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Thu 25 Jul 2013
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The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
Cash Walsh, proprietor....

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Temperance Peters
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Sun 4 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
---->From The Streets of Escondido

The bank's wooden doors closed with a substantial  thud after the Peters family walked in from the street. The room was almost silent, there being only two other customers inside. Although nothing about the place would encourage loud or boisterous acts no matter how many patrons were within..

Pointing to a pair of chairs near the door Temperance watched as Em and Prim sauntered over and sat down in their best ‘not-heard’ fashion.

Their mother then stood in line to await her turn.

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Bank Teller
Tue 6 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
Damn busy for this early in the morning. the teller grumbled to himself in his mind. Looking up though he found the line was finally down to the last customer. That comely Mrs. Peters widow. She was looking over checking on her young ones so the teller let his gaze travel over her physique for a second whilst he thought he could get away with it. Right lucky that Mr. Peters was. Right lucky. Well. Until he up and died that is. The teller suddenly remembered his place and figured he better be back to business before his roaming eye was caught.

"NEXT!" he called.
Temperance Peters
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Thu 8 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
Only the teller could see her hand tremble as Temperance stepped forward to give him their bank book. Daniel’s bank book. Her late husband always had full control of the banking and all the family finances. Faithfully depositing the few dollars they made each week from the Butter and Egg Trade. Keeping everything close to his chest and his trusting wife in the dark with  ‘don’t worry so Woman. I think we can afford that.’ It wasn’t until he was dead and gone that she had discovered the truth. Daniel Peters gambled.

He must have been rather good at it. At least she reckoned after studying the book for a while. He would withdraw a few dollars one day (say Friday) and deposit at least double the amount the following Monday. He didn’t always win but he did often enough to keep their modest family account healthy. Towards the end his bets were getting bigger. So were his winnings.

 Gathering her thoughts and with a look of determination young widow begins rummaging through her draw-string reticule. Pulling together the loose coins that will be her deposit. I have the 75 cents Mr. Jennings paid this morning plus the two bits from Mrs. Weaver catching up on last weeks bill. A few pennies saved here and there.

"I’ll be depositing all of $1.15 with you this morning sir."
A warm smile brightening her face.

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Prudence Rose Peters
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Thu 15 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
Sitting politely on the chair nearest the door. Prudence Rose enjoyed the last of her lemon drop. The once rotund candy now dissolved to a wafer thin slice on the tip of her tongue.

Her sister Emily sat next to her squirming in seat. Her healthy young body aching to be in motion. Her young mind racing, trying to  think of something fun to do.

“Pru, did you see? Did you see? Uncle Taron is in town.”
Cupping her hand over her mouth Em whispered into twin’s ear. “He was down by the depot helping some lady off the stage.”

Prim managed to answer. Barely keeping the last of her treat from slipping off her tongue, out of her lips and on to her chin.

“If you ask real nice Ma might let us run down and meet up with him. We could ask him to come by the farm before he heads for home. Maybe he’ll have time to finish that pirate story he was tellen’ us. I just got a know if them cut-throats made that stowaway boy walk the plank!”

“You ask.”
Frowning as the last bit of her candy cracks into fragments under the weight of those two little words, then completely disappears.

“If I ask she’ll just say no. I’m always getting on her bad side you know.” Dropping her hand, Emily slides back and slumps in her chair. “We’ll have a better chance if you do the askin’ .”

“Don’t grumble if she hears us we’re done for. I’ll ask this time but we need to wait until the time is right. Probably just before we start for home.” The younger twin whispered. Sounding much more mature than her seven years.  “Now sit up and smile pretty. That’ll go along way towards finding Ma's good side.”
Bank Teller
Sun 18 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
The teller took Temperence's money with a strange look on his face. Well. This is certainly a lot less of a deposit than her husband used to make. The lady might be needing a new man to make ends meet. Especially with two brats to feed. I wouldn't mind meeting that end myself!

The teller found he was gawking at the lady and quickly lowered his eyes and scribbled out a reciept for her deposit. He handed it over to her, holding on for just a second to long.

"Your receipt Ma'am. Is there anything else I can do for you. Anything at all!"
Temperance Peters
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Wed 21 Aug 2013
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Re: The Escondido Bank and Essay Office
"No thank you. This will do."Grabbing her receipt, Temperance marched away from the teller’s window.

The nerve of that man. He would have never thought to speak to me or leer at me that way when my Daniel was alive. What’s this world coming to when a respectable widow woman isn’t safe from his kind of advances?

Reaching the front door she pauses just long enough to collect her twins. "Come along girls we need to stop by the General Store and time is flying."

---> The Streets of Escondido