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The Prairie Thunder Clan.
Queen of the Clan
*Vacant spot due to her death

Chieftain of the Clan, Priest of Waha
*Nausyas the Iron Bull.

Waha Elders
*Priest of Waha and retired Chief: Tarabula Lightfoot (Thunder Bird).  A soft-spoken man, but when he speaks, all listen.  It is said that he is descended from Kertak the Sable Thrower.  He made the pilgrimage to the Marsh to kill chaos not once, but twice.  The left of his face is disfigured - the scars of fighting a nest of gorp in the Marsh during the second pilgrimage. Grandfather of Kobal.
*Colnar Three Steps father of Kobal
*Tadan Safe-path (Condor)
*Broken Promise
*Darnik Sharp Lance Bison-Khan, rider of the Iron Bison. Father of Hacha Lor
*Faran Whiteblade, bonesmith.

Foundchild Elders
*Tamarisk Soft Foot Master Hunter (Condor)
*Manul Plenty

Eirithan Elders
*Mama Plenty. Herd Sister.
*Morning Copper. Herd Mother. Clan queen, wife of Nausyas.

Storm Bull
*Conrad Redhelm Storm Khan and leader of a Storm Bull war party. Away at the moment, most likely at the Block.

*Cloud walker (Thunder Bird)
*Long Grass (Condor)
*Smokey Jojo (Sun Hawk)
*Feather Wait (Raven)

Older Warriors
*Bull's Eye Rakas. Foundchild
*Tokar Eight Sable. Waha
*Wild Buck (Thunder Bird)
*Kicks all day
*Wahan Yellow Bull (Sun Hawk)

*Wild Pasture, Melock's love
*Sadness lifts at Sun Rise
*Copper Skull
*Ga Axe. A member of Henal Longgrass' family
*Juhoon an Eirithan initate, 21 years old, sister of Melock

Family members
**Father is Teshong the Brave, he is an initiate of Waha
**Mother is Shnar who is a Herd Sister
**Sister Juhoon

*Kobal's family include:
**His father Colnar Three Steps, a Waha elder
**His mother Faibeth (Colnar's second wife)
**Colnar's first wife Bright Note, an Eiritha initiate
**Colnar's third wife Nama Len, a follower of Daka Fal.

*Fireborn's family:
**Father - Sea of Grass
**Mother - Willow steps
**Brother - Apa Boneheart (older by 4 years)

*Salen Dustchaser's family
**Father-Tamarisk Soft Foot
**Older Brother-Bull's Eye Rakas, Waha

*Kaonu's brothers, fearsome killers. Waha
**Barosh Long Knife
** Fear Not

*Haratt's family
*Clarisa Dawnflower wife of Conrad Redhelm (initiate of Chalana Arroy)
*Erutta Brewmaid (initiate of Eiritha)
*Casandra Swendaughter  is a raid-bride (laymember of Lokarnos)

*Henal's family
*His father is called Red cloud Longgrass and his mother Quiet skies.

*Henal has three elder sisters, the oldest, Red Clover is married to a Black Shields brave.
The two other sisters are still unmarrried and living with the clan, their names are Bright Cloud and Sorrel.

*Kertak the sable thrower. Companion of Jaldon Goldentooth, taking part on the raid of Pavis was in 924 ST.
So called because in a fight against a sable tribe, that had ambushed them, when he was being charged by 2 mounted sable riders he grabbed a riderless sable and in a heroic act chucked the sable at the 2 riders unmouting them and allowing him to kill them both, which was the turning point of the fight and ensured victor for the tribe

*Doris the white, a healer who helped defeat Malia when she was stalking the tribe, taking clans folk and beast indiscriminately

*Vetash boar bane, a storm bull who was known for killing tusk riders and their pigs and was last seen alive heading for Snake Pipe Hollow on an anti chaos quest

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Re: The Clan.....
Items of Power

The Star Hide-An ancient black Bison Hide.
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Re: The Clan.....
Favoured Spirits of the Clan

Vantul Bellow Shakes The Steppes. CLAN WYTER.

 When the Herd is in danger all members of the Clan can hear his Bellow. Also Bisons of the Clan have extra loud bellows that intimidate foes when charging.

Notar the Stampede
A mischievous spirit, that must be placated often....

Eldara Wallows in the Dust
A healing spirit used by the Eirithans to help combat insects and disease in the Herd.
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Re: The Clan.....
Friendly Bison Clans
*Black Shield Clan

Unfriendly/Rival Bison Clans
*Red Thorn Clan
*Skullbat Clan

High Khan of the Bison Nation
*Akasta ironspear

High Khan of the Impala People
*Mokwaha Hearthand

Unfriendly Impala Clan
*Spring Bucks a local warband of bachelor braves.
*Fire Feather Clan

Famous shaman of Oakfed
*Evarr Stormburner

High Llama clans
*Blue Hide Clan
*Hooked lance

*Bright Tail clan

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