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Roleplaying Thread
To the Freelancers surprise the Charleston Raid was aborted early.  They were, however not complaining since they were being compensated for the early termination of the contract.  (The xmas bonus)

Any plans to extend their stay on the dusty planet were forgotten as word came that Omni itself was under attack.  Boosting off from Charleston went off without incident, the Garrison was pleased to see the mercs go and did nothing to slow their departure.

While the mercs were busy on Charleston, the Omni Jumpships have had ample time to draw power for the trip home.  As these operations go, it was remarkably quick.  It was obvious that the Omni natives were eager to be away to see what the status was on Omni.  The jump was made within the hour of the Freelancer's dropships docking.

The jump to Omni was equally brief, and dropships were quickly undocked to burn for planetfall.  News from the planet was not good.  While the Freelancers were on Charleston the Taurian Concordat have executed operations to take Omni.

Olympus, the Omni space traffic station was still functional but broadcasting warnings to turn commercial traffic away from a planet at war.  The only traffic cleared for approach were Concordat dropships.

The news wasnt all bad, Omni's 101st Airwing, contested the airspace.  The X-6 LAMs flew shifts to direct Omni reinforcements.

"It's good to see you Freelancers.

 I only wish that the news i could offer you was better.  The Concordat evidently have been planning this invasion for some time.  Minutes after Olympus fell, Concordat Mechs were making Planetfall.  Commercial dropships that were suppose to be loaded with heavy equipment destined for distribution elsewhere in the Periphery were exposed to be hauling conventional support.

 Honestly it's not looking good, but planetside, there are still knots of resistance.

A tight beam transmission is made to the Freelancers with information on the situation planet side.

"You can do the most good dropping straight into battle.  At the moment the conflict hasnt moved beyond Eden, but it's just a matter of time.

The Eden Spaceport is firmly in Concordat hands.  If we can contest it and disrupt operations there it would stall reinforcements and buy us some breathing space to organize resistance to their occupation.  You wont be able to hold the spaceport but you'll certainly catch their attention if you drop there, forcing them to divert units to deal with you.  (Game Note:  This is the only mission that will allow you to find a place to have a dropship land gaining you access to conventional units to deploy, and potentially use for the mission, most notably Unit Transports.)

The heavy fighting at the Space Port is over, but there's still fighting going on in the city.  Pockets of resistance are stalling their advance and buying time for high profile resources to be cleared out.  We have assets on the ground that could use help dealing with the Concordat.  The situation is very chaotic and i couldnt say for certain what you were dropping into.  (Game Note:  You've played enough mission where the objective was to destroy static buildings, in this one, your job is to protect them from Op Force looking to destroy them.  Omni Conventional units are in the area to assist.)

The Eden Military Academy.  We havent been able to send help there, but the training cadres, have been making an effort to stall the Concordat's advances to take the school.  It's a storehouse of tech and talent that needs to be protected.  They've been fighting a holding action to buy time for transports to clear out as much equipment as possible, and clear out as much staff as possible.  (Game Note:  There will be several Omni Transports that are being loaded, that the Mercs will need to protect from an aggressive Concordat effort to capture or at least prevent from escaping.  A few Cadets in power loaders are on the ground to assist.)
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Re: Roleplaying Thread
Penny frowns at the mucky mess of news.  Omni was a nice place.  Good weather, good people, and she didnt like what she was seeing.  Her show was all about being flighty and cute, not a war correspondant.

Still... the networks had sent her out here to get some 'street cred', so maybe this wasnt a bad thing.  She gave Lucius and Pax a concerned look.

"Looks... messy.", she comments stating the obvious.

Crossing her arms, she regarded the tactical situation, sure she was considered a fluff head, but you didnt get to where she was by actually being one.

"I'm the new kid on the block, so i dont want to rock the boat and get people killed by throwing my weight around.  So what's your take on the situation?"
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Re: Roleplaying Thread
"More Regina Misadventures..."

Fight hard... Play hard.

Regina was more than pleased to take a few days off from doing Blake's will and dispatching heathens to his attention to take to task.  The book Lucius had given her was rather interesting.  It was a first printing of the Word of Blake, and signed by his own hand, but really it was more.  Someone must have gotten something wrong somewhere because there were entire sections that seemed to be hand written and penned in Blake's own hand.

Personal insights... Observations of how things were, would probably be, and should be... Speculation on the Exodus... and what that might have meant.  Lots and lots and lots of stuff.

She would take time off to eat... cat nap... and the occasional shower.  It was towards the end of the return trip to Omni when they were being told to prep for drop that she felt 'it'.

"Well bugger."

It had been ... days...?  weeks? maybe even months? since Lucius had given her the book.  Between reading the book, and killing stuff when she was told, she had forgotten all but the most basic of needs.  Less than a hour till drop and Regina realizes that she was feeling Randy, and in need of a roll in the hay.

"Lucius said not to break anyone again...", she mumbles to herself.

"At least... not anyone he would notice...", Regina puts away the words of Blake, and goes prowling about to see how much damage she can do to someone... it was only a hour... surely that would limit the damage she would inflict... wouldnt it?

"Maybe... Morgan?", she thinks to herself as she see's him pass by.

That cute commander with the strong jaw, and aquiline nose?  He looked sturdy enough, but appearances could be deceiving.

"Oh well.", Regina intended to spend the next hour or so finding out.

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Re: Roleplaying Thread
 He had taken the chance to wash his hair and once again trim it back to normal(for him) and dressed in clean clothes before rejoining the team in the command center.

 It was easy to notice the New Reporter was still with the unit, to that thought he smiled, he would not complain about having a nice looking woman who knew how to drive a mech, but it was also raising the company's exposure to the universe.

 He would not be surprised to see the units rating raised by the Wolves and thus getting a chance at other big jobs.

 The read out was another matter as he looked down the troubles below. A frown crossed his face along to his eye brows tightening to make ridges over his nose.

 The words of Penny came thru but he did not turn her way, instead he offered his thoughts, "First things first, first thing i might see important is to get the ground pounder's down at the space port and get the gear off, to do that we really need to get that port. Still, that is just my thoughts."
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Re: Roleplaying Thread
Adam lounged about.  He wasn't part of any unit and his services were going to be in decent demand because of his mech's loadout and with any luck the Ripper Crew he had sent a message to before the Charleston raid.  They were supposed to meet him on Eden but he wasn't sure if they had made it before the Concordant had decided to go after the planet or not.

Out of the range of most vid-link capabilities he was forced to watch some of the old Penny Plenty re-runs that he had.  Girl had serious cajones on her Raven to go with her personality.  He sipped idly on his mixed drink from an old sippee cup that he had gotten ages ago from ComStar when he opened his account there and it was a 'free' gift.
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Re: Roleplaying Thread
   Teri just returned from overseeing the repair work on Bad Kitty.  Teri knew that she obsessed over the Panther, but after all, it had been in the family for a long time.  She knew it was her duty to her family to keep it in the best shape possible.  She also knew that if she ever gave up being Bad Kitty's pilot, she would be stuck on some backwater planet bound and gagged by her family ties.

   Teri snagged a glass of some nameless concoction of alleged fruit juices and went to check in with her teammates.  It seemed that someone was hitting Omni, the only place she had felt at home in a long time.  She listened for a few minutes.  Finally, she voiced her question...  "Is this one going to be a pro bono publico contract?  I mean, we are getting paid, right?"