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 roll for initiative!
Mon 8 Jul 2019
at 12:19
Temple Hill
Continuing from A Matter of Concern for the Hadereum

Goran confronts the Priestess of Flora.

Hograth and Urrun have just exited the Flora/Janus
temple complex to the lower level of the tunnels, and
are opposite an unlocked gate.
Goran the Marked
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Mon 8 Jul 2019
at 15:47
Temple Hill
Goran has shrugged off the Priestess' spell, and should be engaging with her by now...?
Flora priestess
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Mon 8 Jul 2019
at 21:43
Temple Hill
In reply to Goran the Marked (msg # 2):

Shocked that her attempt to seduce Goran into madness has failed as he prepares to strike,the Priestess looks at first stunned, then touches her forehead and begins to laugh, her eyes wide and wild.

She is not resisting.  Swing away.