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The Town of Grhinat
Pronounced gree-naut, this little coastal town is home to the best fortune-teller in the land. This is where your adventure starts, with you having, because of your recent bad luck, gone to the fortune-teller to find out what you can do to stop your unlucky streak. You have just stepped out of her home, her ominous words still ringing in your ears.

One of you holds something dear
But sadly, cursed this precious item is
Bad luck will plague you far and near
Until you are rid of that which condemns

The question remains. Do you continue on your treasure hunt? Or try to find and get rid of this item, so you can still get your hands on the treasure and become rich? The problem is, when you set out on your travels a week ago, you decided to travel light. You have already left behind everything except for supplies, and a few trinkets you hold dear. You know that your things are not the cursed ones, but the others of your party still believe there's a chance it's you. It is up to you to figure out which is the cursed item. Who in the party does the bad luck follow? Which of their prized possessions is the cursed one? How on earth will you persuade them you're right?
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Re: The Town of Grhinat
Standing at about just over five foor with pale flowing waves of blond hair and green-blue eyes, which she covers with her hands in her odd lack of understanding. "There is no logical and precise conclusion I can draw from this data. I need more information." she mutters to herself, as she stands there blinking and pondering the words of this... fortune teller.