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The Coastal Weald
The forest by the coast appeared to be thick and lush with life. So lush in fact that someone without a good sense of direction might get lost wandering just a few yards in. There seemed to be little chance the city guards would follow. The group probably didn't want to be lost however, so as an alternative there were three somewhat reliable ways to navigate a path from the southern village Grhinat to the northern city Galdcavern, each with advantages and disadvantages, at least going by the maps.

-A river seems to snake its way upstream along the western borders up until its source; a waterfall peak that the should have a clear view to Galdcavern. It is the slowest route, at around seven days (or nights) of walking on foot.

-The most obvious route is the formerly well traveled trail that cuts directly through the forest. The path is hard to see at points, but it should be the easiest to walk, and the map indicates it has some sort of traveler's rest point about a day through. The total time would be around five days of walking by foot.

-Another option was the coast, it would likely be reliable since both points are coastal, yet it was rocky, and the most covered in fog. It also didn't touch any bodies of fresh water for the duration of the five day trip.

The forest grew darker by each moment as the sun set for the night, a chilly wind nipped at the landscape as the sounds of the night started to replace those of the day.
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Re: The Coastal Weald
OOC: I'm assuming we're continuing directly from the previous thread.
As soon as it seemed the guards weren't intending on attacking, Tath sheathed her blade with a flourish. Her hair stood up as she sensed the mastiff, though for now, the girl's animal companion was the least of her worries. Her tail swished back and forth as she walked with feline grace; Purposeful, with just the right amount of swagger, giving off the air of rugged adventurer and refined connoisseur in equal measure.

The Catfolk glanced around as she, Zigor, and Feliph came to the gates, before glancing around. "So, introductions in order, ya? You'll meet the rest of us sooner or later. Name's Tath." She flashes yet another playful, pointed grin at the girl. "The tin suit's name is Zigor. He's not so bad once you get past the 'he's completely hollow' part."

As they walked, she stretched her back and arms, though her gaze went right back to the newcomer once she was done. "I've got to ask, though. What's a cute girl like you doin', getting all tangled up in a band of ruffians like ourselves."

Then again, another good question might be 'why was Tath assuming she was going to be travelling with them.' Maybe she knew the adventuring type when she saw them. Maybe she'd caught a glimpse of her and her bull mastiff walking into the Seer's tent when she was making her way out. Or, maybe this wasn't the first time Tath had tried to drag along a pretty face to see the world.

Feliph became even more flustered at Tath's words, but she was momentarily spared from her embarrassment by the stress of passing through the gates without attracting attention. Though she wondered how such a motley crew managed to get by without a second glance; certainly she would have given the group one. Some of its members more than others.

Once it seemed safe to talk out of earshot, she managed a smile, although she still seemed a bit self-conscious around the feline young woman. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Tath, Zigor, everyone," she said as they continued walking. Probably best to put some distance between them and the town before they stopped. "My name is Feliph, and to, ah, answer your question... I overheard some of what that fortune teller was saying, and it sounded interesting. Although to tell the truth, you seemed like such an interesting band anyways, it made me curious."

Her smile widened, and she reached down to pat Hamilton's head. He gave a tongue-lolling grin in response. "Oh, and this is Hamilton. Don't worry if he gets too friendly with you, he's a gentle giant, aren't you Hammy?" She rubbed his head, and he wagged his tail enthusiastically and pranced a little as he walked.
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Re: The Coastal Weald
The trail widened and narrowed at random intervals as they went on through he forest. "Interesting, aye? You may very well have the same natural instincts as a vulture, milady." The knight stopped when the path left the forest for a moment, intersecting a wind worn alcove near the beach. "Not bad instincts to have for a bandit though. If you'd care to join us, I won't leave my debt unpaid. After all, this whole curse business seems to leave us a bit shorthanded as it sorts itself out."

Contrasting the dark forest, the beach was lit in a bluish white tint by the light of the moon. "This spot seems reasonably defensible if you mortals need your nightly rest." The spirit gestured towards a slightly concave limestone wall facing towards the beach away from the forest. "Or we can continue, at least once we've plotted a course on the map." Zigor said with some bias towards hurrying along.
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Re: The Coastal Weald
Once far enough away from the guards that attacks where unlikely, Tora changes back to her tiger form. Given the events of the last few days, it seemed prudent. When Zigor spoke up, she replied "While I don't mind night travel, it does tend to bring out all the creatures that hunt once the sun goes down. That and we might have to deal with spiders if those webs are any indication."

She'll point to the largest wed she sees, though this will be of little help to those that can't see in darkness.
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Re: The Coastal Weald
Eve walked up behind Tora. "I'd rather not find out what made them." She had been close enough to hear the conversation of the past few minutes but far enough back that she did not seem to be noticed. "Besides if we camp here, Sir Knight in ghostly armor can be guard. If I am not mistaken we need to recount our numbers. Some of our merry band has gone missing in the two hours I have left you to go gather supplies." She had a feeling that what ever the teller had spoken, it was an ill omen to those who heard it.