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Thu 6 Aug 2015
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The Gulf of Unity
The air was crisp, but the sun was warm. It seemed to be mid-morning, and it was hard to make out the scene at first, but it seemed the Countess was exactly right. The mine led straight to the nearest village... To the south... Where the group had fled from...

Just to the north was The Town of Grhinat. Just to the east were some voices; a ship was being loaded with something, perhaps something not quite legal given that they were some ways away from the city docks. A human man ordered the crew around, he was a familiar face to those who had been in the group for some time; an independent fence and black market merchant by the name of Captain Quicksail. He looks at the group, somewhat taken aback at an outside presence, then waves enthusiastically, easily recognizing the odd team.

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Captain Quicksail
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Wed 12 Aug 2015
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Re: The Gulf of Unity
"Ahoy Friends! My, you all look... uhhm" He cleared his throat. "SO, what bring you out these ways? Did you smell a deal? Well, sorry to say that I don't have much of a stock now, but I'd be glad to trade coin for whatever goods you might have liberated on your travels." Behing him a pair of sailors drop a crate, causing the merchant to spin around and shout in an uncharacteristic grunt. "'Ey ya lubber! There's 50 jars in each of those, I'm going to count it again an' dock your share by 5 percent for each one broken on the way to Galdcavern." The ship seemed to be heading right onward the group's next stop, carrying jars of something.

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Wed 26 Aug 2015
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Re: The Gulf of Unity
In light of the trip over, Feliph had gotten barely any rest at all, and she was feeling haggard. When they finally saw sunlight, she summoned her strength to get out of this loud, tiresome, bumpy cart, only to topple over the edge and land on her butt. "Urk," she vocalized, tired and sore. She was halfway tempted to just stretch out and go to sleep right there.

It took her a few moments to realize there was someone speaking to the group, and then a while longer to realize that no one else was answering him. So she replied without getting up from the dirt for now, her dignity impaired even more when Hamilton walked over and flopped his giant bulk into her lap. "Ahoy, sir. My guess is that we got lost and went in a circle. Seeing as I don't think we intended to be here again..." She yawned, then said "I don't think we've met, my name is Feliph. Do you know my fellow travelers here?"
Lan'elli Verris
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Wed 26 Aug 2015
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Re: The Gulf of Unity
Lan seemed discouraged at the notion of going the wrong way, but brightened slightly at the sight of Quicksail's boat.  Lan had a soft spot for sailing, especially on boats of the... entrepreneurial sort.  "Yes, he does," Lan answered for the Captain, stepping forward and offering Feliph a wry grin, also briefly chuckling as the dog took his place.  The half-elf offered Feliph a hand, turning halfway to face Quicksail,  "I heard you say you are going to Galdcavern?  I think that's on our way, Cap'n, if you've got room for a few more."  He turned back to Feliph, shooing the dog out of the way so the girl could stand.