Junior House Again.   Posted by Narrator.Group: 0
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 roll for initiative!
Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 18:04
Junior House Again
Continuing from Hunting for a Specialty Shop
Nodwin Zideqick
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 20:14
Junior House Again
OOC In the old thread I mentioned a few checks Nodwin was looking to make.  If you can fill me in there we may be able to move this forward a bit.
Clarence Montague
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 21:05
Junior House Again
In reply to Nodwin Zideqick (msg # 2):

Clarence is not really one moving this thread forward, so he is going to spend time with his 8 legged friend until someone suggests more meaningful work.