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Sun 6 Aug 2017
at 18:20
Who is playing who
Malga'Mar and Walter Goldman are being played by JohnnyAngel

Chris, Christiene Bjorn, Kirpich Rockson and Gareth are played by Bluedwarf

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Ardenas Barehand
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Sun 6 Aug 2017
at 22:52
Who is playing who
Ardenas Barehand, Mario Crowfoot, and Chou-Zhen Mou are played by Zeiss Ikon.
Jareth Mooncalled
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Mon 7 Aug 2017
at 05:53
Who is playing who
Jareth Mooncalled, Jednesa, and Ulo were created and are played by evileeyore.

Stenet Fjall was created by someone else, but is also played by evileeyore from July 2nd 2016 on.