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Wed 24 Jul 2013
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Livery Stable/Blacksmith Shop
'Nuff said...
Clay Taylor
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Mon 29 Jul 2013
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Re: Livery Stable/Blacksmith Shop
Reining in as he got to the stable, Clay casually dismounted and in doing so gazed straight across the street to the stage office, as the stage its self pulled in, dragging a small cloud of dust behind it.  Although the offside was mostly hidden from his view, he couldn't help noticing a young lady seeming to stumble out of the coach and take the ground hard, she didn't fall from intoxication, more like she’d lost her footing or been tripped, he thought.  Given her expression due to the slight surprise, it wasn't until she was aided by a nearby cowboy did he realize her natural beauty.

A good looking young woman could certainly cause a bit of trouble in these small border towns.  He naively told himself it would be wise to distance himself from such trouble, a slight mischievous smile started to split his face as he realized, historically the chances for achieving that weren't in his favor.

Looping the reins of his mount over the hitching rail, he left the stage party to go about their business as he lead the pair of pack horses inside through the large double doors into the cool of the stables.  “howdy anybody here about” he called out and without really waiting for a reply, found a couple empty stalls and starting to unload their packs.
Clay Taylor
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Wed 31 Jul 2013
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Re: Livery Stable/Blacksmith Shop
After unloading his horses he gives them a quick rub down and checking they had water, he found some grain and feed them a little each.  Returning outside to his trusty steel gray, he habitually paused just inside the doors, checking the surrounds before stepping into the body warming glow of the morning sun.  He moved to the horse with his usual casual grace, every movement had a purpose and no energy was wasted doing something unnecessarily.