Trading with Trolls 2.   Posted by Rushagorn Brokadin.Group: 0
Rushagorn Brokadin
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Mon 16 Mar 2020
at 00:21
Trading with Trolls 2
The orcish merchant and his retinue  are assembling in the guild undercroft, not far from where the kobold workers are housed.
Present currently are Rushagorn, a heavily armored member of the Deepguard named Darg Wharten, the trollfolk archer Raffik, who has hideous burn scars, and a number of orcs.
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Mon 16 Mar 2020
at 04:45
Trading with Trolls 2
Syvanus joins this group, standing slightly to the side ... he has been in the guild long enough to have worked with lots of Orcs, Goblins and such, but still his up bringing keeps him from being warm buddies with them. Regardless, they are his team and he is prepared to fight for them as needed.