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Wed 28 Feb 2018
at 22:45
Thread changes and posting conventions
Changes of thread happen at my direction. Likewise scene changes, especially entering/exiting the guild and undercity occur at my description. Entering or mpving through areas containing NPC's happens when I describe them.

When attempting an action, two factors are required; a post describing how your sttempted act would be percieved, and a die roll, which might be secret or open for your attempt. The results of the doe roll are to be included ooc with the post, privately as needed, or even in a pm to me. As the majority of actions in GURPS can be resisted/defended against, you can only describe the attempt and mot the result.
Nothing will occur if youbpm "when I get a chance, I am going to do the thing" unless it is accompanied by both a descriptor and a die roll. This especially applies to things attempted stealthily-at least the pm needs the description and the roll.
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Mon 9 Dec 2019
at 14:44
Thread changes and posting conventions
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

If presenting a character for approval, GCA and GCS format is not desired, partly because it breaks down templates and scatters the parts, skewing several components, including disadvantage count.
I prefer this format
ST:10 [10] DX: 13 [40] IQ: 11 [20] HT: 11 [10]
HP: 10 [0] Per: 12 [5] Will: 10 [-5] FP: 10 [0]
B/S: 5.0 [-10] basic MV: 5 Dodge:8

Advantages: [20]
[20] Wood Elf (ST-1 [-10], DX+1 [20],Magery 0 [5], Attractive [4],
       Forest Guardian 2 [10] Sense of Duty: Nature [-15],
       green hair [0] elven gear [1]

[-10] reduced BS
[-5] reduced will
[-5] intolerance of orcs
[-10] bad temper
[-10] bloodlust
Quirks [-5]
-likes fine wine,
-wears only camouflage,
-hates mud,
-calls his bow darling

Camouflage IQ/E [1] 13*
Fastdraw Arrow DX/E [1] 14*
Bow DX/A [8] 16*
Survival: Forest Per/A [1] 13*
Stealth DX/A [2] 14*
Carousing HT/E [1] 10
Armory, missile weapons IQ/A [1] 10
Connoisseur: wine IQ/A [1] 10
Knife DX/E [4] 14
Fastdraw knife DX/E [1] 12
Climbing DX/A [2] 12

Ignite fire IQ/H [4] 11
Seek Water IQ/H [4] 11
Light IQ/H [4] 11

Gambeson $78, DR 1 arms, torso
Longbow $150
Quiver $20
20 arrows $40
Long knife $200
Pouch $20
Personal basics $5
Elven rations $60 (4 days)

Att: 65 Adv:20 D/q: -45 Sk:23 SP:12 total: 75
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Wed 26 May 2021
at 23:24
Thread changes and posting conventions
In reply to Narrator (msg # 2):

once again, when posting a character
do not separate the contents of a racial kit.
racial kits contain disads that are not counted against your -55, unless the racisl cost is negative.
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Thu 27 May 2021
at 17:06
Thread changes and posting conventions
one of the issues I have with GCA is the disruption of racial kits.

please group all of the cost of your racial kits in one lump. and do not include it in Attributes

[20] Half Ogre:
               DR1 [3], Fearlessness+1[2],
               Night vision 3[3];
               Social Stigma: Savage[-10])

relisting as grayed out in ads/disads is acceptable,  but list attribute costs without charging gfor it there.

ST:16/17 [30] DX:10[0] IQ:9 [0] HT:12 [20]
HP:16 [0] Per:9 [0] Will:9/10 [0] FP:12[0]
BS:6.0[-10] MV:6 Dodge:9

[20] Half Ogre:
               DR1 [3], Fearlessness+1[2],
               Night vision 3[3];
               Social Stigma:
[2] Lifting ST+1
[1]Membership,  Adventurers Guild

[-10] Lazy
[-10] Struggling
[-10]reduced basic speed
 [-10] Social Stigma: Savage

-Always picking teeth with "lucky" toothpick
-eyes always bloodshot from rubbing
-easily distracted