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Tue 5 May 2015
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The Keep
Though five of the group had entered and tried settling in for the night so far, what of the other half? They had been separated form the group proper, three,Sankt, Ayleth, and the companion the detoured for, Lan'elli in the village right off the start, the other three; Pandora, Millie, and Kerath in the black winding woods between the shore and clearing.

Their stories are their own to tell of those times, but by fates hands, even though the relentless icy downpour and miles of sprawling, tangled, poison-oak and sharp bramble filled woods, they reach the same destination. On the exterior, the keep was old, nondescript, and abandoned looking, but even through the deafening storm a slight hint of life was detectable. There on the second floor window was a hint of light flickering oddly against the curtain, shadows dance past, like hundreds of slim legs.

There before them was a grand door, large enough for a minotaur to stroll in. Its huge mass wavered ever so slightly against the winds, most likely it wasn't locked in any way.

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