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Tue 8 Oct 2013
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This is a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game, using templates, and starting with
250-50-5 for our char gen.
I am using GURPS Basic Characters, Campaigns,
Fantasy,Banestorm, Magic, Thaumatology, Lo-Tech, Martial
Arts, Zombies, Horror, some assorted 3e, and all 21 DF books.(Plus monsters1-5 and  A1 and A2 , Caverntown, Cold shard mountains and any Denizens books)

***Update:now using a lot pf updates from DFRPG, particularly enchantment and armor costs***
 I also have DF on the cheap and a few sourcebooks for
 your opponents. I do not have many other official items (Technical Grappling, I am looking at you).
You can play any of the listed races, but must build down from the template to fit
Within the point  total, or to use templates from DF15 or the
 free pdf  DF on the cheap to build up to point total.
 No 250+racial package.
A few modifications: Catfolk have a social stigma: minority (one step down from the way
Gob-kin are treated), for a net cost of 30 pts. A few other races have minor adjustments
 to cost, and any non-canon races may be discussed, but not guaranteed.
Setting is homebrew, and mostly urban. The locals tolerate indenture (debt plus duty), and even a little necromancy, but not a lot of wild beasts.
The game is mature, so I am not banning folks for stray cussing, but let's all act mature. The core players and myself are in our 40's, so try to keep up.

I also do not have GCA.

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Sun 3 Jan 2016
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Btw, I use the black marble backdrop, so my plain text is white, and all colors are highlighted.