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Thu 4 Jul 2013
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You have to be reasonably familiar with 4th edition D&D or expert in other complex RPGs
You have to be a pretty good writer. I don't expect volume  writing or interactive storytelling/novel-writing, but I expect you to entertain each other.
You have to be prepared to have stretches where there is no combat and long stretches of nothing but combat. There will be a lot of combat, but there may be a month or two in the real world where skills and roleplaying will be more important. But 4th edition D&D combat takes a looooong time, so when you hit a dungeon crawl section, expect to be fighting for months.

I am looking for players who can produce an interesting background for your character. Because your character is an Epic-level hero, they have a LOT of history that we will not have seen "on-camera." I will periodically need to dip into your past to throw In people, resources or enemies, and will need players who can come up with ideas that make sense in the context of their background.

DO NOT SUBMIT A CHARACTER SHEET AT FIRST. I don't want to waste people's time if I don't like your concepts. If you submit a character sheet right away, I will reject your application.

In your RTJ, submit the following:

1. The Early Days
Describe the story arc of your Heroic-Tier years, including your youth/origin story and your early adventures. Anything goes, here--be creative. It can be in any world-setting. The final story will be set in the outer planes & such, so don't sweat that.

2. Paragon Purpose
Describe how your character changed in their Paragon years. How did they gain power & prestige? How did they spend those? Again, anything goes here--your character could literally end up a king/queen/emperor/empress, or a penniless drifter who anonymously saves the world.

3. Your Quarrel with Tiamat
Somewhere along the line, your character acquired Tiamat as an enemy, and one that they are highly motivated to see undone. Craft a clever story why.

4. A Flaw
Describe one character flaw or factor that makes the character a little less than perfect. It doesn't have to have any real game effect; it should just be interesting.

5. Epic Destiny
Describe your intended Epic Destiny and how it fits in with the above.

6. Character basics:
Race, class/ party role options for this character. Please come with two or more ideas of how you can build the character that fits the above.

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