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Thu 11 Jul 2013
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Local History
Northport, on the sea of Baz, is part of the Aralaise Empire, which extends far to the south,
but shares a harbor with the principality of Shevnia to the east. Shevnia is part of the
 Hetlands, and Hetfolk refugees make up a fair sized portion of Northport's population.
A center for trade and the production of wine, Northport is almost too removed from the Empire
 to tax and govern directly; Baron Mabinota rules somewhat laxly, a factor greatly appreciated
 by the local Adventurers Guild.
   The current Guildmaster is Rigo Bleak.

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Mon 5 Aug 2013
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Re: Local History
The last incidence incidence of black plague plague was just over forty years ago.
Northern Aral was stricken hard, but not as badly as the Hetlands, and a tremendous
amount of territory was depopulated, leaving villages and farms vacant and open to
 homesteading by man and beast alike.  Even Northport was badly stricken, and there
are buildings still unclaimed, some well over a thousand years old.

   Many new owners are often surprised by what they find in their newly acquired
properties, the most common thing commented on is prevalence of connections in the
subcellars to the tunnel systems beneath the city.  The Baron reserves the
right to claim a portion of any treasures found beneath the city, with the exception of
Items excavated below the guilds, and also from those who have obtained a special
license to do so. Of course, the Baron slso possesses a nominal membership
In most of the guilds, and is thus due a share of any such discoveries.

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Thu 5 Sep 2013
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Re: Local History

The dockside region is shared between the Aral and Shevnian nations; the Baron's
assorted vassals contribute manpower to the watch, and while this makes for a certain
Irregularity in the orderliness and effectiveness of these watchmen and soldiery,
it is close to impossible for any one faction to bribe all of them, so while
 There is a problem of consistency in enforcement, there is also a similar lack of
predictability as to permissiveness as well, which cuts down on the open criminal
activetes as well. The old theives guild was disbanded long ago, although it is common
knowledge that the surviving members all joined the Adventurers Guild, and only rumors
of more connected organizations persist.
  Proof of employment or membership in a legitimate guild can prevent charges of
vagrancy from being brought to an individual, and this is a concern of importance, as
the penalty is indentured servitude.
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Thu 5 Sep 2013
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women in Northport
The depopulation caused by the plague, and the resettlement by mercenary companies left
a great gender imbalance within the city. One of the Baron's initiatives to correct this
was an advancement of the laws protecting the rights of women, affording
 them equality in terms of property ownership, positions of authority and also severe
penalties including indenturehood and death plus hard labor for those convicted of
crimes against women such as rape.  This did diminish the Baron's popularity in some
circles but has helped to repair the imbalance. The influx of refugees from the orc
ravaged Hetlands contributed as well, and speaking of orcs, there is a fairly high
population of mixed bloods of varying ancestry in the city, be they the war children of
Shevnia, the varied offspring of dissolute elves or simply the result of privation and
the love of the new.
   Two of the mercenary companies are exclusively female, Litha, which is known for
 facial tattoos, axe mastery and the buying of indentures to keep women from unpleasant
professions, and the Sisterhood of the Sword, who train rigorously with blades and
shields, but keep no indentures.

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Tue 15 Oct 2013
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In reply to Narrator (msg # 4):

The tumbledown buildings of Northport, while mostly newer buildings on the
 foundations of pre-Federjungian structures, do include Roman era concrete
buildings which remained surprisingly undamaged after that catastrophe, and traces of
prehuman inhabitation can occasionally be found, both above and below the surface.
 The previous city was built largely underground, for reasons not entirely explaned,
and what appeared initially to be simple interconnecting sub-basements appeat to be
 something more deliberate and extensive.

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