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Thu 25 Jul 2013
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Escondido General Store
The smaller independently store in town owned by a more fair minded person than Cash Walsh. Better prices but not the buying power.

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Temperance Peters
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Tue 27 Aug 2013
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Re: Escondido General Store
The cow bell over the door clanged loudly as the Peters family walked in. This was the last stop Temperance hoped to make before journeying home and the inevitable chores.

Em and Prim stood demurely behind her. The store was very familiar to the them. Their mother was always here ordering or picking something she needed to keep the farm and the family running. A pair of knitting needles one day. A new butter churn another. And always chickenfeed. Bags and bags of the stuff.

“Ma I don’t think we’re low on feed yet.”
Em couldn’t stop herself from remarking. “There’s a full bag in the barn and a half one inside the coop.”

Turning to face her girls, Temperance smiles and gathers them in for a hug. “No, I’m not here buying for the chickens. This time we’re here to shop for the two of you.”

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