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Story Background . . .
Two walls of the lofty office opened out to breath taking views of the surrounding city.  Beyond lush green forest grew thick enough to blot out what laid beneath.  There was the subtle smell of earl grey tea that felt out of place in the crisp air conditioned room.

Pandora sat back, tea cup and plate in hand admiring the view.  It was clear blue skies... for now, but the weather forecast boded for rain later this afternoon.  A soft chime of bell echos through the office drawing her attention back to work.  Her moment of meditation it seemed was over... all too soon.

"Enter.", she comments outloud.

"Pardon my intrusion M'am.
 You indicated that you were to be notified when word from the Aurora came.
 Lance Commander Evans is ready to brief you on their report.
 At your convience, of course.
", reported the familiar voice of her assistant.

Pandora's lips twist into a thoughtful scowl.  This couldnt be good news.

"Very good Vivian.
 Have the Lance Commander meet me in the briefing room, the small one, immediately.
 Clear my schedule for the next hour.

{To be continued...}
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Re: Story Background . . .
It took Pandora ten minutes to refresh her memory on the situation.  Long enough for Lance Commander Evans to have the holo pit set up and ready to go.

The room was darkened, as a three dimensional displace of several planets floated in the misty air of the pit.

There was a brief nod of greeting and business was quickly discussed.

"The news is worse than expected.", she comments as a planet is zoomed in on.

"Addasar... It's part of the Magistracy of Canopus.
 They've been having 'civil disturbances'.  As predicted.
 This disturbance will distract them from the greater threat, and keep them conservative and defensive oriented.

"A distraction.", Pandora nods, "So where will they strike?"

"Detroit... It's the capitol of the New Colony Region... has some industry and would make absorbing the rest of the planets in the area easier.  If they bring Detroit to heel, the other planets will be too cowed by the example being made to offer even token resistance."

"You sound like you want to intervene."

The Lance Commander nods decisively, "If nothing is done, someday the hounds will be baying at our yard."

"We have a defensive Militia Lance Commander.  They're not suited for operations away from Omni.  I'm not ready to throw young lives away on a planet that far from home.  If we draw their attention now, war wont come someday.  It'll be here tommorow."

The lance commanders lips were a tight line.  It was hard to contradict the truth.

"Now... if there were mercenaries we could use... fronted through various agents and not traceable back to us... Perhaps something could be done.  What is the status of the Aurora?"

Milie thought about it for a moment, "Theyve managed to depart before martial law was declared and firmed up.  They're waiting for deployment orders."

Pandora pulled up her own information, as a list of mercenary units in the area.

"Have the Airwing deploy covertly.

Consult with Vivian with youre recommendations.
 We'll see if we can find the Airwing some support.

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(2014) ~ 3027 Current Events ~
2nd Sword of Light raids Pacifica and Kell Hounds

Operation Galahad '27 takes place

Operation Thor takes place

Yorinaga Kurita is recalled from exile by Coordinator Takashi Kurita himself.

Patrick Kell is killed by Yorinaga Kurita; Morgan Kell returns from exile.

July 15th: Comstar's First Circuit tries Precentor of Dieron Myndo Waterly for releasing intelligence to Draconis Combine regarding the Silver Eagle.

Ulric Kerensky earns his Bloodname.

Fed Com make use of The 'Black Box'

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