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OOC - 12/16
Four Months is the life span of our OOC it seems, before RPOL starts nudging to start a new one.

We just lost Delta/Morgan, which sort of sucks, since he was here at the start of the campaign, but he seems to have decided to give up on RPOL as a general rule, so i cant fault him.  I've left him with the Delta ID for now incase he wants to kibitz, but will remove it after the New Year, if it goes without use.

We have a Want Player Ad out, so i'm expecting new players to filter in over the next week or two, i figure i should provide some information for them.  Players that join before the weekend will get a small Xmas gift to welcome them to the campaign.

New Players will have to decide where they want to settle, there are three Mercenary units, and the Freelancer Pool to select from.  The Merc Units in alphabetical order are...

McMurphy's Iron Swords
Led by the Gruff and no nonsense Lucius McMurphy, the Iron Swords are use to getting dirty jobs and getting the job done.  They are notable for fielding the heaviest unit in the campaign.  While the mission might not be done neatly, the mission will get done.

Current Members
Broadsword (Command) Lance
X-3C      ~ Lucius
Falcon    ~ Hassan
Vindicator~ Malcolm

Longsword (Second) Lance
Whitworth ~ Olaf
Hunchback ~ Roger
Valkyrie  ~ Greyson Strauss

Pussycat Brigade
Led by Solaris reality holovid personality, Penny Plenty, the Pussycat Brigade is the networks, newest brainstorm to improve ratings.  Packing up their favorite Holostar, they've shipped her out to join the Freelancers, and earn some street cred working real missions, while providing entertaining footage for the Solaris Entertainment Network.  They are notable for being the prettiest and doing the most roleplaying in the campaign.

Current Members
Raven-1X ~ Penny
Jenner   ~ David
Panther  ~ Teri
Mongoose ~ Michel

Traxxian Light Lancers
Led by Pax Tarkin, the Light Lancers are known to Ninja in, Ninja out.  Zoom Zooom Zoom.  The Light Lancers are known for their speed and have the fastest unit in the game.  To provide fire support for these light units, they seem to be forming up a fire lance to support them.

Current Members
Mongoose ~ Pax
Mongoose ~ Akarian
Wolfhound~ Daniel
Spider   ~ Joaquin

Second Lance
Whitworth~ Donovan

Freelancer Pool
All mercenaries are members of the Freelancers.  The Freelancers is a organization that signs on smaller merc talents and organizes them together into a larger unit to allow them to handle larger contracts.  Members of the Freelancers come and go all the time, entire units come and go some times.  At the heart of the Freelancers is the concept of the Mechwarrior answering to no one, and being responsible for himself.

Players may linger in the Freelancer pool, operating on their own, and joining the other mercs as required for work.  You never know what you'll be doing or who you'll be doing it with.  If youre not sure where you want to go, the Freelancer Pool isnt a horrible place to be till you figure it out.

The Freelancer Pool is also home for the alts of players with two characters.  If non-alt characters in the Freelancer Pool are drafted for missions before alts are.

Current Unassigned Talent

Whitworth~ Reyvak Kellosti
Pending  ~ Damien Cole

Newbie players xmas bonus are...

75kcb bonus (not usable for purchasing mech), IS DS/HS, and a weapon system determined by the mech you pilot.

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David Crain
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Tue 16 Dec 2014
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Re: OOC - 12/16
Continued on from the previous OOC, I think I'll take the 150k.  4x ER sm lasers don't really do anything for me.
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Tue 16 Dec 2014
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Re: OOC - 12/16
Make it official in repair bay.
Hassan al-Nasir
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Wed 17 Dec 2014
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Re: OOC - 12/16
Quick question - If you pull a 1 ton HS from a mech's left leg and replace it with a 1 ton IS DS/HS in the left arm, is that still a zero ton mod?

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