instrument, Music, Poetic Improve, Public speaking, Singing, Linguistics (May be applied to spoken or written but not to a Native language affected by the language modifiers found int he Language notes below)

#6 BackGround Options (page 50 of Comp I)
If you Roll a negative Back ground option, it does not count against your total.
Everyone get 1 and 1 only reroll of Back ground Options.

There are only 3 Background options one may choose.
    #1 Social Class as Above.
    #2 Magical Aptitude: Cost 1 BO (Without this BO, spell casters only have Half their normal Power points.
    #3 Psion Aptitude: Cost 1 BO (same as Magical Aptitude, but This is require to Have Psionics Unless you roll it as a BO)
    #4 Ambidextrerity: Cost 2 BO

#7 Record Stats, Bonuses and Development Points
Record your Base and Potential Stats. To determine your base stat bonus, look up your base stat on page 49 of Companion I and reference it for your Stat bonus. Record your Racial and Miscellaneous(those gained from Background options) and add all bonuses together to determine your total Bonus.

Also Reference the same table to determine your Development points for Each Stat. Not just the First 5 but for all Stats. Do not total these together, keep them separate.

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Re: Character Creation
#8 Skill Development
To determine your Skills Stat bonus, add the Stat bonuses, from the stats the skill is based on, together and then divide by the number of stats involved.
Long Sword is based on Str/Str/Agil, you add strength twice and Agility bonus once then divide by 3. If your total strength bonus was +5 and agility was +15  then your Skills stat bonus would be +8(8.3).

To develop the skill you spend your development points to Buy "ranks". The first 10 ranks are worth +5 each(there are some exceptions to this rule such as Ambush). The cost of a Rank in a skill i dependent upon your professions skill listing for that skill.
If you have a 1/5 listed for your skill cost, you can buy the first rank for 1dp and the second box for 5dp. With this cost you can only buy 2 boxes a level.
If you have a skill cost of a single Number (ie. 5) you can only buy 1 rank at that cost per level.
If you have a skill cost list with a /* (ie 4/*) then you can buy as many ranks as you like at a cost of 4dp per rank.

You can Only spend Development Points on a skill from a Stat that skill has as it's relative stats. (If your long sword is Str/str/Agil then you can only spend points on it from strength and Agility.) The exception to this is Reason and Memory DPs which can be used to develop any skill.

Magic and spell lists Work Different than from the rule Books as well.
You develop a spell Lists as a SKILL with the relevant stats being the Casters Primary magic Stat (Presence, Intuition or Empathy), Reasoning and Memory.
A casters "Casting Level" is equal to the Number of Ranks one has Purchased in the spell list.
Your spell list cost is still the same dependent on weather it is a Base, Open or closed lists and so forth.

You have 6 ranks in Your Native Language spoken and 1 rank Written. If you take a lower social class you lose the Rank in written. If you take a Higher Social Class, you Gain 1 rank in written per Higher rank than normal and 1 rank in spoken for every 2 social ranks higher than normal.
Any other Languages or ability in Native Language must be purchased Normal. (See the Linguistics Table In Character Law (RM2 Page 67  RMC 48 for details)
Note the Language of the land the campaign is starting in is called Dupari. If you are starting as a Dark Tribes Race, then your native Language is Dupari.
Half Elves Will need to choose their Native Language of either Elf, or the Human Language of the Human side depending on background Choice.

There is a comprehensive list of skills in Companion II as well as a comprehensive lists of Profession skill costs. There are some newer skills not lsited in that book from later companions which are listed below.

Weapon Skills
A Note on Weapons and Their Associated stats.

You will note in the class Skill Costs that there are 6 Skill costs for weapons.
This represents the fact that there are 6 Categories of weapons;

One-Handed Edged weapons
One-Handed Crushing weapons
Two-Handed Weapons
Thrown Weapons
Pole Arms

You must First assign a Skill cost to each “category” of weapon types from your six Weapon skill costs. This determines how much it will cost you to develop a single weapon from that weapon category.

A small group of weapons may be developed for double the costs. Below are listed the small groups as well as the Optional Stat Options you can use for the development of the group Or a single weapon from that group.
A single weapon may be developed at the same time as it’s small group so that you may be specialized in a specific weapon and yet still use the groups other weapons at better than default ability.

Each Small group has a list of letter codes after which pertain to the stat combinations you can learn the weapon with. Some stat combinations have advantages and disadvantages. The modifications apply to Melee weapons only. They do not apply in thrown or missile situations.

A) ST        = x2 dmg -25 Init, Half Parry
B) ST/ST/AG  = Normal
C) ST/AG/AG = Normal
D) ST/AG/IN  = +15 Parry
E) ST/AG/QU = +15 Init
F) ST/AG/SD  = -10 Init +10 Parry +10 OB
G) ST/AG     = x1.5 dmg -15 Init
H) AG/AG/QU  = x0.5 dmg +30 Init

One-handed Crushing Small groups
Short spikes (A,B,G)
Chains plus (A,B,C,G)
Clubs (A,B,G)
Whips (B,C,E,G,H)

One-Handed Edged Small groups
Short Blades (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H)
Long Double-edged Blades (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)
Thrusting Blades (C,D,E,F,H)
Long single-edged blades (B,C,D,E,F,G,H)
Short axes (A,B,C,F,G)

Two-Handed small groups
Long axes (A,B,C,F,G)
Long Spikes (A,B,C,F,G)
Great Blades (A,B,C,F,G)
Great Chains (A,B,C,G)
Staves (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H)

Pole Arms Small groups
Pole Arms (B,C,F,G)
Mounted Pole Arms (ST/AG/SD melee bonuses do not apply)

Missiles Small groups
Crossbows (AG/SD)OR(AG/IN)
Slings (ST/AG)
Blow guns (CO/SD)

Thrown Weapons small groups
Small blades thrown (ST/AG/QU)
Long blades Thrown (ST/AG)
Short Axes thrown (ST/AG)
Short spikes thrown (ST/AG)
Chains thrown (ST/AG)
Pole arms thrown (ST/AG)
Thrown Projectiles (ST/AG/QU)
Lines Plus (AG/AG/ST)

Two Weapon Combo (ST/AG/QU)

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Re: Character Creation
Additional Skills note these are a basic over view of the skills not full descriptions in most cases.

Note on Adrenal defense
For development point spending, this skill uses Quickness for the stat.

Note on Ambush
Ambush Uses the stats (IN/RE/ME)

Note on Brawling this skill uses Str/Ag as the stats and is more than just using improvised weapons, it is also basic Punching and Wrestling.

(A Note ON Climbing Skill) The Stats for this skill are Str/AG... Not just agility alone

Note on Meditations
These are all one skill, not separate skills, us the cost and stats for meditation trance.

(A Note ON Tumbling, Tumble Attack and Tumble Evasion:) These 3 skills Although Separate in the Book Are One skill Not 3... you can use the 1 skill any any method the 3 skills cover... The Cost of the skill Is the same as "Tumbling" and the stats used are AG/SD/QU

(A Note on Stunned Maneuver) This skill will be based off of Con/SD instead of jsut Self discipline.

A Note on Riding Stats for riding are EM/AG not just Empathy.

Airborne Combat (AG/QU) [Combat]
Bonus that applies to OB against a foe when Flying or Levitating.
Skill DP Cost: As Lancing

Awakening (IN) [Perception]
Bonus to Orientation and perception rolls upon immediate return from sleep, unconsciousness, coma etc.
Skill DP Cost: As Brawling

Battle Perception (In/Me) [Combat]
Skill to determine how a combatant will attack next. On a successful check Character receives a bonus of +25 to DB and +10 to OB.
Skill DP cost: As Tactics

Blind Fighting (IN/RE) [Combat]
The Skill bonus is how much of the characters OB may be used when fighting blind. (% over 100 is ignored but can negate modifiers for every other sense lost.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior Type 1/5, Arms User 2/7, Semi Spell User 10, Pure Spell User 20

Body Rigidity (SD/Co) [Concentration]
The reverse of Ambush, this allows one to reduce critical Results by making ones Body rigid or resistant to damage. Takes 10 seconds of Preparation but while active, all exhaustion effects are doubled.
Skill DP Cost: As Adrenal Defense

Calligraphy (In/AG) [General]
The Ability to write in beautiful script.
Skill DP Cost: Alchemist, Astrologer, Bard, Cleric, Conjurer,Freethinker, Magician, Runemaster, Sage, Scholar, Seeker, Seer, Sorcerer 1/4; Animist, Barbarian, Cultist, Shaman 3/7; All other professions 2/6

Calisthenics (relevant physical stat: Str/Con/AG/Qu) [Athletic]
This is the ability to increase your stat up to 10 points beyond your potential. Must be developed separately for each Stat you want to increase.
Skill DP Cost: Dervish 5/10, Dancer 3/9, Warrior Type 4/9, Arms user 5/10, Semi Spell user 10, Pure spell user 20

Closing (QU/AG) [Combat]
Skill that aids in getting your shorter or Longer weapon/attack into the best reach of the opponent. Though called closing it can be used to close or widen the distance between you and your opponent.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior type 1/5, Arms user 2/7, Semi SPU 5, Pure SPU 15

Cryptography (In/Re) [Academic]
Skill at creating and breaking written codes or Unknown written languages.
Skill DP Cost: As Engineering

Defensive Weaving (Ag/In) [Combat]
A Character can dodge attacks in such a way that it puts the attacker into awkward positions. Successful skill check causes the attackers Fumble range to increase by an amount equal to the original Fumble range for every 5 ranks that character has in the skill. Defender can not be carrying anything in their hands or wearing any armor.
Skill DP Cost: As adrenal Defense

Dentistry (ME/AG) [Medical]
Both he knowledge of and ability to preform minor repair on teeth.
Skill DP Cost: As Surgery

Distract Foe (AG/QU) [Combat]
The ability to Draw the attention of or distract a foes attention or break their concentration.
Skill DP Cost: As Martial Arts Sweeps

Donning and Doffing Armor (QU/AG) [Combat]
Reduces the time it takes to Don or Doff armor. must be developed separately for each armor type.
Skill DP Cost: As Maneuver in Armor

Elemental Lore (ME/RE) [Magical]
Skill to recognize and identify Elemental beings
Skill DP Cost:As Xeno Lore

Endurance (co) [Athletic]
Developing how long you can go before becoming fatigued or exhausted. Increase Exhaustion points
Skill DP cost: as Body Development

Etiquette (PR/ME) [Social]
Knowledge of what fork to use, what is not proper to speak about and so forth. Must be taken for each society, though eavery character gets 2 ranks for his own culture.
Skill DP Cost: Bard, Cavalier, Dancer, Leader, Montebanc, Romantic, Sage, Scholar, Trader 1/4; Arms 3/9; Semi 3/5, Pure 2/4

Feinting (QU/PR) [Combat]
The ability to draw off the opponents Parry or throw off his Guard. on a Successful Check the opponent makes a RR vs the number of ranks the character has. Failure means their DB from OB or shields is reduced by 5 per the number of ranks the Attacker has in Feint.
Skill DP Cost: As Disarm foe, Armed

Focus (SD) [Concentration]
On a Successful check the character narrows his focus to a 60 degree arc forward set upon accomplishing a specified task. They gain a +1 per rank + SD bonus to any task that brings them closer to their goal.
Skill DP Cost: As Lancing

Holding Breath (CO/SD) [Athletic]
Ability to hold ones breath for extended periods of time.
Skill DP Cost: As Body Development
Base Time to Hold Breath is [1+(Con B/100)](Con/2)

the base time is increased with a Skill check at the end of each time interval. The first check is made at medium difficulty and difficulty is increased with each additional check. the amount of time increased is determined by the result on the movement maneuver table.

Honing (AG/EM) [Combat]
Ability to put a superior edge on slashing and Puncturing weapons. success puts a +5 bonus on the weapon but must be redone after each combat or bonus is lost.
Skill DP Cost: As Weapon Category #2

Hygiene (CO/SD) [Medical]
Skill of keeping oneself clean and germ free. Improves Appearance and gives a +2 per rank to RR versus Disease.
Skill DP Cost: as Half Body Development cost

Increase Wound (AG/ST) [Combat]
Allows inflicting more damage, with a lodged weapon, without striking again.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior Type 1/4, Arms User 3/9, Semi SPU 8, Pure SPU 20

Instinctive Casting (QU/IN) [Magical]
Bonus to Initiative when Casting Spells. Half of the skill rank bonus is added to the character's Initiative score.
Skill DP Cost: As Targeting

Instinctive Maneuver (QU/IN) [Combat]
Bonus to Initiative. Half of the skill rank bonus is added to the character's Initiative score. This Skill applies for Movement maneuver skills and for combat skills.
Skill DP Cost: As Yado

Intimidation (PR/RE) [Social]
Ability to intimidate an opponent. a successful check forces the target to make a RR roll vs the number of ranks the attacker has in this skill.
Skill DP Cost: As Seduction

Jesting (PR/Re) [Social]
Ability to make others Laugh or to entertain
Skill DP Cost: As Seduction

Looting (In/RE) [Perception]
Allows one to ascertain the relative value of all items in an area . Each rank increases the area in which one can do this quickly by 1 foot. base area is 5 foot radius
Skill DP Cost: As Brawling

Magical Research (ME/RE) [Magical]
Adds a bonus to spell research rolls and reduces the time it takes to research.
Skill DP Cost: Power point Development

Melee Scuffle (St/AG) [Combat]
Allows a Character to Make a Quick additional Attack During regular strikes. on a successful check the opponent makes an RR vs Skill ranks. If failed they suffer an Unbalancing critical. Failure by 1-15 = A, 16-30 = B, 31-45 = C, 46-60 = D, 61 or higher = E
Skill DP Cost: Warrior 1/2, Arms 1/4, Semi 2/7, Pure 8

Mind Block (SD/PR) [Concentration]
The Ability to resist unwanted incursion, magical, spiritual or psion, on the mind.
Skill DP Cost: Arms 4/8, Semi 3/6, Pure 2/5

Mounted Archery (Ag/Em/SD) [Combat]
This Skill is the ability to Shoot or Throw Missile Weapons from a Mount. The weapons being used doesn't matter. Mounted Archery can Not Exceed the OB/Skill of the Weapon being used, so if Mounted Archer is Higher, you default to the weapons OB. Also The Ob Can not Exceed your Riding skill.
Skill DP Cost: Same as Weapon Category #2

Mounted Combat (Ag/Em/SD) [Combat]
This Skill is the ability to Fight from a Mount. The Melee weapons being used doesn't matter. Mounted Combat can Not Exceed the OB/Skill of the Weapon being used, so if Mounted Combat is Higher, you default to the weapons OB. Also The Ob Can not Exceed your Riding skill.
Skill DP Cost: Same as Weapon Category #2

Portaging (IN/RE) [General]
Bonus to encumbrance. knowledge of How to pack and carry gear efficiently. Skill Rank bonus is added as a % increase to Encumbrance.
Skill DP Cost: As Tactics

Prepared Shot (SD/IN) [Concentration]
This is the ability to more precisely Aim a Missile or thrown weapon.
Skill DP Cost: As Adrenal Balance

Preserve Organic (RE/ME/IN) [General]
Ability to preserve organic matter from decay through the use of alchemical solutions and storing.
Skill DP Cost: As Crafting

Psionic Perception (IN/PR) [Magical]
Ability to perceive the use of Psionic. Must have Learned Psionic skills or Have the Psionic Aptitude BO to use this skill.
Skill DP Cost: As Power perception

Research (RE/IN) [Academic]
Bonus for locating and correlating information concerning a specific topic, question or point of research. This Skill can aid in the learning of spell lists and the research of New spells or magical materials, but to lesser effect than Magical research skill.
Skill DP Cost: AS Philosophy/Religious Doctrine

Restricted Area combat (AG/SD) [Combat]
Each rank of this Skill offsets the penalties associated with fighting in restricted or tight quarters.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior 1/5, Arms 2/7, Semi 5, Pure 15

Scrying (IN/PR) [Magical]
Bonus for using scrying devices, methods and spells such as Crystal balls, Mirrors, magical Pools Etc.
Skill DP Cost: As Divination

Seaborne Combat (AG/AG/IN) [Combat]
Offsets penalties to actions preformed on water based crafts.
Skill DP Cost: As Rowing

Shield Bash (ST/ST/ AG Or ST) [Combat]
Using your shield as a weapon.
Skill DP Cost: AS one handed Crushing Weapons

Sign Mastery (RE/ME) [Magical]
Bonus to manipulating and using magic signs in conjunction with the appropriate SIGN LAW spells. Aids in the research of New Signs.
Skill DP Cost: As Circle Lore

Smithing Lore (RE/ME) [Academic]
Bonus for recognizing and understanding smithing techniques and procedures, Including metallurgical concepts, tool use, hot and cold working, etc. Also gives info on legendary smiths and histories.
Skill DP Cost: As Smithing

Sniping (IN/RE/ME) [Deadly]
This skill is like Ambush but is for Missile weapons. Must be taken for each category of Missile weapon. [Thrown blades, Bows, Spear and javelins, Blow Guns, Slings]
Skill DP Cost: As Ambush

Special Martial arts/Weapon Attacks (Varries) [Combat]
These special Martial arts can Be learned By a practitioner who has achieved Rank 4 in either strikes or Sweeps and throws. The Ranks in this Skill determine what % of the OB may be used in the attack. Each different Special Martial Art gives a change or Benefit to the User. Such as Eagle claw Changes Strike critical table to the Puncture critical Table, The Viper style Increases the initiative of the Martial Artist by the Rank Bonus of the skill but Halves all damage and reduces all criticals by 1 severity. Your GM has More info On the styles available.
Skill DP Cost: As Martial Arts Strikes or Sweeps and throws (GM determines)

Specific Knowledge Lores (RE/ME) [Academic]
Anything can be taken as a focus of Knowledge and/or experience. The More broad the category the Less likely one will know specifics about a part of that category. The more specific the Lore the more likely one will know obscure details. This can Not be used to cover a Lore that is already covered by other skills.
Skill DP Cost: 1/3 for ALL Professions

Spell Ambush (IN/RE/ME) [Magical or Deadly]
As Ambush but For Elemental Bolts and the like. Must be taken for each Bolt Type.
Skill DP Cost: As Power Point Development

Spell Artistry (Primary Magical Stat) [Magical]
Allows the caster to give any spell he casts any desired "Visual"*(and possibly) Auditory effects. These effects will never function as real illusions, but will look really impressive. For example, for a fire bolt spell, a small drakes head may appear over the casters hand which breathes the bolt.
Skill DP Cost: As Spell Mastery

Spell Perception (IN/RE/ME) [Magical Or Perception]
This is the ability to determine when a spell caster will cast or release a spell.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior 8, Arms 6, Semi 4/9, Pure 5/10

Spell Trickery (PR/QU) [Magical]
This is the ability to attempt to cast spells secretly with very subdued or hidden gestures and very little sound. Mentalism spells gain a +10 to using this skill and Essence users suffer a -10.
Skill DP Cost: As Spell Mastery

Summoning (EM/ME) [Magical]
THis skill helps a character casting a summoning spell, that has a variable number of results, to get the desired result he wants.
Skill DP Cost: As Circle Lore

Tackling (ST/AG) [Combat]
this is a Martial Arts attack using the RAM,BUTT,BASH attack table. AS i n Martial arts, one must develop each rank of this skill. Rank I = small attack, Rank II = Medium, Rank III = Large, Rank IV = Huge. The Max Rank one can learn/achieve is equal to the size of the character preforming it. Mans sized = Medium.
Skill DP Cost: As Martial Arts

Taunting (IN/PR) [Social]
This skill is used to incite and aggravate your foes in hopes of causing them to lose their composure and attack mindlessly.
Skill DP Cost: As disarm traps

Teaching (EM/RE) [Social Or Academic]
Skill to impart knowledge, experience and ideas to others. Can help to reduce the time required to learn a new skill rank for another.
Skill DP Cost: As Public Speaking

Trick Shot (AG/QU) [Concentration]
This is the ability of a talented Missile or thrown weapon character to preform normally Impossible tricks and stunts. Must be developed separately for each Type of Missile or thrown weapon.
Skill DP Cost: as the second rank cost of missile or thrown weapon to be used

Unhorsing (ST/ST/AG) [Combat]
Unhorsing allows one to forcibly remove another from their mount.
Skill DP Cost: As Lancing

Weapon and Armor Maintenance (AG/SD) [General]
Represents the repairing and maintaining of all armors and weapons.
Skill DP Cost: As Smithing

Weapon Brawling (ST/AG/QU) [Combat]
A character can use his weapon to strike with parts of it unintended to be used to attack with (pommels, handles, hilts etc.) This allows the user to get off a quicker than normal extra attack. Uses the Ram,Butt,Bash, Knock down table for resolution. The Size of the attack depends on the users OB. up to 100 = Small, 101-200 = med, 201-300 = large, 301+ = huge. Must be developed with each type of weapon. A weapon Brawl attack is 1/4 of the speed of the weapons Normal Attack speed but can only be used once per attack sequence, and the next normal attack is delayed by the speed of the weapon brawl. If it is used as the only form of attack it is the same speed as half the weapons speed. Weapon Brawling OB/Skill can not exceed the weapon Skill Itself.
Skill DP Cost: As weapon Type

Weapon Shatter (ST/ST/AG) [Combat]
This skill allows one to attempt to break another foes Weapon.
Skill DP Cost: Warrior 1/5, Arms 2/7, Semi 4/9, Pure 15

Weapon Snare (QU/AG) [Combat]
Allows one to catch and hold an opponents weapon with his own. Can be used with an Off hand weapon but must have Two weapon combo developed to do so.
Skill DP Cost:AS disarm foe, Armed

Weapon Trickery (AG/QU) [combat]
A character with this skill can rapidly spin his weapon around in fancy moves. Can be used to deceive a foe as to the true direction of your attack reducing their DB by 5 x the number of skill ranks in this skill. Can not reduce DB lower than half.
Skill DP Cost: As weapon category #1

Weave Lore (ME/RE) [Magical]
Bonus to manipulating and using magic Weaves in conjunction with the appropriate weaving lore spells.
Skill DP Cost: As Circle Lore

Whip grapple (St/Ag) [Combat]
The Ability to use a Whip to grapple an opponent rather than just flay them.
Skill DP Cost: As Martial arts

Wrestling (AG/ST) [Combat]
A Martial arts style using the Grapple/Grasp attack table.
Skill DP Cost: As Martial arts

Zoology (RE/ME) [Academic]
Bonus for collecting and maintaining a Menagerie.
Skill DP Cost: Double the cost of Animal Handling.

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GM Joe
 GM, 16 posts
Tue 11 Jun 2013
at 22:46
Re: Character Creation
Level Bonuses
Each Profession receives a Bonus to certain Skill categories. Normaly this Bonus is applied to the skill per level of the character. I my game, this bonus is Applied per Rank/Box of the skill Developed.

So if a Character receives a +2 to all Combat skills and he has purchased 2 ranks/boxes of then he receives a +4 to the skill in the Level bonus.

You can Find the level bonuses for each profession listed in Their at a glance Table in what ever companion they are shown in, Or in the Combined Listing In comp II.
GM Joe
 GM, 17 posts
Tue 11 Jun 2013
at 23:58
Re: Character Creation
#9 Hit Points
To determine your Initial or "base" hit points take ˝ your Con stat and multiply it by 1+ your con bonus plus your size modification and Frame Modification Divided by 100.
Formulae: (Con/2) x (1+ (con bonus + Size Mod + Frame Mod)/100)
this gives you your base Hit points before any Body Development. If you have trouble with this Formula I can calculate it for you.

The size Modification is determined By the Height of a character using the table below.

Size Mod Table:
< 6" tall   = -100     6" to 1'    = -70
1' to 2'    = -40      2' to 3.5'  = -20
3.5' to 5'  = -10     5' to 7'     = +0
7' to 10'   = +10     10' to 15'  = +20
15' to 20' = +50     20' to 30'  = +100
30' to 50' = +200     50' to 100' = +500

The Frame Modification is determined by the build/frame of the character. (if a GM uses this option for his monsters and such as well, he will need to Decide what the "build/frame" of a creature is.)

Thin     = -30    Slight    = -20
Slender = -10    Average = +0
Stocky  = +10   Heavy    = +20
Stout    = +30   Huge     = +40

For Body Development
take your rank Bonus Plus your con Bonus (and profession bonus if applicable) and treat it as a decimal +1 and multiply that into your Base Hit points as determined above

Endurance Points
Exhaustion points Represent how long you can continue to exert yourself before taking penalties or collapsing in exhaustion. This is endurance over the short term and recovers fairly quickly.
((co stat/2) x [1+co bonus / 100]) x (1+Endurance skill/100)

Long Term Exhaustion
This represents exhaustion that Stays with you and generally can only be recovered with proper sleep and rest.
(con/5) x (1 + con bonus/100)

Base Weight Allowance
((body weight /5) x 1+(Str bonus%/3))

Recovery, Power Points exhaustion points, encumbrance and other can be found on the Point tracking sheet. Let me know and I can help you though these numbers... Though a lot of them I will Be tracking myself as GM as well.

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GM Joe
 GM, 18 posts
Wed 12 Jun 2013
at 00:10
Re: Character Creation
#10 A Few notes on Spell casting

Power Points
Base Power Point are determined by  Taking your Magic Stat (or the average of your magic stats if you are running a Hybrid Spell user) and diving it by 10 and then Multiplying that by 1+ you Magic Stat Total Bonus as a Decimal or Percentage.
So if Joe the Mage has a Magic stat of 90 divided by 10 = 9, and his total Stat bonus is +15 as a Decimal is 0.15+1 = 1.15 then His Base power points would be 9x1.15 = 10.35 or 10 rounded.
((magic stat /10) x (1+ Magic stat bonus%))
Additional Power points are developed per box based on the Power points received In the bonus chart above per the chart in Companion I and whether or not you have the Aptitude background option. So a Character with a Magic stat of 90 Would receive 1 power point per rank developed in Power point development, if he doesn't have the Aptitude BO, or 2 Power points if per Rank if he does.

Channelers develop 1 less power point per rank than other Magical Professions, but have the ability to access more. see the Channeling thread.

Life Levels
Life Levels are a representation of ones Spiritual Essence. This can be drained by certain creatures and monsters. It can also be used as Power points at a rate of 10PP per 1 Life levels. Be careful of this as Draining your Life levels harms the spirit and takes A lot of time to recuperate.

Spell Casting: see spell casting thread
Spell casting requires a skill for each spell list you wish to be able to cast a spell from. The stats it is based on are the Magic stat for your realm and Re/ME.

Your casting Level is Equal to the number of Ranks you have purchased in the spell list skill.

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GM Joe
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Wed 12 Jun 2013
at 03:34
Re: Character Creation
#11 Money and Equipment

First a Note on Weapons and Armor. Some weapon Choices will be restricted to or From certain Races. Talk to Me about your character concept and what you might have access to.

Note that that the area we are in is populated by "Dark tribesman" or in other words, think of the Middle east. think of each racial type in terms like that and you can't go wrong.

For elven, Dwarven and other fantasy races, speak with me about your Options.

Coinage Standards are
1 Mithril piece (MP) = 100 Gold Pieces
1 Gold Piece (GP) = 10 Silver Pieces
1 Silver Piece (SP) = 10 Bronze pieces
1 Bronze Piece (BP) = 10 Copper Pieces
1 Copper piece (CP) = 10 Tin Pieces
1 Tin Piece (TP) = 10 Iron Pieces

We will use the Prices in Character law for initial Purchases. IF an Item is not there that you need access to, such as a Weapon that is part of your culture but is not in the base book, Ask me an I can get you a price.

Your character starts with a Shirt and Pants, nothing more, everything else must be purchased.

Each Character starts with 50sp Plus 5d10sp.
GM Joe
 GM, 20 posts
Wed 12 Jun 2013
at 04:12
Re: Character Creation
#12 Character Hobbies

Each Character gets 12 ranks of Hobbies. These are Free Ranks in any skill. You can put no More than 2 ranks in any one skill save for 1 Exception. You may choose 1 Skill that you may put 4 ranks in. It Can not Be a Melee Weapon unless it is Staff or Bow, and it can not be a Martial arts skill, though Brawling and wrestling are viable Options. It Also may not be used in a Magical skill. I recommend spreading them out a Bit, but please indicate, for booking purposes, where you put them.

#13 Spending your development points

You get to spend your development points for Level 0.

Then Roll For stat gains. Get with me to learn how to do this if it isn't clear in the book.

then figure your Development points again for level 1 and spend them.

Please record/indicate your expenditures of DPs for each Level.

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GM Joe
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Thu 13 Jun 2013
at 04:37
Re: Character Creation
A few Notes On Weapons, Combat and Armor


Instead of Playing using "rounds" per the basic game, We will be using a Count system where every action takes a certain amount of seconds to complete.

You can find the basic Rules for this in Comp VI page 99-100(98-99PDF)

There will be a Few Minor changes to this, the Biggest o which will be to weapons. One is you round off the decimal towards the even number. ( a 7.5 would be an 8, a 6.5 is a 6)

Unarmed or Martial Arts will gain a +40 to their Initiative, but will suffer a -20 OB (Ofensive bonus) and have a Pary value of 1/2 vs. an Armed Opponent. (this is in addition to penalties applied dependent on your reach and position in fighting). Also, Any OB applied to DB is applied at a 1/2 ration When fighting Unarmed vs an Armed opponent. That is you receive a +1 to DB for every 2 Points of OB shifted to defense.

The Bonus or Penalty to init for weapons will have to be based on each weapon. I am working on a Table to show the values.

Base weight Allowance (BWA) or base Encumbrance
To determine your Base Weight Allowance: ((body weight /5) x 1+(Str bonus%+ Race Enc Bonus%)/3)
Divide your Characters body Weight by 5 and Multiply that by 1+ your Strength Bonus Plus your racial Encumbrance Bonus, as a Decimal or percentage, Divided by 3.

Example: John Has a weight of 150. divided by 5 = 30. He has a Strength bonus of 15 and no racial modifiers  to encumbrance, so 15 divided by 3 = .05 as a decimal and adds that to 1 = 1.05. He then Multiplies 30 x 1.05 = 31.5. So Johns Base Weight Allowance(BWA) = 31.5 pounds before any skills.

Strength Value
Strength value is different than just your Strength Stat of Bonus. You Strength stat represents How well you have developed your strength for your Body type, height and weight. Even though a Character who is Slender and weighs 120lbs may have a 90 strength does not mean he is as strong as a Character that is Stout and weighs 200lbs.
So Strength Value represents just how Strong you are compared to other characters. This is important in knowing what weapons your character might use most effectively. If a Weapon has a Minimum strength Requirement that is higher than your Strength Value, then you suffer a Penalty equal to the difference between the minimum strength requirement and your strength penalty in using that weapon. To Find your Strength Value. Find your BWA in the Chart below.

Str Category  BWA Str Value Weapon wght
Frail 0.1-2# -30 0.1-0.5#
Feeble 3-5# -25 0.6-0.9#
Delicate  6-9# -20 1-1.9#
Very Weak 10-14# -15 2-2.9#
Weak 15-20# -10 3-4#
Able 21-27# -5 4.1-5.5#
Average 28-35# +0 5.6-7#
Capable 36-44# +5 7.1-8.9#
Hardy 45-54# +10 9-10.9#
Stout 55-65# +15 11-13#
Stalwart 66-85# +20 13.1-17#
Formidable 86-110# +25 17.1-22#
Powerful 111+# +30 22.1+

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GM Joe
 GM, 28 posts
Sat 15 Jun 2013
at 17:06
Re: Character Creation
Weapon Minimum strength requirement, Init Mods, Parry Value and Defensive Bonus

Min Str Value
If a Character has Less than the minimum Str value to wield a weapon, he suffers a penalty to OB and Initiative as stated above.

Initiative Modification
This will modify your base initiative with a weapon making you slower or faster to attack with it.

Parry Value
Parry value represents how much of your Offensive bonus, Shifted to defense, applies t the defense. If the value is 1/1, then every point shifted to defense will apply to defense. If the Value is 1/2% then only 1 point per 2 points shifted applies to defense.

Defense Modifier
This is a Bonus or Penalty applied to Defense when wielding this weapon. These values can not apply against missile.

Weapon vs Weapon Size Modifier
This won't be in the tables but is being mentioned as it will be applied in the rules. If you are using a Smaller weapon with a reach/lentgh less than Half the Opponents weapon, Your parry value will be half that listed. For instance, If Joe fighter Had a Long sword and Bent eh thief was wielding a dagger, Ben the thief would receive only +1DB for every 2 OB moved. If Ben was wielding a Cat-onine Tails, he would recieve only +1DB for every 4 OB moved.

Weapon legality
Note that Some weapons will be considered Illegal in society, generally making some one as a Thief of Assassin to authorities.

Weapon  Weight Min. Str. Value Init Mod Parry Value Def. Mod
Bastard Sword 1H 5#   -5   -10   1/1   +0
Bastard Sword 2H 5#   -10   +0   1/2
Battle Adze 3.5#   -10   -5   1/2   -5
Battle Axe 2H  8#   +5   -10   1/2   +0
Battle Hammer 2H 10#   +10   -40   1/2   +0
Black Jack  0.5# -30   +40   1/2   -10
Blowpipe  2# -20   +0   N/A   N/A
Boar Spear  4# -10   +10   1/1   +0
Boar Spear Thrown  4# -5   +0   N/A   N/A
Bola Thrown  4# -10   -10   N/A   N/A
Boomarang Thrown  0.5# -30   +40   N/A   N/A
Broadsword  3.5# -10   +5   1/1   +0
Brodrack 4#   -10   +5   1/1   +0
Bulbova 1H(Dwarf) 4.5#   -10   -5   1/2   +0
Bulbova 2H(Dwarf) 4.5#   -15 +0    1/2   +0
Cat-o-Nine Tails  5# -5   -10   1/2   -20
Cazingal (Dwarf) 2.5# -15   +30   1/1   +0
Cazingal thrown(Dwarf) 2.5#   -10 +15   N/A N/A
Claymore 2H    7.5# +5   -10   1/2   +0
Club    6# +0   -10   1/1   -10
Composite Bow    3# Varies   +0   N/A   N/A
Correlledge (Elf) 4# -10   +0   1/1   +0
Corris (Elf) 1.5#   -20   +0   1/1 -5
Crossbow HVY    10# +0   +0   N/A   N/A
Crossbow Lght    6# -10   +0   N/A   N/A
Cudgel 1H  4# -10   +0   1/1   -10
Cudgel 2H  4# -20   -10   1/2   -10
Cutlass  3# -10   +10   1/1   +0
Dagger  0.75# -25   +40   1/1   +0
Dagger thrown  0.75# -20   +20   N/A   N/A
Dalwal 2H (Dark Tr) 9#   +10   -40   1/2   -10
Darts  1# -25   -20   N/A N/A
Dirk  0.75# -25   +40   1/1   +0
Dragonblade (eastern) 4#   -10   +0   1/1   +0
Estock 1H  5#   -5   -10   1/1   +0
Estock 2H 5#   -10   -5   1/2   +10
Executioner's Sword 1H 4#   -10   -5   1/1   +0
Executioner's Sword 2H 4#   -15   +0   1/2   +0
Falchion  3# -10   +0   1/1   +0
Flail 1H  6# +0   -10   1/2   -10
Flail 2H  6# -5   +0   1/2   -20
Foil  1.5# -20 +20   1/1   +10
Gauntlet  0.75# -25   +25   1/2   +0
Great Sword 2H 20# +25 -50   1/2   -10
Goodar (Orex) 3# -10 -5   1/1 +0
Halbard    8# +5   -15   1/1   +0
Hand Axe    3# -10   +25   1/1 -10
Hand Axe thrown    3# -5   +10   N/A N/A
Harpoon (melee) 8# +5   -15   1/1 -20
Harpoon (Thrown) 8# +10   -25   N/A N/A
Jambiva (Dark Tr) 1.7# -20   +20   1/1 +0
Javelin Melee 3# -10   +20   1/1 +0
Javelin Throw 3# -5   +10   N/A N/A
Jo Staff 1H 2.5# -15   +10 1/1 +0
Jo Staff 2H 2.5# -20   +20 1/1 +20
Katana 1H 3# -10   +10 1/1 0
Katana 2H 3# -15   +20 1/1 0
Katari (Eastrn +Drk Tr) 1.5# -20   +30   1/1 +10
Killaj (Dark Tr) 5.5# -5   +0   1/1 +0
Lance melee  12# +15   -40 1/2 -10
Lance mounted 12# +10   +0 N/A N/A
Lasso 2# -15   -30 1/2 -20
Long Bow  2.5# Varries   +0 N/A N/A
Long Sword 3# -10   +0 1/1 +0
Mace 4# -10   +0 1/1 -10
Main Gauche 1.5# -20   +25 1/1 +15
Morning Star (ball and Chain) 5# -5   -15 1/2 -20
Net, Fishing 4# -10 -30 1/2 +10
Net, Gladiator 3# -10 -20 1/2 +10
NoDachi 2H 7.5# +5 -5 1/1 +0
NunChaku 1H/2H 1.5# -20/-25 +20/+30 1/1 -10/+10
Pick 2H 6.5# +0   -20 1/2 -20
Pilum Melee 6# +0   +5 1/1 -10
Pilum Thrown 6# +5   +0 N/A N/A
QuarterStaff 3.5# -10   +20 1/1 +10
Rapier 2.5# -15   +15 1/1 +10
Saber 2.5# -15   +10 1/1 +10
Sai 2# -15   +20 1/1 +20
Scimitar 3# -10   +5 1/1 +10
Short Bow 2# Varies   +0 N/A N/A
Short Sword 2.5# -15   +5 1/1 +0
Shuriken Thrown 0.5# -30   +40 N/A N/A
Sling 0.75# -25   +30(as Lxbow) N/A N/A
Spear 1H 8# +0   +0 1/1 +0
Spear 2H 8# -5   +0 1/1 +10
Tomahawk melee 3# -10   +20 1/1 -10
Tomahawk Thrown 3# -5   +10 N/A N/A
Tonfa 2# -15   +20 1/1 +15
Trident 5# -5   +0 1/1 -10
Two-Handed Sword 10# +10   -40 1/2 +0
War Hammer 1H 6# +0   -20 1/1 -10
War Mattock 2H 8# +5   -40 1/2 -10
Whip 2# -10   +10 1/2 -20

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GM Joe
 GM, 90 posts
Sun 22 Sep 2013
at 00:06
Re: Character Creation
two Weapon Combo
A minor overview of How I handle Two Weapon Combos.

Firstly, one must develop the weapon he plans to use for the Hand he plans to use it in as a single weapon skill ( Burger wants to Develop two weapon Combo Long sword Dagger. He must Develop Long Sword Right hand skill and Dagger Left.)

The off hand Receives a -20 Penalty unless the character has ambidexterity.
both primary and off hand weapons suffer a -20 to initiative.  Yes you attack slightly slower, but over all you attack more often. This applies even if you are Ambidextrous.

Unless the Weapons are both Small in size (not over 2.5 feet long), like two daggers, the second/off hand weapon must be of a Size smaller than the Primary weapon. If Both Weapons are medium sized 1 handed weapons, then the Primary weapon suffers a -30 and the off hand a -50. With Ambidexterity, both weapons only suffer a -20.

Now this Is Assuming that the wielder is Human sized, or size medium. If the Character is Size Small himself, the Second Weapon can not exceed 1.5 feet, if they wield two weapons over that size it is treated as above for a human with two weapons over 2 feet long.

Along with this, a Large Humanoid would be able to wield a Large weapon and a weapon of 4 feet as the second weapon.

Two weapons of the same length of Medium size may be used at a greater difficulty.
They receive a penalty of -30 to Primary and -50 to off hand, and a Penalty of -20 to Base Initiative.

Parrying/Defense with a two weapon combo.
You have a few options when Parrying with a two weapon combo.

having 2 weapons doe allow one to parry (appy DB from Ob) against an extra attack each attack sequence. Normally you can only apply DB against 1 attack per period of time between your attacks. Two weapons allows you to apply the DB against two attacks. Or against two opponents

Partial Parry
You may assign a certain amount of OB to DB, half of the OB.DB must come from both weapons.. So if you apply 20OB to DB, 10 must come from the primary and 10 from the off hand.

Full parry with 1 weapon
You may Full parry with 1 weapon. this means instead of the DB bonus coming from both weapons. you put all of one weapons OB to parry, the other weapon suffers a mild -20 penalty while doing so.. but you gain the bonus to defense of the other weapons full OB, you do still have to roll an attack to account for fumbles and a possible lucky hit.

Full parry with Both weapons. Doing a full parry with Both weapons gives you the Full ob to defense of the primary weapon and Half the ob to DB of the off hand weapon.

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Re: Character Creation
And update to the skills section..

a Spell casting skill has been added to hep one improve initiative when casting.