Living near the street collapse.   Posted by 'Elga the henormous.Group: 0
'Elga the henormous
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Thu 27 Jun 2019
at 13:48
Living near the street collapse
A small team of conscripted laborers and the massive ogress are filling in the pit caused by a catastrophic spell failure. with rubble, and a fair amount of trash.
The Hadereum is eager to get the buiding in the immediate area reinhabited as quickly as possible, and a fair amount of lower tier guildfolk are moving in.
The area could use a good tavern and some shops to help build the neighborhood.
Mario Crowfoot
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Thu 27 Jun 2019
at 22:27
Living near the street collapse
Once Benito's equipment is unloaded, Mario will try to get a question in before he gets too absorbed.

"Do you have an estimate yet on how much lumber, brick, sand, and lime we'll need?  I'd like to get that stuff while we still have the donkey and cart, but if we don't know what's needed yet, I should probably return them to the cartwright."
Benito Drake
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Fri 28 Jun 2019
at 02:37
Living near the street collapse
In reply to Mario Crowfoot (msg # 2):

"I don't, as I have not had time to do a full assessment. But I doubt you can get too much..."