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GM Joe
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Mon 10 Jun 2013
at 04:46
Follow this link to my Media Fire Page for downloads of relevant Game resources.

RM Character Law

RM Spell Law

RM Arms Law

RM Comp I

RM Comp II


RM Comp IV

Rm Comp V

RM Comp VI


RM Arms Companion

RM Spell Users Comp

Maptools version 1.3.b86

My Character sheet and Hit point/power point/Exhaustion point and so forth tracking sheet.

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GM Joe
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Mon 10 Jun 2013
at 16:21
Re: Resources
Maptools Version 1.3.b86

Click on "Maptools" on the center list, it will open a lists of all the versions... Find the version and down load it. Unzip it to a New folder. easiest place to put the new folder is on your desk top.

You will also need to install Java version 6. check to make sure you do not have Java 7 or later installed at all, if you do, delete it and restart your computer before isntalling java 6. THen restart after installin java 6. if you don't do these things, maptools will not work.

It is possibile to have it work with Java 7 and 8 now. we jsut may need to walk you through a fix to have it work.

once you download and install this, you should reboot your computer.

Ventrilo voice communication for the game

Server info
Port: 4193
Link back to this game

this is a Forum site on which we communicate between games  and keep character pertinent information. Sign up and let the gm know your user Name.

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GM Joe
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Sat 22 Jun 2013
at 16:30
Re: Resources
RM Arabian Nights

this link provided to get an Idea of the general Culture of the area we will be starting in. Just as a general Guide line. Specifically chapter 8.0 starting on pg 35.
GM Joe
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Mon 24 Mar 2014
at 02:04
Re: Resources
In order to fix the Line of Sight issue, you need to add an argument when launching Maptool.

1. Open up your Maptool directory
2. Make a copy of "Launch MapTool-1G-Memory.bat".
3. Rename the copy to "Launch MapTool-Custom.bat", or whatever you like (as long as you end it with ".bat".
4. Right-click the copy and select "Edit".  You should see a line like this:

javaw -Xmx1024M -Xss512K -jar maptool-*.jar run

5. Delete the line
6. Paste this line instead:

START "MapTool 1.3.b86" /B "javaw"  -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Xmx1024M -Xss512K -jar maptool-*.jar run

Here is a breakdown of how the command works
    - START - open the command in a new window.  This allows the command line window to close
    - "MapTool 1.3.b86" - the name of the new window
    - /B "javaw" - run the "javaw" application
    - -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true - this is the new argument.  It should fix the LoS issue.
    - Xmx1024M - the maximum memory size for Maptool.  Edit it if desired
    - -Xss512K  - the maximum stack size
    - -jar maptool-*.jar run - these arguments are required to make Maptools start

To start MapTools, you should just double-click "Launch MapTool-Custom.bat".
GM Joe
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Mon 24 Mar 2014
at 02:06
Re: Resources
In reply to GM Joe (msg # 92):

when you get: "error could not open C:\Windows\jre\lib\amd64\jvm.cfg"

go to this site.

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Sun 29 Jun 2014
at 17:52
Re: Resources

It fabulous, Its Magnificent - It GLEAMS, It Shines.... hell it even TASTES GREAT ON ICE CREAM!!!!!:

New leveling sheet, for your convince complete with Coin cost/time/ time reduction/ and other nifties....
 player, 34 posts
Mon 12 Oct 2015
at 02:06
Re: Resources Venttrillo settings help
If you are having trouble with some people to loud and others not loud enough check out this link.
GM Joe
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Wed 14 Oct 2015
at 08:39
Re: Resources Venttrillo settings help
This was provided by Dom/Eldhar to Help people with spending their Dps.
 player, 51 posts
Wed 14 Oct 2015
at 17:18
Re: Skills List file tips:
Hey everyone.

I originally created this file to help me assign and track my BPs, as I was new to Rolemaster. I hope that this information is helpful, and I will be available on Vent starting at 9:30 PM Eastern / 6:30 PM Pacific tonight to help with the file. I'll have to check my availability later this week.

PROs and CONs:

There is a long set-up time for each character. I can't do much about that, it's Rolemaster's fault.  Once the initial set-up is finished, it will not take very long to set-up each new level (easily within than five minutes).

What is the reward for investing the initial set-up time? You can easily adjust where you spend your BPs for each skill with this file. For example, if you have extra BPs for one stat and too few BPs for your purchases for another stat, you can easily change which stats are assigned the BP costs for any of your skills and the Remaining BPs will update immediately (in cells F3-O3).

File notes and Instructions:

First: I have color-coded some cells with BLUE text.  These cells are the areas that you will need to adjust for your character's profession.

*** FIRST: go to cell D6 and "Freeze Panes" above and left that cell. This needs
        to be done with each tab you will use (more on that later). This isn't
        strictly necessary; but it will save your sanity later.
*** Edit the merged cell B3-C3 for your profession.
*** Next: enter your available BPs for each stat in cells F2 through O2.
*** Edit the cell values in cells C6 through C320 for your profession's costs.
        I know there are a lot of skills that will be unused, but it may be useful
        to have this information available later.
*** Some skills may rely on different stats for professions on weapon styles.
        You will need to adjust those values for your profession as well (Column B).

After the annoying set-up phase, which can take a while, you will be ready to go.

*** Create at least two new sheets: I have labelled mine: "Hobby / Apprentice" and
    "Level 1" (you can add: "Level 2", etc, as needed). Leave them empty for now.
*** Copy/Paste the first sheet in the newly created sheet for your Apprentice Level.

*** If you need to add or remove a skill from the list, Insert or Delete the
        ENTIRE ROW; otherwise, you may mess up the file.

*** Spend your points in the F - O columns, the spreadsheet will show your
    remaining BPs in cells F3 through O3. Don't forget to label column D for
    the ranks purchased. For sanity: only purchase the Hobby (free, as per Joe)
    and Apprentice skills at this time.
    Ex: HHA11 is two ranks as a Hobby, one purchased as an apprentice, and two
        ranks purchased at first level.

Leveling up:

Once you are finished spending points (you may have leftover BP in one or more stats), you can level up! This also applies between the apprentice level and Level 1.
Consult Joe for any changes in your stats. Note any changes in available BPs granted for your new level.

*** Copy/Paste your sheet for your old level to the one for your new level.
*** Copy/Paste Values cells F3 - O3 to cells F1 - O1 (the Leftover row).
*** Change the values in cells F2 - O2 if needed due to stat changes.
*** Delete any points spent in cells F6 - O6 and below; your can now spend the BPs
        for your new level. As you have done for prior level(s).
 player, 52 posts
Thu 15 Oct 2015
at 17:29
Re: Skills List file tips:
Final Thoughts: a.k.a.: (stuff I didn't add in the last post)

To be fair: it is possible to only use the existing sheet of the spreadsheet for all your levels; however, I recommend creating new tabs for each level. I recommend this as the file will show you how you have allocated your BPs in prior levels, as well as providing a template for future levels (if I alternate levels for certain skills, the point allocation may be significant different for other skills as well, the file will save that information for you. Also: I have deleted most of the "extraneous" skills for my character in the tabs I have created, making my list easier to read.

Also, I have listed the skills sorted by skill category first, which makes it easier to track which skills gain bonuses per rank due to my character's profession.

Amani Diet
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Mon 18 Apr 2016
at 04:19
Re: Skills List file tips:
If the splash screen opens for a moment and then disappears, then the "Line of Sight" commands Joe posted above might help.

When we tried to set this up for Dom today, we encountered a couple errors:
- It reported that 'javaw' was not found.  To resolve this, add the full path to the command
- It reported that it could not find "maptool-*.jar".  Use the full name of the jar instead to resolve this.

START "MapTool 1.3.b86" /B "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw"  -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Xmx1024M -Xss512K -jar maptool-1.3.b86.jar run