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23:45, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Gone by not forgotten...

Posted by KittenFor group 0
GM, 7180 posts
Sat 8 Jan 2022
at 15:27
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Gone by not forgotten...

It has been over half a decade since I've bought an end to this campaign.

I've quietly done some small experiments on the side to explore possible things to do with the next campaign and i'm... comfortable enough to call an end to my long hiatus (I did say it was temporary but who knew it would be this long?)


I'm putting together the start for the next campaign and i've decided to use Alpha Strike, instead of battletech as the main theme platform to resolve combat.  The theory of this is to allow players the real opportunity to expand and control more units without feeling the crush of logistics required from Battletech.

Interested players should go and drop a RTJ here...

link to another game

This is just a courtesy nod to past players before i take the campaign mainstream into the players wanted area.  If you're not that's okay too.

I wish you a Happy, Heathy, and Safe New  Year.
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Akarian Euclid
player, 1147 posts
O3 - 1st Lt
Tue 13 Dec 2022
at 17:13
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Gone by not forgotten...

In reply to Kitten (msg # 1):

How time flies.. I still think often of this campaign. Thanks again for running it Kitten.
GM, 7181 posts
Mon 9 Jan 2023
at 14:04
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Gone by not forgotten...

I met some real fun people in college back in the day that taught me how to play.

Whatever else there is to be said 'Gaming Nerds', as a general rule, are some of the friendly people you'll find.
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