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23:13, 20th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Where did it go?

Posted by KittenFor group 0
GM, 3481 posts
Wed 13 Aug 2014
at 13:43
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Where did it go?

There are too many thread here, and for those of you on mobile media, it might be a little unfriendly, so i'm going to try and move a lot of the reference threads elsewhere.

If it's missing start looking for it here...

link to another game
GM, 3665 posts
Sat 16 Aug 2014
at 19:24
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Where did it go?

I've held old characters since the start of the game... time to let go.

I need to be able to spot active characters from inactive ones.

Any returning players among them... will have to start over.  Sorry folks.
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