Barbershop & Bathhouse.   Posted by Maverick.Group: 0
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Wed 24 Jul 2013
at 22:53
Barbershop & Bathhouse
Will add a proprietors name if needed.....
Dr. Ramsey McQueen
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Wed 28 Aug 2013
at 02:01
Re: Barbershop & Bathhouse
In reply to Maverick (msg # 1):

Ramsey opened the door to the barber shop, enjoying the happy ring of the little door bell as it chimed his entrance, then closed the door after stepping inside.

"Hello", he said, "I'd like a shave, a hair cut, and a bath, please, not necessarily in that order..."

He figured he was in for a penny, in for a pound.
Clay Taylor
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Wed 4 Sep 2013
at 06:13
Re: Barbershop & Bathhouse
Tethering his horse at the hitching rail outside the bathhouse a quick glance through the widow told him they were indeed open, well at least he could see two folks inside.  Shouldering his saddle bags he made his way up the stairs and opening the door with a bit of a squeak, found the two occupants in conversation, however turned at his entrance, “Morning” he said to them both with a polite nod.