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The Rio Cantina
The smaller of the two saloons in town, but rumored to have the best Mexican cook this side of Mexico City! Paco Mendez proprietor.

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Sat 24 Aug 2013
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Re: The Rio Cantina
Flossie saw the looks the womenfolk were giving her and she guessed if she had been allowed to live a clean life like them she'd do the same.  She was mostly immune to those judgmental glances, but not completely.  A woman with two little girls had looked at her as if she were a leper but she given her a friendly smile as they passed.

Soon enough they were outside of the cantina they'd seen on their way through town and she pulled the mules to a gentle stop.  "We need to get you boys a nice stall and some feed.  Hopefully this won't take long," she muttered to the mules as she pulled the brake and then stuck her backside out before easing eased her way down to the ground.

"We're here," she said to her father as she peeked around the corner to see Robert already stretching his good leg out, getting ready to drop down.  Hurrying over she unlatched the rope and offered her shoulder for support then once she shut the door shuffled around to get under the other arm to better support his bad leg.

”Ye pulled us out of a tight spot but don’ go getting’ too big fer yer britches,” Robert whispered to her.  ”Gonna go about this place a lot different.  Hopefully they ain’t got no uppity whores here and the owner’s a man.”

Limping inside, he had her sit him down at a table and then he pointed to the bar.  ”Excuse me,” Flossie said as she approached the bar.  ”Is there someone we could speak with about a possible business venture?  My manager is hoping we could arrange some time for me to sing in your lovely establishment,” she continued with a demure smile.
Paco Mendez
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Tue 24 Sep 2013
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Re: The Rio Cantina
Paco looked up from polishing the bar at the pretty young Gringo woman with a smile on his face. He was not at all surprised to have a woman in his cantina as the Rio was well known for it's food as well as it's spirits. The fact that it was an unknown gringo woman was a slight surprise, but Paco didn't let that show.

"I am the owner of La Rio Cantina. Paco Mendez at your service, Señorita. How may I be of service? You perhaps wish breakfast? We have fresh eggs and the milk is cold!" Paco proclaimed proudly.
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Thu 26 Sep 2013
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Re: The Rio Cantina
Flossie hadn't realized she was hungry until the man mentioned eggs and mostly cold milk.  Now that was something she absolutely adored and she couldn't help simpering at the man.  "Mr. Mendez it is such a pleasure to meet you and the eggs and milk sound absolutely heavenly," she replied and offered her hand to him, that twinkle in her eyes brightening.

Turning to gesture toward her father, she said in quite a melodic tone "My manager is definitely hungry so if you have more to add to that he'd be right pleased too."  Her eyes drifted around and landed on the piano.  There wasn't a stage but that didn't really matter.  She was used to walking through the crowd as she sang.  It wasn't quite safe though she knew from experience the stage wasn't always a good barrier.

"Maybe we could talk some business over breakfast?  I'm an entertainer you see and a lot of people seem to like my voice," she chatted though took a deep breath that accentuated her bosom and let it out with a dimpling smile.  Reaching up, she toyed with one of the ringlets of her spun sugar colored hair hoping things would work out for the better here.  After the fiasco at the Shady Lady, she just wanted to be able to eat and relax a bit.