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Fri 2 Aug 2013
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Character template, if you have any questions just ask.

Race: (I'll allow pretty much anything here, be creative!)
Alignment: (Lawful good, chaotic neutral, etc. this is just so I have an idea of how you'll act.)
Appearance: (Anything not already mentioned, clothes, bearing, etc.)
History: (Please put at least a paragraph here.)
Your Items: (This is between three and six special, sentimental items, that hold great value to you. You will do anything to keep from losing them. If it turns out the others believe one of these things is the bad-luck charm, you will do everything in your power to convince them otherwise so you can keep it.)

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Wed 11 Mar 2015
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Re: RTJs

The cast is pretty much set in stone, but we really need replacements for the following characters:

Sankt: Link back to this game
Pandora: Link back to this game=

Feel free to change up their information if you want to, I'll allow it as long as it doesn't contradict any established in-game canon so far (Which is hardly any for the most part).

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