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Character Relations, Locations, Suggestions, etc
Here is a thread where you can toss around ideas and develop your character's history in ways relevant to the plot.
Who's your friend, enemy, and so on.
It's not just limited to your fellow players, perhaps the group once had an adventure with a pirate crew, or maybe your character once worked at a blacksmith's shop in town. Is your hometown on the way to the treasure? Maybe we could stop by at some point.
Feel free to let loose and be as creative as you want.

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Re: Character Relations, Locations, Suggestions, etc
Locations (Ordered by closeness to the treasure site)

The Town of Grhinat:
A small town by the coast of a large gulf to the north/east known as the Gulf of Unity. It is mostly surrounded by forests. Its main source of income is trading lumber by sea.

Coastal Weald:
The forested area that serves as an alternate pathway between Grhinat and Galdcavern. Many local ghost stories surround the location. A long north to south river flows along its western borders, while the Gulf of Unity blocks its east. The pathway is seldom traveled by merchant or travelers ever since the treaties that established the Gulf of Unity as a neutral safezone. It is temperate, but frequent humidity spikes often fog up the woods.

Gulf of Unity:
A neutrally aligned semitropical sea that connects major trading ports of several kingdoms. It is mostly peaceful, with occasional acts of piracy, and a large but discrete black-market of smuggled goods. Weather is typically good. Traveling by sea from Grhinat to Galdcavern takes approximately 1 1/2 days. Going along the coastal pathway takes about five days.

Galdcavern City: A large trading port on the northern side of the Gulf. It is flanked to the north by a large mountain range. There are two ways through the range, through mines controlled by a Dwarven kingdom, or along a mountainous tundra pathway.


Plot points

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Re: Character Relations, Locations, Suggestions, etc
Alright, so I suppose I'll start it off, then! Hopefully the format sticks.

Lan'elli: Elves with a dash of bad-boy are Elves Tath can get behind. On the whole, I'd say she'd be buddy buddy with Lan as much as possible, and while I can't speak for his reaction, she'd mostly be doing so out of empathetic motivation. Turning into a thief was exhilarating and dangerous, but Tath did it because she loved it. If she didn't, she would be in Lan'elli's shoes, and she knows that.

How did they meet? Maybe a job Tath was running. Maybe Lan'elli's group got so hoodwinked only he could keep up with the Silver Fang?

Ayleth: The Catfolk hasn't had much interaction. Maybe Ayleth slipped under her radar? Maybe the group is just large and Tath gravitates elsewhere by default? Who knows.

How did they meet? Probably when the party was formed.

Feliph: Now here's an interesting one. Being the new girl to the party, it's Tath's mission in life to make Feliph blush, and flush, and do it often. Whether it's flirting, talking shop, or any number of things. The Bull Mastiff she generally stays away from, though. Catfolk and dogs don't mix well.

How did they meet? Well, y'see, there was this one fortune teller, and our young Feliph just happened to be in the tent.

Kerath: The dour and sour to Tath's mischievous happy-go-lucky personality. Warriors Tath gets, but the pride not-so-much. Still, with him being a feline race, she feels a bit of kinship towards him, and generally tries to cheer up the man. How she goes about it gets creative. Women sent to the room, some booze, there might have been a housecat thrown in there somewhere. . .

How did they meet? Tath's a thief, Kerath's a warrior. Unless their paths crossed on some sort of job that required more muscle than Tath could provide, they probably met when the party was formed.

Millie: Elves with a dash of bad-gi-. . .Let's just leave it at Tath having a thing for elves. Something about the pointed ears, alright? It's increasingly obvious how well-travelled Tath had with her nomadic upbringing, rather than Millie's isolated childhood, and it's something that Tath acknowledges, even if she doesn't completely understand it. She's probably be a bit more patient with Millie, as opposed to the poking and prodding she's inclined to do with others.

How did they meet? Tath's more of a city-girl as opposed to the wild, though it doesn't mean she doesn't travel roads not well-taken. Perhaps their paths crossed, if briefly, during her time as a bandit?

Pandora: Now here's an odd one. Someone brainy with a penchant for odd speech. Her niceties are often chuckled at, and her mannerisms observed amusedly. Probably not much more than that, though like all the other "Fish-out-of-the-water," auntie Tath tends to put them under her wing and try to teach them.

How did they meet? Probably with the formation of the party.

Tora: Another feline subrace. That kinship is there, plus a little extra. Where Tora doesn't share much of her feelings, Tath shares an abundance of only the positives, which is something I think she'd be dogged about convincing Tora to do. Hedonism to cover pain and the like. Out of everyone, it might be Tora who sees the cracks in Tath's expertly crafted facade of mischief-loving happiness.

How did they meet? A dabbler's in everything is bound to run into particularly skilled people. Perhaps it was Tath who taught her some tricks of the trade? Maybe they did a few jobs together before the party was formed?

Zigor: Where Tath may be buddy buddy, a mentor (Or at least trying to be), the seasoned one, or any other role she sees herself as, she almost always makes it a point to avoid Zigor. She's a thief, he's a knight with some huge baggage. Not only would they not get along, but I imagine they might be set to blows at some point, if they haven't already.

How did they meet? Either when the party formed, or on opposing sides of a job she was working. There's no way in everyday passing she'd take the time out to speak with him.

And there we are! Just to note, this is a general 'reaction' and getting the ball rolling for some sort of history between the other character's and Tath, as well as give you an idea how Tath will respond to the other characters.
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Re: Character Relations, Locations, Suggestions, etc
I'll see if I can help get this thread filled out a bit, cause this is an idea I can get behind!

With as passive as Lan is, it may be difficult and some 'relations' may end up being just like another...

Anyways, here goes nothin':

  • Ayleth: Knowing nothing about someone is an immediate red flag for Lan, and the fact that he knows less about Ayleth than anyone else heavily concerns him.  The charm she carries makes him suspicious.

  • Eve: Lan has to admit that her being another halfling is a little calming, but her gypsy involvement bothers him.  Never trust a gypsy.

  • Feliph: Lan doesn't really know what to think of her.  The Dog, however, just gets on his nerves.  Regardless, Lan is a little suspicious of the ogre's gloves that Feliph carries.  Ogres are simply bad news.

  • Millie: Lan figures he can get along with her well enough... mostly because she's so quiet.  He is, however, incredibly bothered by the sapphire ring she carries.  Stealing anything from a magician is asking for trouble.

  • Tath: Being a fellow thief, Lan can certainly get along with someone like Tath very well, even if her hedonistic behavior can be a little... unsettling for a reserved fellow like himself.  The ring she carries bothers him.  When an 'enchanted' item doesn't do what it is supposed to do, it's bound to be bad news.

  • Tora: Yet another member that Lan doesn't really know much about, so he naturally distrusts her.  Also, just about everything she carries with her bothers him.  He is a big fan of the whole were-tiger thing, though.

  • Zigor: Knights and thieves usually don't mix well... spectral knights outright freak thieves out.  Lan isn't concerned about the items Zigor carries - he's convinced Zigor himself is bad luck.

  • Kerath: Despite the fact that Lan knows very little about Kerath, he can't help but empathize with the massive four-legged warrior.  I'd say they would get along, but I can't speak for Kerath's reaction.

  • Pandora: She just creeps Lan out.  She talks weird, dresses weird, and carries some incredibly creepy items.  Like Zigor, Lan is pretty much convinced Pandora is bad luck all around.

  • Sankt: Lan is more curious about Sankt than concerned.  He was always convinced Angels were myths, but to see someone who claimed to be part Angel was truly interesting.  Nothing he carries seems to concern Lan.  How they would get along I truly cannot guess.

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Re: Character Relations, Locations, Suggestions, etc
I guess I'd better add a little something here on my side of things, since Ayleth herself is such a mysterious "merc without a mouth" we might never get enough out of her... :P

Eve: Ayleth regards Eve as a decent companion to have, one who has a good measure of common sense and a good source of support should she need help in a fight. While Ayleth is never quick to trust, Eve is one of those people that she'll trust a smidgen faster than others - given that Eve continues to earn that trust.

Kerath: She has a nagging feeling of dislike for Kerath, and watches him with suspicion, but she can't decide whether it's from the "better than thou" aura he gives off or the fact that he's a strange, unnatural blend of animal and human. While she's seen stranger, perhaps it's the two combined that make up her dislike for him - given that she seems fine with the humanoid shape of Tath.

Tath: Speaking of, she seems to be watching Tath with a mixture of "stupid extroverts" and "she's kind of maybe adorable at certain times". The catfolk seems rather childlike to Ayleth, especially when she throws a fit about something, or when that gleeful look of mischief comes into her eyes. Now, while it is buried under many, many layers of grump and growl, Ayleth has a bit of a soft spot for kids. Because of this, Ayleth seems to be favoring Tath, even though she wouldn't yet admit to liking her.

Lan'elli: The sarcastic half-elf seems rather stuck up to Ayleth, and as a result she's watching him with a rather scrutinizing eye. She seems to be intending to bring him down a few notches when the right opportunity presents itself.

Feliph: A "cute little thing" to Ayleth, she also deems the girl useful to keep around and safe. The aforementioned soft spot for kids is probably helping as well. All told, Ayleth would probably go out of her way to defend this one. She may even admit to liking Feliph faster than she will Tath.

Zigor: Ayleth considers Zigor a stubborn and overdramatic annoyance whose bark is bigger than his bite. She tolerates him for the sake of the safety and benefits he provides - given the lack of a body, he is quite convenient for hiding behind, pushing into traps to trigger them, carrying dangerous things, carrying things in general, standing watch, making sparks for starting a fire, sharpening her knife on, etc, etc, etc.

(To be updated as this changes over the course of the game, of course.)

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