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03: Map - Location Setting and Map Key
There are two official maps for the game - a County Map, showing the County of Hertfordshire (pron Hart...) in 1813, and a Village Map, showing the fictional village of Allton. The County Map can be found under the Game Map tab as the Main Game Map, and the Village Map is in the same place as the Group 0 Map.

If players want to include maps and/or plans of their own estates and houses, they should link to them in the first post of their ‘home’ thread.

The fictional village of Allton lies in southwestern Hertfordshire, near St Albans, and can be seen ringed in red on the Main Game Map.
 Aps Brook runs from a spring called Aps Pond, to the north of Allton, through the village, to the River Coln, near Frogmore, to the east.
 There is a little hamlet called Apsbrook nearby, along with the hamlet of Edgecombe named in Sir Charles Gray’s thread. These details are too small to show on the County Map.

Key to the Village Map:
 1 = Butcher/Candlemaker
 2 = Doctor
 3 = Inn
 4 = Fiddler's Green Pub
 5 = Madame Cadeux Millinery Shop
 6 = Mrs. Stella's Teahouse
 7 = Grocer
 8 = Lending Library
 9 = Blacksmith/Coach/Stables
 10 = Undertaker
 11 = Town Hall/Reception Hall
 12 = School

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