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Sat 2 Nov 2013
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Northport Houserules
The majority of this game is drawn from DF1-20, Basic Campaigns&Characters, Magic,
 Fantasy, Thaumaturgy, and a few additional items. Bards are from DFRPG, as are armor prices.

Cultural familiarity and languages are in play; default is Aral/ Aralaise, also present are Valdassyan and Sahudese for cultural familiarity, but there are more languages, including Shevnian, or ish, goblin, elven, dwarven, eldrich, and a number of liturgical languages.

Social skills including atea knowledge are more important than in standard DF.
Town is not a generic safe haven, there are intrigues, mysteries, and risks.

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Wed 13 Nov 2013
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Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Membership has its advantages.

The Northpot Adventurer's guild has a number of features attractive to murder hobos Adventurers who are without other gainful employment beyond  looting and pillaging "adventuring."
The first benefit of membership, which costs 1 point per level, is a legitimate proof of employment, as vagrancy is considered to be an indenturing offence in Northport.  Membership is proven with a metal token, usually a brooch, but occasionally a ring or armlet, that is magically engraved with a the guild crest, a membership number and rank level, if possessed. (administrative staff within the guild can have up to 5 levels of rank, at 3 points each {now costing 5pts }, which convert to Social status at a 1/3 ratio, and offer steeper discounts on guild goods and services, along with office space/permanant sleeping quarters and voting rights.. and possible income as well from membership fees.
  Basic membership is a perk, which guarantees hospitality within the guild, and a bowl of hot brown (or porrige) once per week per level of membership as well as a place to sleep for free, and a small percentage off guild pricing, per level.  Rank within the guild also translates to wealth level, as far as percentage of value paid when fencing stolen goods reselling "found" or used items to guild merchants goes.
The final value, is sanctuary. An active member pursued by temporal law can claim sanctuary within the guild, but is subject to arrest upoon leaving guild territory.
 Quite a few of the more questionable members are actively employing this benefit.

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Tue 26 Nov 2013
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Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Narrator (msg # 2):

Membership in the Adventurer's guild has its benefits

Basic membership
is 1pt per level; it increases your discount and allows you
  to bring in one guest per level.

 Enhanced Membership: No hassles is a 1pt perk that lets you ignore peacebonding of weapons with blade length greater than "a cubit less a span" and a lot of
 "Authorized Personnel Only" limits.
 No hassles can be upgraded by 4 pts to
guild rank 1 (5pts total) that gives quarters, voting rights, rights to sell goods, services and traing directly to members.
  additionally, for each Rank held, the character is considered to function as one wealth level higher when selling used goods - Rank 1 as comfortable, rank 2 as wealthy, rank 3 as very wealthy, rank 4 and up as filthy rich.
Guild Rank of 2 gives you an increased discount of guild services, (as does each level of rank) along with the right of way over less senior members.
  Guild rank of 3 or better gives 1 free level of social status and greater voting power.
 At 4 or better (12pts) you actually get a stipend (part of the take) and can run
 tournaments for profit.

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Aemon McCain
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Wed 27 Nov 2013
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Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Aemon McCain (msg # 3):

Of course, there are se negative circumstances associated with the guild,
 and speciaized skills as well.
Getting healed when short on coin can result in Debt to the guild, often entangled
 with a duty- to pay off your debt, you must work.  The guild regularly buys the
Indenture contracts of criminals, which relieves the state from providing
Jails or paying directly for jailors. These folks have duty, debt and social stigma:
  Of course, members at risk of state penalties(including death, or d+hl) may seek
sanctuary within the guild, which may put them in the same position if not wealthy
 enough to support themselves...
Skillsets specific to the guild:
  Area knowledge, Adventurer's guild IQ/E, defaults to Ak Northport at -5
  Current Events, Adventurer's guild IQ/E, defsults to CE Northpory at -5
  Games:tournament rules, IQ/E, a requisite for guild rank 2 as tournament judges
  Stage combat and stage combat choreography, needed for paid players in non-lethal
    Tournament events
  Hidden lore: Adventurers Guild IQ/A for the secrets of the guild, from the more
intricate portions of guild law, to the location of physical secrets and history.
 This is a requisite of Guild rank 3 or better.
Guild rank is 3pts, not 5 due to a) the size and scope of the organization
 And b) the inclusion of a limited duty to the guild heiearch when within the guild.
Rigo Bleak
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Sun 8 Dec 2013
at 21:18
Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Aemon McCain (msg # 4):

In keeping with our desire to be above board in all things, going by
Dr.Kromm's article in Pyramid 3/58, which follows almost exactly the
Previous postings in this notice, which he published 8/13 and I wrote back
In 2002, guild rank now costs 5pts per level, membership is 1pt.
  Those who purchased it already are grandfathered in, and point total
 raised correspondingly.
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Fri 2 May 2014
at 23:47
Re: Northport Houserules Wealth and haggling
In reply to Rigo Bleak (msg # 5):

Here are some Mechanics imported from Peter Del'Ortto's Dungeon Fantastic:

Half-Levels of Wealth in DF

Half-Levels of Wealth in DF
You can straddle the mid-point between standard wealth levels.
 The cost is 5 points, which results in the following levels:
Almost Poor [-15]. Starting money is $350. You receive 15% for sold items.
Almost Average [-5]. (Strapped) Starting money is $750. You receive 30% for sold items.
Almost Comfortable [5]. Starting money is $1.500. You receive 50% for sold items.
Very Comfortable [15]. Starting money is $3.500. You receive 70% for sold items.
Quite Wealthy [25] - Starting money is $12.500. You receive 90% for sold items.
If you allow these as starting levels, it's worth noting you are always better off
with 5 points sunk into a half-level of wealth instead of 5 points worth of Trading
Points for Money at the top level (Quite Wealthy) but it's a tougher call at the
lower levels.
These are available to any starting character with the levels above and below the
half-level of wealth.. For example, a Barbarian can start with Struggling or Average
 Using this option, a Barbarian could be Struggling, Strapped, or Average.
 A Thief (Average, Comfortable, Wealthy) could take Average, Almost Comfortable,
 Comfortable, Very Comfortable, or Wealthy to start with.
You can buy this after play begins, but as usual, you do not receive the extra
starting money, and of course, you cannot trade points for money in DF after your
character enters play.

Batch Haggling in GURPS DF

So you like to haggle, eh?
You want some more money?
But your GM moans about all those die rolls?
How about making it one die roll each for the players and the GM?
Batch Haggling: Instead of haggling for each item, a PC can try to get a blanket
better deal for all wares sold on this trip to town (excluding items just purchased
in town - it's for selling loot, not running a trading enterprise.) Roll a Quick
Contest of Merchant vs. a generic skill of 15. If the PC wins, he's gotten a good
deal, he gets a price halfway between that of his current wealth level and the next
 wealth level. If he ties, he gets no special deals. If he fails, he gets halfway
between his current wealth level and the next lower wealth level. Since this
represents a series of negotiations and not a since instance, you cannot use Luck on
the roll. Once the price has been established, that is the "going rate" for that
 item in town, even if it is sold later - once you commit to batch haggling for a
group of items, you're taking a risk you might get less than the standard rate for
the items. You can always exclude some items, but you can't break up the items into
groups and roll separately for them, unless different PCs are selling them.

For example, someone with Average Wealth gets 40% for non-coin, non-jewel goods.
 If he wins the batch contest, he gets 50% instead this trip. If he loses, he gets
30% for his items.
This is risky but can be very effective for high-skilled PCs, or those who need a
lot or money right now or none at all.
Black Market haggling can be handled the same way, with the usual consequences for
failure and the usual options for going to a merchant, instead.
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Sun 8 Jun 2014
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length of turn
In reply to Narrator (msg # 6):
Understandably, play by post. And time zone differences can leave a
Considerable gap of time between opportunities to post, and some are
More frequent posters than others.  There ois some leeway for retroactive
Actions, but this is only within 24 hours of the post you intend to respond
 to; otherwise if more than a day has elapsed and another person posts, you
cannot then make a retroactive declaration of action.
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Tue 24 Jun 2014
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In reply to Narrator (msg # 7):

Coins weigh about 250 to the pound, and are roughly the size of an
American dime, with varying thicknesses.

A GURPS $ is equal to 1 copper coin
         $20        20 coppers equal 1 silver coin
         $80.       4 silver equal.  1 gold coin

Names on these items vary; these are Aralaise imperial values:
       Also called bit, franc and royal

Shevnial currency is worth 10% less in Aral.
  Also found to cover large transactions are silver ingots, weighing
In at one pound, and worth about $400, rarely encountered gold ingots are
Worth $1600 per pound. Pure copper is $250 per ingot, but it is infrequently used, as 12 pieces of silver have about that worth.

Older coinage may have collector value to a connoisseur, but is often valued by weight.

Sahudese coinage is also something that can be found: Strings of Cash are collections of 20
 large copper coins with a square hole in the center; each is worth $4, and a total of $80
when twenty are together, usually on a stiff loop of copper or silver wire.
Occasionally, an "Imperial" string of cash is encountered; these have a silver loop holding them together, and the coins have gilt edges, bringing the value of the string up to $120

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Tue 4 Aug 2015
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Re: currency
In reply to Narrator (msg # 8):

The "Base" perk gives you office or additional living space
equal to your status or rank of-2. At status 0, this amounts
to no more han the guild common room, already incuded with
guild  membership.
  Having the perk at guild rank1 gets you a small room, at rank 2, something a little better
Example: Camilla the Quest coordinator has Rank 3, and status
 1 due to wealth, and a suite of rooms including the large
 conference  room, and its waiting room, and a well appointed  bed chamber.
Rigo, the Guildmaster is very wealthy and Rank 6; the
entirety of the guild is his base and his personal apartment
Has many rooms.

Several people with this perk together can have a larger shared space.

Edit: This is being  treated as a leveled perk: 1 point gets you a base= to effective status-2; for each level, add 1 to effectstatus- if a status 0 person has base 3, it is equal to a status 1 base.

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Wed 8 Jun 2016
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Re: currency
In reply to Narrator (msg # 9):

Guild rank at character creation can be no higher than 2; most guild members of rank 3 or higher do not adventure,
instead occupying their time with the business of the guild.
Aemon McCain
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Tue 5 Sep 2017
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Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Aemon McCain (msg # 3):

Further clarification of the "no hassles" perk, which acts as a
1pt down payment of 5pt rank: it also allowa passage in and out of areas requiring rank, like the gate into the undercity."

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Thu 28 Nov 2019
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Re: Northport Houserules
In reply to Aemon McCain (msg # 11):

Social Stigma:minority, while usually reserved for Barbarians, also applies to all Sahudese, and is part of the racial template (lowering cost by 10 points) for Catfolk, because they also come from Sahud.

Regional languages: (frequently presented as rl languages, with pm's for those who speak it)
The common tongue is Aralaise, to the east folks speak Shevnian (Slovakian), and to the west, Valdassyan (Spanish) (and Arabic).
The Hadereum uses some Latin, as does the Triunist church.
Elves can speak elven (Sindarin), Dwarves Dwarven(German) and orcs, coming from near to Shevnia, speak their own language that is very similar (Slovenian).
Goblins and Hobgoblins speak a shared language (the black speech of Mordor)
Although all of these peoples tend to speak Aralaise.

Many occult documents (and some spells) are written in Eldrich (a combination of R'lyehian anfd High Valorian)

Edit: Goblins and Hobgoblins often speak Hungarian if not Aralaise. The Black Speech generator only has a few dozen words to it

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