The road to Veroigne.   Posted by Narrator.Group: 0
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Wed 12 Dec 2018
at 02:22
The road to Veroigne
The company includes:
Kirpich - Earth Cleric
Sylvanus - Wood Elf Archer
Aethul - Shevnian Ranger
Balir - Dwarf Warrior
Dionysus - Swordsfaun
Marlena - human wizard
Snorri - Human warrior

Time to kit out and prep!
Kirpich Rockson
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Wed 12 Dec 2018
at 04:21
The road to Veroigne
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

"Ready to go here. Equal shares for all, including goods taken or used? Only loot used by all, a general consensus of 4 or more needed to be considered used by all, not included as loot to be distributed?"
Balir Ironhide
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Wed 12 Dec 2018
at 18:18
The road to Veroigne
"Ready to go, Kirpich.  Me axe is sharp, and ve should have much success."

As he waits for the rest of the group to be ready, Balir will sharpen his axe with his whetstone.

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Wed 12 Dec 2018
at 19:30
The road to Veroigne
In reply to Kirpich Rockson (msg # 2):

I am unclear as to your terms, everything is in the groups pot until we distribute it evenly at the end. If we must use something found, it still belongs to the group. If using it causes it to lose value or disappear, then a majority will decide if we use it.