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Game Master
 GM, 71 posts
Thu 5 Sep 2013
at 11:42
XP Thread
100 XP for getting past the guards, without raising the alarm!
Game Master
 GM, 91 posts
Wed 25 Sep 2013
at 12:32
Re: XP Thread
60 XP for defeating the card-players!
Game Master
 GM, 111 posts
Mon 2 Dec 2013
at 19:00
Re: XP Thread
100 XP to everyone for surviving the "Great Pause."
Game Master
 GM, 119 posts
Thu 12 Dec 2013
at 15:52
Re: XP Thread
60 XP for (halfway) clearing the barracks!
Game Master
 GM, 135 posts
Wed 18 Dec 2013
at 16:44
Re: XP Thread
60 XP for ridding the rift of rats!

50 XP to Mina for her quick and Guelph-saving thinking!
Game Master
 GM, 137 posts
Wed 25 Dec 2013
at 15:01
Re: XP Thread
100 XP - Merry Christmas!
Game Master
 GM, 138 posts
Tue 31 Dec 2013
at 15:45
Re: XP Thread
100 XP - Happy New Year!

I hope to update later today (apologies, lots of travelling for the holidays).
Game Master
 GM, 157 posts
Wed 12 Feb 2014
at 17:36
Re: XP Thread
180 XP each for clearing out the remaining troopers.
Game Master
 GM, 196 posts
Fri 4 Jul 2014
at 18:52
Re: XP Thread
50 XP - Happy (US) Independence Day!

Nothing better than absentee experience! :-)
Game Master
 GM, 220 posts
Wed 24 Dec 2014
at 14:43
Re: XP Thread
300XP for defeating the Howler, the Scroungers and the Impalers in a marathon encounter!

That should give everyone a level up!  Please post your changes in your PM threads to me.  Don't forget about the custom PrC's that are available in the Player's Guide, if that's a direction you want to go.  If you need a copy of it, let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you.

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