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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 22:36
The Common Room
The main hall of the guild, accessed after checking one's weapons with Aemon McCain at the entrance, is a large two story room with a huge fireplace, a number of long trencher tables occupied by every class of low rent mercenary, mountebank, miscreant and mendicant; in short your guild brethren.
  Daily one can obtain a bowl of gruel or questionable stew accompanied by stale bread.

Two better dressed , and rather handsome individuals, descend the stair from the upper level, where some shops and rentable rooms and conference rooms are.

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Thu 26 Jul 2018
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The Common Room
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

"Oh, Percy, did I tell you I have acquired a valet. We needed someone to look after our gear. I know the money from selling the horses is nearly gone, but we just can't get on without a few comforts, and our wardrobe needs looking after.
Broderick Leibert
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
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The Common Room
After chatting with Aemon, Broderic makes his way towards one of the corner booths when he notices the two guildsmen descending the stairs. Pausing he greets them. ooc do either of them have symbols of faith displayed about their person?
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Fri 27 Jul 2018
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The Common Room
11:59, Today: Grimaldi rolled 8 using 3d6.  shape air - 14.
Grimaldi amused himself in the smokey commons with parlor tricks, shaping and moving the air about in fanciful designs and shapes, as he kept the smoke away from his table. "How about we split the gains 3 ways, $33 apiece between you, I, and Mercer, who was also injured?" He asked Sederic, as he shaped the air around their table, sending smokey tendrils waving around them noticeably.

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