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You get to choose one mech from the below list if a Mechwarrior.

If two people pick the same mech they can either decide who gets it or roll off for it.

Light Mechs
LCT-3M Locust
HER-3S Hermes
JVN-10P Javelin
JR-7K Jenner
FS9-S Firestarter
WLF-2 Wolfhound

Medium Mechs
ENF-5D Enforcer
GRF-3M Griffin
SHD-5M Shadow Hawk
DV-7D Dervish
CDA-3G Cicada
PXH-3D Phoenix Hawk

Heavy Mechs
TDR-9SE Thunderbolt
PTR-4D Penetrator
GLT-5M Guillotine
AXM-1N Axman
CTF-3D Cataphract
TMP-3M Tempest

Assault Mechs
BNC-5S Banshee
NSR-9FC Nightstar
AWS-9M Awesome
VTR-9D Victor
BLR-3M BattleMaster
ZEU-9S Zeus

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Vehicle Trait

The Vehicle trait is great, I love it, BUT it is a HUGE sink for xp, so I am making a change to it.

The trait TP cost for the Vehicle trait costs half. So a TP of +1 only costs 50xp, but there's a catch. If you pay the minimum TP for a weight class, you have to pick from a list I provide, if you pay for the next TP up then you can roll on your faction table.

Remember I am not enforcing the extra +2 tp for owning your mech, but I would like a story how you came to acquire it.


Trait TP   BattleMech    Battle Armor   Aerospace
           Indust Mech                  Fighter

  +1       None          PA(L)          None
  +2       Ultra-Light*  Light          Light
  +3       Light         Medium         Light
  +4       Medium        Medium         Medium
  +5       Medium        Heavy          Medium
  +6       Heavy         Heavy          Heavy
  +7       Heavy         Assault        Heavy
  +8       Assault       Assault        Heavy
  +9       Assault       Assault        Assault
  +10**    Assault       Assault        Assault
*For BattleMechs, treat “Ultra-Light” as “Light.”

The Custom Vehicle trait still costs normal XP


Trait TP   Inner Sphere Vehicle Selection
   0       Random Stock (own I.S. Affiliation)
  +1       Random Stock ( any I.S. Affiliation
  +2       Choice of Stock (own I.S. Affiliation)
  +3       Choice of Stock (any I.S. Affiliation)
  +4       Design own Vehicle (I.S. Technology)
  +5       N/A Choice of Stock
  +6       N/A Design own Vehicle

Non-Table Method: Random Stock = G Gamemaster’s choice from appropriate affiliation

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