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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
It wasn't hard to put on a brave face for the mobilizing militia while Liseth followed Kellan to the garrison alongside Kerr.  The situation did seem grim after leaving the meeting with the Mayor, and seeing all of these people getting ready for war only compounded the feeling.  But Liseth was still confident; they had the gods on their side.  The gods went to the trouble of bringing all of them together in Sandpoint for just this very reason, she was sure.  And having Kerr next to her, knowing that he would be there tomorrow when they went into the tunnels, was all that the girl needed to maintain her confidence.

She couldn't wait for the moment when Kerr realized that he was a Paladin.  Liseth was as certain about this as she could be, even though Kerr didn't even realize it himself.  Everyone would see it by tomorrow evening, after Kerr helped slay the evil demon and its minion Freaks.

A smile met each person that they passed on their way to the garrison and its armory while Liseth conversed with Kerr about his skill at archery.  And lack of tracking ability.  "I bet that Daddy would love to meet your father.  He's a good tracker too, a lot better than me.  Daddy says that I could make a really talented tracker one day if I put as much effort into it as I did with my religious studies.  But he understands that I can't spread my focus around so much."

Reaching the staircase leading down to the armory, Liseth was struck by just how steep it was.  Whoever designed Sandpoint's garrison obviously didn't have the needs of short, handicapped girls in the forefront of their minds!  And there wasn't even a handrail!  It was inevitable that she would stumble as one of her legs buckled while trying to carefully reach the bottom.  Thankfully, Kerr was there to catch her before she fell.

Liseth was initially quite surprised when, instead of merely taking her by the hand to help her down the stairs, Kerr picked her all the way up to carry her to the bottom.  But, after a startled squeak, the slight girl happily wrapped her own arms around him while she rested in his.  She used the opportunity to plant an affectionate kiss on his cheek before Kerr could set her down again.  "My strong, gallant hero!"

"You wanted to impress me?"  Liseth giggled, "You should have said something!  I wouldn't have minded going to watch you in the archery contest."  The blonde acolyte smiled radiantly up at Kerr, "But I don't think that you can make me any more impressed with you than I am already.  Maybe next year I can cheer you on to victory, just like you did for me at the Herb Challenge!"  She snickered before answering him when Kerr made himself self-conscious by talking about his achievements, "Because you're so sweet!"

"Oh."  Liseth's attention was diverted from her boyish beau when they entered the armory behind Kellan.  "That's a lot of weapons."  She followed Kerr to examine available the suits of mail armor.  Liseth might have been unrealistic is hoping for a shining breastplate for Kerr to wear.  After all, she didn't think that any of the Sandpoint guards wore one.  She looked between Kerr and Kellan; Kellan looked comfortable in his heavy suit of mail; if that was even possible.  Kerr wasn't as large as Kellan though, and not accustomed to wearing armor.  Maybe a shirt of light mail would be better for him?

"Maybe you would be better with one of the lighter suits of mail."  Liseth gave Kerr an appraising look, "After all, if you're going to be using your longbow, you wouldn't want a heavy suit of armor to get in your way."  The girl looked towards Kellan, of the three of them he had the most experience with armor, "What do you think would be better Kellan?"

Eventually making her way to the now-unlocked cabinet, Liseth looked over the cache along with Kellan.  Several of the revealed items were not things that she expected to find in the armory, and Liseth stared curiously at the bags, cloaks, and vials.  "I bet if Cato were here he would be able to tell us about these things."  The small blonde looked up at Kellan, "Do you think that it would be okay if we just took all of these things with us?  Well, except for the extra polearms.  Cato said that he can't wield one, and I know that I can't.  And none of them are in Pisca's size."  Liseth's gaze shifted back to Kerr, "What do you think Kerr?  Do you want to use a spear like Kellan?  They're supposed to be made of special metal for slaying demons, aren't they?"

Continuing to search the cabinet, Liseth's gaze kept coming back to the two small shields.  They actually looked to be just her size, and beautifully crafted too.  Liseth took one off of its peg, "I think that I can use this.  It's not very heavy at all, as far as shields go anyway."  She put her arm through the shield's strap and tested it out, swinging her shielded arm around slightly.  "I like it."  The girl looked at the remaining shield, "Do you think that Cato could use the other one?  Or Pisca?"  Then she turned towards Kellan and Kerr, "Or one of you?"

OOC: I am taking one of the Light shields, definitely.  Liseth could wear some mail armor, or even light mail; but she is far from inclined to.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Pride, tempered by sadness, welled up in Kellan's breast as they moved past some of the wider eyed watch members. All Kellan had ever wanted to be was a guardsman, to be worthy of the trust of his community, and to have the ability to defend them from any who would seek to do them harm. Now here he was, deputized, preparing for war and privy to the motivations of the mayor and the council. He should have been bursting with satisfaction, but for whatever reason he could not get Dacen Kresk's face out of his mind.

"He should have been here"

He thought as the proceeded down the steps into even more protected sub layers of the garrison.

"He deserved to be here, with us"

Unlocking the armory he pushed the door wide with a creak and inhaled the aroma of leather, oil and steel. He could remember how excited he was as a boy every time his father would start to dig out the hunting equipment, and this sensation was much like that, only magnified a hundred fold. Stepping in he passed the gleaming racks of weapons and the armor stands burdened with the paraphernalia of war.

He was just about to open what he and some of the younger guardsman referred to as the "safe" when he paused at Kerr's question.

"Alright" he exhaled as he put on his work face, his youthful features hardening into a less carefree mask "Armor"

"Go ahead and strip down to your skivvies" he urged the acolyte as he inspected the racks, coming away with a few sets that looked about the right size and piling them noisily on the stone floor. "Stand up straight...yep, arms out..." He continued as he held up the suits one by one until he found a matching set, speaking as he went.

"This is four in one steel chain mail" he began "mail, not shirt, and it costs about as much as my family makes in a season. So please take care of it"

"It's going to feel uncomfortable at first, even the gambison can leave you sweating on a nice day and the chain itself can either be hot at blazes or cold as ice depending on the weather. Your body, is going to be very confused, simple things like getting out of a chair or going up a flight of steps are going to require a lot more effort than you are used to."

He continued on, taking a slightly stained gambison he pulled it over Kerr's head, cinching and knotting the drawstrings at the acolytes sides as he continued.

"Your also going to be tired, and after today, sore as hell. This mail without any weapon or shield weighs about half what Liseth does" motioning to her with an upnod of his head "your muscles and your tissues are going to take some time to get used to that, you might be out of breath after a short jog and in a real fight you can burn through your energy in a matter of seconds...five minutes of combat can leave you gasping like a beached fish, and it feels like an eternity, and that's without the armor"

"So to counteract all that, and if your serious about wanting to get stuck in on the line,  I'm going to suggest that you wear it pretty much constantly until your body gets used to the weight. The good news is that once your strapped in you feel invincible, your not, but my set has kept me away from your funerary rights more than a few times in the last week or so"

Kellan helped Kerr wriggle into his set, then orientated him to the various clasps and cinches to make it ride evenly over his frame. "When I clean mine tonight I can go over how all that works with you, but for now..." He stepped back and looked the acolyte over "Take a walk around the room and see how that feels..." He nodded crisply and punched him in the chest lightly with a grin as if to show that the blow did very little to the layers of steel and padding. "If anything feels off let me know, fit is pretty important"

With that done Kellan hung up the sets that had not fit and spent about a good ten minutes cleaning and sharpening his pole axe before setting it back in the rack. Then  he walked over and reverently hefted one of the cold iron masterpieces, inspecting the curious hues and patterns that the shaping process of the rare metal had caused. Kellan was no smith but he knew that trying to form cold iron into any shape took an expert hand.

Setting that to the side he inspected the cloaks, vials and bags with an ignorant eye. After a shrug and a glance to Liseth he set the potions carefully into his pack and folded the cloaks and bags into a small bundle that he carried with his off hand. "Well, they won't do any good sitting in here" he assured Liseth

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

Kerr blushed slightly as Liseth gave his cheek an appreciative kiss right before he set her down at the bottom of the stairs.  He noted Kellan’s amused grin and couldn’t help but grin back.  He looked down at Liseth.  “I’m not sure what you’re so impressed by, but I’m SO very glad that you are.”  After that, Kerr floated down the hallway and into the Armory in a haze of good feelings and endorphins, watching Kellan open the mahogany “safe” and inventory its contents.

Kerr cast a skeptical eye at the big, heavy polearms nestled neatly in the armoire, then over at the remaining shield.  “I don’t think my taking either of those would be a good idea, Lise,” he said thoughtfully.  “I don’t know what I’d do with one while I was using my longbow.  The weapons both take two hands, and two is all I have.”  Kerr grinned as he raised said hands and showed them to Liseth.  “And the shield wouldn’t work with either.  It’s a problem.  But I should probably have something besides a bow, right?  Hmmmm.”  The young acolyte walked around the room for a minute, looking at the various weapons with a creased brow and pursed lips.

Finally he grabbed an item and brought it back to Liseth and Kellan.  It was a longsword in a sheath with a couple of straps attached; it looked designed be slung over the back.  “Maybe I could take this longsword?  I mean, I’m not really good with any hand-to-hand weapons, so I might as well start learning on the one Iomedae favors, right?  She might help me out with it if I get in a tight spot.  Plus, if I have to draw it I can keep my bow in my other hand.”  Kerr pantomimed the action, then realized that he looked pretty ridiculous wielding a sheathed sword, straps a-flailing, and an imaginary bow.  “Um,” he said with a self-deprecating grin, “I’m sure it will be much more impressive in practice.”

“Kellan, do you know anything about using longswords?  Maybe you could give me a few,” Kerr grinned broadly, “pointers.  Or point me to someone else who could?”  But Kellan the Drill Instructor apparently wasn’t interested in teaching the finer points of swordsmanship right at this moment.

Armor it was then.

Before Kerr knew it he was in his underclothes, flushing slightly as Liseth demurely looked away.  He watched carefully as Kellan slowly walked him through the process of putting on the chainmail.  The guardsman had clearly had some experience with sizing up armor; the suit he’d chosen for Kerr was an excellent fit.

Although it was also really freaking heavy.

“Um, I’m not sure I want to be anywhere close to the front line,” Kerr ventured.  “I think I’d be of most use standing back and firing my bow at whatever needs shooting.”  He shrugged, which he immediately found was harder to do in chainmail.  “But I won’t turn up my nose at invincibility!”  He walked around the room, surprised at how easy it was to move in such a heavy outfit.  He was slower, but not as slow as he had feared he might be.

“Oof!”  He said intelligently as Kellan surprised him with a punch to the solar plexus.  But although the strength of the blow still staggered Kerr slightly, it had nowhere near the effect he knew it would have had should it have occurred while he was unarmored.

The dark-haired boy nodded at Kellan.  “Got it.”  He grinned.  “It’s definitely going to take some getting used to.  Fortunately I’ll be venturing out with an armor master, so if I have any problems I’ll have an expert right on call.”

He slung the longsword onto his back and tightened the straps; the hilt now stuck out behind his left shoulder, the easier to draw it with his right hand and so as not to interfere with any bowfire in which he might engage.  The young man then turned to his blonde companion and struck a pose.  “What do you think, Lise?”  He said doubtfully.  “Everything you hoped I would be?”

Kerr went to inspect the other items in the armoire while Kellan cared for his old weapon and Liseth admired the shields.  “I don’t think they would have anything toxic in the safe, would they?”  He asked rhetorically.  “Everything in here seems to be beneficial.  I’ll bet these are as well.  Only one way to tell.”  It was entirely possibly that Kellan’s warning was coming to fruition earlier than the guardsman might have anticipated; being armed and armored in front of Liseth was making the acolyte a little foolhardy.  “Fortune favors the brave,” Kerr said with a wink, raising a vial to his mouth and taking a sip.

“Hey!”  Kerr said, taking the vial from his lips and restoppering it.  “I know exactly what this is!”  He looked over at Kellan.  “It’s an antitoxin!  I had to drink some of this stuff when I was helping Father Zantus with making some healing draughts.  Apparently some of the materials can be poisonous if taken in the wrong form.  But this is definitely the same stuff.  The taste,” Kerr winced, “is unmistakable.”

“So,” he said, as the three gathered the bags and cloaks and vials, “are we ready to be off?  Or is there something else we need to do here?”

OOC:  Kellan and Liseth, you guys can head out of the Garrison and towards wherever you are going next in your next posts if you like.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan was extrapolating on the benefits of the cut versus the thrust as they reached the top of the staircase. He could feel the appraising eyes of the other guardsman and a few of the gathering militia as they emerged girded for battle and bearing what most would consider professional armament.

Making his ways rough the crowd out into the street the young guardsman seemed to ponder their next destination. "You know, I was considering going to Savah's Armory but I don't know what we would find there that we did not already get at the Garrison...maybe a spear for Pisca...or something for you Liseth" he mused

"To the feathered serpent then?" He asked the couple "I would feel a lot more confident in any purchases with Cato by our side but perhaps Missus Voon can at least point us in the right direction" a faint sea breeze pulled at his hair as he glanced to the clouds in the sky.
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Liseth smiled when Kerr retrieved a longsword, covering her mouth with a hand to try and keep herself from giggling when he tried to show how he would wield the sword and bow together.  It didn't work very well.  Both Liseth's father and brother preferred the longsword, even though Sarenrae herself favored the scimitar.  Nivlak was good with a scimitar too, of course, but their father had trained him with the longsword much more thoroughly.  It was a knight's weapon, after all; the straight blade could be used to punch through heavy plate armor in a way that the scimitar just couldn't do.

While she was musing, Liseth suddenly noticed that Kellan was getting ready to fit Kerr for a suit of mail armor.  And telling him to strip down to his skivvies.  With her cheeks coloring, the teenaged girl turned away from the pair and made herself quite interested in examining some of the other suits of armor and weapons within the armory.  She kept looking away until she heard Kerr's exclamation after Kellan punched him.  It's a good thing he was fully dressed in the armor by then.

"I think..."  Liseth smiled as she watched Kerr strike a pose now that he was wearing a full suit of armor and had a sword strapped behind his shoulder.  She suddenly was reminded of him striking a similar pose all those days ago at the start of the festival.  Of course, Kerr was only wearing his acolyte robes then.  "I think you're everything I hoped you would be.  No matter what you're dressed in."  She accentuated her remark by standing up on her tiptoes in order to give Kerr another kiss.

"You know Kerr," the girl glanced at Kellan before smiling slyly up at Kerr, "If all of that armor weighs half as much as I do, then that means if you were to carry me around more often it would be like training!  Right?"

"Antitoxin?"  Liseth watched with a modicum of concern when Kerr sampled one of the vials from the cabinet.  "I hope that we don't need any antitoxin, but it's always a good idea to keep some around.  Demon's don't use poison do they?"

Then Kellan bundled everything up in order to carry it out of the armory.  Liseth was sure that the items would be useful; the cloaks and bags.  Why else would they be locked up in the armory?  She just didn't know how.  Cato would probably know though.  While the others were getting ready to leave, Liseth cast a glance back at the remaining polearms in the cabinet.  "Should we bring one of these for Mr Barret?  It might come in useful for him, even if he doesn't need to use it to fight demons."

"I don't think that we need to visit Savah's Armory.  I can't imagine what might be in there that we couldn't already have borrowed from the armory."  Liseth thought a moment, "Well, except maybe a spear in Pisca's size.  I guess that Sandpoint doesn't have many gnome guards."  She did think about something for herself though, but not a weapon.  She would be too busy trying to defend herself with her new shield to worry about attacking with a weapon if she got in trouble.  "Then you think that maybe they might have some kind of light armor for me to wear?  Maybe a heavy quilted dress, or even a leather one.  Something to help in case I get cornered again..."  Liseth frowned.

"Maybe they would have something in white too.  What do you think Kerr?"  She looked up at her valiant, armored boyfriend.  "Should we visit Savah's Armory?  We have a few hours until the town meeting, but I did want to visit the Rusty Dragon and see if I can help Ms Kaijitsu before our dinner tonight, after the meeting."

"Or would you rather have us with you at the Feathered Serpent store Kellan?"  Her gaze shifted to Kellan, "I suppose we could visit both stores; it shouldn't take too much time."
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan looked up to the sun as if to gauge the time then nodded to Liseth's suggestion "Sure, I think we have time to go to both places, especially for something so important." He shook his head at her suggestion to bring one to Alergast "He knows where they are, so he probably has his reasons...maybe he is just attached to his personal one or perhaps he does not want to give the appearance of putting himself above his men...he is that kind of guy" he added proudly.

"I should go give the key back while I'm thinking about it...don't want those walking off with some well meaning militia" he popped back inside to complete his errand and upon coming out he began to examine the bags, opening one and looking inside as they walked.
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

Kerr sighed happily as Liseth stood a-tiptoe to give him another kiss.  He could get used to this.  REALLY used to it.

The kissing, that is.

He supposed that he would get used to the armor as well.


“I think you’re right, Lise.”  Kerr said in his best gruff guardsman’s voice.  “Can never have enough training, you know.  I think I should probably carry you around as much as I possibly can.”  He grinned at the prospect.

His grin faded as the blonde acolyte raised her questions about the antitoxin.  “I’m not sure.  I don’t know a whole lot about demons.”  He paused.  “Which is probably very fortunate for me, now that I think on it.  But the Kaijitsus donated the entire contents of the safe to the Guard, right Kellan?”  The acolyte looked to his bigger friend for confirmation.  “And it seems like those items are especially geared to dealing with whatever threats might lurk in those tunnels.  I don’t know what happened, but the Kaijitsus apparently knew something.” He pointed at the cloaks, bags, and vials.  “And they wanted the town to be prepared in case that something came calling.”

“So even if demons don’t use poison, and again I have no idea either way, I bet the antitoxin will come in useful against SOMETHING down there.”  The young man nodded.  “Just like I suspect the bags and the cloaks will as well, once we determine their purpose.”

Kerr scratched the side of his face as they debated where to go next.  “I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t go to both places.  The worst that could happen is we stop by Savah’s and she doesn’t have anything we can use, although come on," he grinned, "it's Savah, she'll have SOMETHING.  And if she does then it would be well worth it, particularly if we can get armor to help protect you, Lise.”  He gave her a hug for emphasis.  “Then we can head over to the Feathered Serpent and see what Loony Voon,” Kerr used the proprietor’s popular nickname, “has to offer.”

Matter decided, the trio left the Garrison, making the short walk to Tower Street on their left before taking a right and heading down Tower right past City Hall as if heading back to the cathedral.

Savah’s Armory was located on the corner of Tower and High Streets, right across from the Pillbug’s Pantry.  The northeast corner of the building still bore a few scars from the Sandpoint Fire, but as a whole it looked to have managed to escape significant damage.

As they entered, Liseth, Kerr, and Kellan could tell that Savah sold all manner of weapons and armor.  It looked as if the armors were hung on the right side of the room and the weapons were racked to the left.  Savah’s inventory was truly astounding; it seemed like every weapon ever made or even conceived had found a home in some corner of her shop.  If you were north of Magnimar, and you wanted to outfit yourself for battle, there was no better place.  Customers from many miles away visited Sandpoint for the sole purpose of patronizing Savah’s store.

As the three stood gawking at the display of weaponry, they saw a tall, broad woman with her light brown hair tied back in a serviceable braid standing at the counter and staring in consternation at what looked like a very complex miniature crossbow with a darkwood and ivory stock.

Savah Bevaniky looked up from whatever it was she had been doing to the crossbow and broke into a broad smile as she saw who it was had entered her store.  “Well, bless my battleaxe, if it isn’t Kerr Mollin and Kellan Storval.  And Kerr’s friend Liseth!”  She winked at the young blonde.  “I have to say I’m mighty grateful to you all for your efforts during the Swallowtail Festival.  And I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that the town will back your reasonable purchases.”  She spread her arms, indicating her inventory.  “So, look around!  Is there anything in particular I can help you with?  I might have something in back if it’s not displayed out here.”

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
"Hopefully, the antitoxin is just for some kind of poisonous fungus that grows down in the tunnels."  Liseth pondered the antitoxin along with Kerr, "And not, you know...poison spewing Freaks.  Or," she gasped, "maybe there's poisonous spiders down there!  I've heard of monster spiders as big as bulls, with venom dripping from their fangs..."  Liseth frowned before deciding that it would be best if she didn't let her imagination wander through every possibility of what might be under Sandpoint that required an antitoxin.

Their debate was settled, about where to go next, with a concerned hug from Kerr.  That was a good way to settle debates, and Liseth did need something that might have a better chance to stop a goblin's sword than a robe.  Though when she arrived in Sandpoint two weeks ago that sort of thinking was very far from her mind.  She walked with Kerr and Kellan to Savah’s Armory, a store that she had never before even considered entering; despite how close it was to the Cathedral.

Liseth was awed by how well-appointed the store was, once the three of them made their way inside.  And she had thought that the armory in the garrison was impressive!  But then, Sandpoint's guards use mostly the same equipment.  She imagined that this particular store catered to people with a wide variety of needs and preferences in their weapons and armor.

Which was good, because Liseth herself had a few specific needs in what she was looking for.

"Hello..."  Liseth had never met Ms Bevaniky before, but she had seen her a few times.  The other woman's sheer size, and affiliation with weapons, had kept the small acolyte away before.  Though any intimidation that she might have felt did not keep Liseth from curtsying politely when she was acknowledged.  At least the large woman seemed friendly; but Liseth did feel herself blush when the store's proprietress leveled a wink in her direction, in regards to her relationship with Kerr.

"Well, actually..." Liseth gripped Kerr's mail-clad arm, "we just came from the guards' armory, because Mr Barett wanted us to get prepared"  The diminutive blonde paused; she probably shouldn't tell anyone exactly what it was they were preparing for.  That was what the Mayor wanted to do later, during her speech.  "Well, he wanted us to get better prepared."  She indicated Kerr's new armor and sword, then displayed her own small round shield.

"But the armory didn't have anything that would fit me, all of that mail armor is so heavy."  The girl glanced over at the armor displays before she started to fidget nervously, " you have anything that might help?  Something in my size?"  Liseth thought a moment, absently feeling her shoulder where earlier today an arrow had been stuck into her.

"Preferably something good at stopping arrows..." she finished.
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan nodded to Kerr's speculations as they walked down Tower street. "You might be on to something there, Lord Kaijitsu, may he rest in peace" he gave a brief moment of silence in respect for the dead "Could have allayed some of his personal guilt about keeping the tunnels secret by investing in a backup plan for the town...but what I want to know is if he knew about them...what made them so valuable? He did not seem the smuggling sort"

Reaching Savah's Kellan held the door for the others then wiped his feet and stepped inside. Once again it was proving to be a field day for Kellan's' inner equipment enthusiast. He occasionally entertained grandiose fantasies of riding into town astride Hakon, bedecked in full gothic plate with the little wonderfully crafted articulated finger gauntlets, perhaps heraldry of some sort or a lordly fur trimmed cloak. What he would do with such formidable arraignment he had not quite got to yet, it would probably be a little overkill for breaking up a brawl at Fatmans

"Mornin Savah, how's my favorite arms dealer?" He greeted her with a grin, walking around to give her a friendly hug "I'll have you know that this crossbow you sold me works like a charm, blew straight through a leather clad goblin warrior fletching and all at about thirty paces just this morning" he patted the compact weapon at his side. "We'll try not to clear you out...the Garrison had most of what we were after. We are also looking for a right siz.., ah, well a gnome sized long spear...she's a little thing, Pisca Neep Fremish, but will wade right in there with the best of them. Perhaps you've a children's section?" He asked with a hint of humor and a glance behind himself to make sure the topic of discussion was not standing right behind them.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

“Okay, Kellan, let me see what I have.”  Savah nodded at the guardsman, then gave Liseth a cheerful return curtsy.  “You first, my dear.  This will be fun,” she grinned, putting an arm around Liseth’s shoulder and steering her not-quite-forcefully towards the side of the store containing the armors.  She stepped back, arms akimbo, and frankly considered the young blonde.  “I can definitely see why you don’t want something heavy.”  She nodded, almost talking to herself.  “So THAT’s out.  And  . . . no, that wouldn’t work either.  Or maybe . . . no.”  The armorer made a face.

Then she lit up.  “Actually, I think I have just the thing.  I’d like to get you into something heavier, but I think everything else I have might be TOO heavy.  So how about . . .,“ the larger woman ducked back behind a rack of leather armors.  Her three customers heard her root about, then give a small noise of triumph.  “. . . this?”

Savah stepped out from behind the rack with a beautifully-made quilted cloth dress of pristine white.  “What do you think?  Here, look closely.”  She laid the dress out on the table.  “See this?”  She lifted up the bottom of the dress and showed how it was actually made out of layers and layers of cloth.  “This design is specifically intended to trap arrows and other small, sharp objects people might launch your direction.  Such things get snagged in the layers and the force of their impact is lessened, or even eliminated.  Sounds like what you were looking for, no?”

Savah smiled proudly.  “This is my own design.  I actually made this for Ameiko Kaijitsu, if you can believe it.”  She looked at Liseth as if she thought the girl might object to this outlandish statement.  “No, really!  Her father commissioned it.  This was back before the big dust-up at her mother’s funeral when her brother ran off.”  The armorer tsked.  “Bad business.  Ameiko ran off soon after, and Lonjiku never even picked it up.  He’d paid for it in advance, too.”  She shrugged.  “So I wouldn’t really feel right charging you for it.  Here, let me take your measurements and I’ll do some quick tailoring right now.  You can pick it up either later tonight or tomorrow morning.”

Savah coughed.  “There is one thing.”  She turned the dress over and showed Liseth its front.  On the chest was emblazoned a circle containing the symbols of Erastil, Abadar, Shelyn, Gozreh, Sarenrae, Desna, and Iomedae.  “I’m not sure what deity you follow, Miss Thoradin,” she gestured to the symbols, “I could probably stitch these out if they are going to be a problem.  I think Lonjiku was planning to send Ameiko off to a series of convents for further education, so he wanted to make a good impression.  Kind of strange, I know.  But we can work around it.”

The woman quickly measured Liseth, then walked over to Kerr.  “And chainmail, Kerr, really?”  She looked over at Kellan with disapproval.  “THIS is how you’re planning to outfit him, Guardsman Storval?  I’m disappointed in you.”

She turned to the young acolyte.  “What’s your weapon of choice, Kerr?”

“A longbow, ma’am,” Kerr responded obediently.

“Exactly!  Dav’s always telling everyone who will listen what a great shot you are.  And you’re going to wear THIS heavy, constricting thing?”  She shook her head firmly.  “No, you are not.  You are going to wear something that gives you similar protection but greater freedom of movement.  And that doesn’t take a half-hour to get on and off.  Again, I think I have just the thing.”

Savah strode off into the area containing metal armors.  This time she did not need to root around; she was back almost immediately, carrying a shining breastplate.  She patted the armor happily.  “THIS is what you should be wearing.  Not THAT monstrosity.  Out.  Out of it!  Right now!”  She stopped short as Kerr blushed furiously.  “Oh, stop it.  Go change over there.”  She pointed behind a rack of armor that would hide the young man from the view of much of the store.  “Kellan, make yourself useful and go and help him.”  She looked at Liseth, clearly seeking commiseration.  “Men!”

As Kerr and Kellan went off to deal with the armor, Savah winked at Liseth.  “Okay, wait here a second.  Let me see what I have that a gnome could use.”  The braided woman headed off to the other side of the store.  For a few moments, Liseth was left alone to admire her new arrow-deflecting dress and listen to Kellan and Kerr struggle with the armor.

Finally Savah returned, carrying a small spear.  “Here we are!  I think this would work as a longspear for a gnome.”  She grinned.  “You were lucky I had this!  Don’t get much call for that size of weapon.”

Both women turned as Kerr walked back into the center of the room, this time arrayed in the shining breastplate rather than the chainmail.  “Wow, you’re right, Savah!”  The young man said in amazement.  “This is so much lighter.  And I can move so much easier.”  He had a sudden thought, then flushed.  “How much do I owe you?”

“Nothing, my dear.  Mayor Deverin and Father Zantus are covering it.  And of COURSE I'm right."  She rolled her eyes.  "Here, give me that chainmail.  I’ll make sure it gets back to the Garrison.”  She looked at Kerr admiringly and shot Liseth another wink.  “He DOES cut a striking figure, doesn’t he?”

OOC:  Liseth gets a dress of Quilted Cloth Armor.  Kerr gets a Breastplate.  Kellan gets a small-size longspear for Pisca. 

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan took the opportunity to examine some of Savah's more exotic wares while the girls were rummaging and fitting. He had heard stories, some from Ameiko herself, of the customs and martial traditions of far off lands. It was interesting but not to the point where he ever considered actively pursuing anything. it was just too foreign to him.

The guardsman smiled when Savah presented Liseth with the white dress, it was a perfect match and the delight in the girls eyes was evident. The smile momentarily faltered when Savah started rebuking him for his choice of armor for Kerr.



"We didn't have any breastplates!" he finally was able to shoot back with good nature and a laugh

"Besides, it's not a monstrosity, some of us like to have our limbs and sensitive bits covered by a a few inches of steel...why that goblin dog during the festival nearly took my arm off, popped right through the rings" he gestured to the spot where it had obviously seen repair. "if I was wearin a breastplate I'd still be laid up in the temple, or worse"

He sighed "she's right though" he admitted  "If your usin a bow the breastplate is the better option...and it's lighter" he hefted the spear that the proprietor handed over "Thanks Savah..." he replied as he handed over the chainmail in his best sullen teen voice and a smirk.

"Alright...spear, dress, breastplate" he seemed to check off the list in his mind "To the Serpent?" he asked the clerical couple.
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Liseth was obviously anxious when Ms Bevaniky put her arm around her and led her away from Kellan and Kerr.  She obediently followed and then stood still while the much larger woman examined her.  With a slight nod, the girl affirmed her need for something that wasn't too heavy.

"Um..."  The blonde acolyte watched nervously when Ms Bevaniky announced that she had something in mind that shouldn't be too heavy, then began rooting around behind some of her other armored outfits.  But when the item in question was displayed for Liseth to see, she blinked several times just to make sure that she was actually seeing what she thought she was seeing.  A thickly quilted dress, and it was even white!  She couldn't believe just how perfect it was.

Liseth walked to the table that the dress was laid upon in order to inspect it along with Ms Bevaniky.  She closely listened to the large proprietress's explanation of the dress's function, eyes widening when she saw just how many layers of cloth it was made up of.  It looked like it must weigh as much as four times that of her other dress!  But after it was explained just how the dress could stop and lessen the impact of arrows, the girl had to nod agreeably.

"It's perfect!"  Liseth lifted it herself and held the entire dress in her arms, "I suppose I couldn't expect anything lighter to actually help at all.  But this doesn't weigh near as much as all of that metal armor."  She glanced at Kerr and Kellan, then over at the armor racks containing such pieces of equipment.  Her head turned back to Ms Bevaniky,  "Wait...Ms Kaijitsu?"

A frown touched the young blonde's face when it was said how the dress was meant to be for Ms Kaijitsu, having been commissioned by her late father.  Years ago, and never picked up.  She had to tell Ms Kaijitsu about it.  Or show her even.  Liseth wouldn't feel right unless she did.  What if Ms Kaijitsu wanted to keep it?  After all, it was intended to be a gift to her from her father.

When it was flipped over though, and Liseth was shown the design on the front, she couldn't keep herself from gasping!  It was even more perfect than she had thought!  The design was beautiful, each deity's symbol meshing so well with the others.  All six of the gods represented in the Cathedral were there, as well as Abadar.  Liseth couldn't bear the thought of ruining it by having any of the symbols removed, and technically she wasn't consecrated to any god or goddess anyway.

"I think that it's a beautiful design, Ms Bevaniky.  With all of these different deities represented like that."  She smiled at the woman towering above her, "I wouldn't want you to ruin it by removing any of the symbols."  With all six of the deities from the Cathedral represented, Liseth was sure that even Father Zantus would like the dress.  The only one that gave her a slight pause was Abadar's symbol.  Not that there was anything wrong with that particular deity; Liseth just didn't like how he focused on strict adherence to rules and laws, without enough regard for whether or not such laws were unintentionally hurting people.

Liseth let herself be quickly measured while trying to not think about Kerr and Kellan being right behind her.  It was necessary in order to ensure a good fit with the dress after all.  Even if a little embarrassing.

Then Ms Bevaniky changed her focus to Kerr and his armor.  Liseth smiled when the proprietress made such a scene about the mail armor that Kellan had dressed Kerr in.  The smile changed from one of humor to one of wonder, however, when large woman retrieved what she thought would be a better match for Kerr's needs.  Something that Liseth agreed with wholeheartedly.  It was a shining breastplate!  Just like the one she had imagined Kerr wearing before.

Of course, the girl blushed right along with Kerr when it was insisted that he strip off that mail immediately.  And get into his underclothes; again.  Liseth did her best to not watch while Kellan took Kerr to help him get into his new (and shinier) suit of armor, granting an uncertain nod to Ms Bevaniky in answer to her exclamation.

Liseth's breath caught in her throat when Kerr the Hero stepped out fully dressed in his new, shining breastplate; with his longsword once again strapped over his shoulder.  He looked just like she had imagined him!  Well, except for the shield; but she could forgive him that.  She didn't want to tell him, but Kerr hadn't looked right wearing mail armor; compared to that his new polished breastplate was absolutely exemplary.

"You look amazing Kerr!"  The blonde acolyte made her way straight to him in order to take him by the arm while she examined the armor up close.  Holding his arm was even better now that it wasn't covered in heavy mail.  She turned back to the store's large proprietress, "Thank you so much Ms Bevaniky!  For the dress and for Kerr's armor.  I actually didn't think that you would have something for me, but the dress really is perfect.  And Kerr looks so handsome in your breastplate!"  Pisca's spear came to mind and Liseth looked at the almost comically undersized thing that Kellan was holding, "And thank you for having a spear that Pisca can use.  I hope that she likes it."

Finally, holding on to Kerr with her right arm while her left was left dangling at her side, adorned with her new shield, Liseth nodded to Kellan.  It was time to move on to the next store; they had to make all of the preparations that they could before tomorrow.  As they made their way to the Feathered Serpent, Liseth wondered what sorts of things they might find there.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

It was a long walk to the Feathered Serpent; the establishment was located in the southeast part of town, on Rum Street just south of the Sandpoint Bridge, fronting the Turandarok River.  Kellan, Liseth, and Kerr left Savah’s Armory, heading down High Street, then right on Festival Street, taking it all the way to Southmarket Square.

As they walked, Kerr received several comments from passing townsfolk admiring his new, more-martial appearance.

“Looking good, Kerr!”

“Joining the Guard, Kerr?”

“Wow, Kerr, nice!”

"You training Kerr now, Kellan?"

“Is that KERR MOLLIN!?!”  This last from a sultry-looking brunette stopped in the middle of Festival Street, with full red lips slightly open, hands on hips, and a shocked look on a beautiful face just below a pile of dark curls that had clearly taken a great deal of time to arrange.  A tight-fitting dress accented her slim, full-breasted figure; it hinted to all observers of delights contained within while still staying within the bounds of small-town modesty.

“Kerr!  My goodness, look at you!  Armed and armored!”  The woman walked up, giving Liseth a dismissive glance as she concentrated on her quarry.  “Joining the guard, are you?”

Kerr flushed a deep red.  “Um, hi Cerlynne.  And no.”  Liseth could feel the tension in his arm.  “Cerlynne, this is Liseth, and this is Kellan.  Kellan and Lis . . .”

“Pleased to meet you.”  The brunette bombshell waved a dismissive greeting at Kellan while never taking her eyes off of Kerr, whom she was now viewing in an almost predatory manner.  “Kerr, you should visit for dinner some night.  Daddy’s always telling me what a nice young man you are.  I think it would be a very . . . fun . . . time.”  She grinned.

Kerr stood stunned, looking for all the world as if Kellan had just hit him in the head with his polearm.

“Oh, don’t answer now, Kerrie.  I’ll talk to my parents and stop by the Cathedral later to let you know when to come over.  I’m looking forward to it.”  With a brief look at Liseth, eyes flashing, the woman continued on up Festival Street on whatever business had originally brought her that way.

“Um, that was Cerlynne.”  Kerr said weakly and somewhat redundantly, looking back and forth between Kellan and Liseth.  “That was really strange.  I’m not sure she’s ever said that much to me ever, and we’ve both lived here our entire lives.”

The trio moved on, arriving in Southmarket Square to find militia training well underway.  Rows of men stood in surprisingly well-organized blocks as Alergast Barett paced before them, speaking in an authoritative voice about the proper use of polearms in combat.  Kellan could see Sergeants Tiller and Peltnor walking back and forth along the rows of conscripted soldiers with grim looks on their faces, correcting a man’s position here, his grip on a polearm there.

Skirting the training militiamen, the party headed east down Market Street towards the Sandpoint Bridge.  As they took a right onto Rum Street, the Feathered Serpent loomed ahead, overlooking the Turandarok; it seemed strange, secretive, and shadowy in the soft light of the early evening.  The door was inscribed with golden symbols of unknown import; above it hung a beautifully carved feathered dragon.

The store had absolutely no windows.

Kellan turned the doorknob, which looked as if it might have been made of pure gold.  Of course, no one in their right mind, not even the Sczarni, would even think about trying to rob Vorvashali Voon’s establishment.  Well, not for very long, anyway.  And certainly not when they heard the (possibly apocryphal) stories of what had happened to thieves attempting that feat in days of yore.

As the three youths entered, they encountered a cramped and cluttered shop that smelled of a strange mixture of incense, spice, and dust.  Relics, statues, and monument fragments stood about as if arranged for display in a museum.  Artifacts, jewels, staves, and other weird and wonderful objects were placed about the store seemingly at random.

Kellan and Kerr knew that Vorvashali’s stock changed constantly as his dozens of strange and mysterious contacts and clients from parts unknown, often hiding within large cloaks or other concealing garments, visited weekly to buy and trade items.  It was widely reputed that if you needed something, and no one else could help, Vorvashali Voon was the man to see.  His ability to procure items both wondrous and mundane was truly legendary.

The man himself stood at the back of the shop, arms wide, welcoming them inside with a large smile.  Vorvashali Voon, an exotic-looking character with bright blue eyes, long red hair, and almost bronze-colored skin, did not disappoint; he was dressed in the outlandish attire for which he was justly famous.  Today he wore what seemed to be a ridiculously-mismatched outfit more at home in a color-blind bazaar, with billowing orange pantaloons, sparkling teal shoes curving up at the tip, a crimson vest over a long-sleeved, cream-colored button-down shirt, and a hat made of what looked very much like various pieces of fruit.

The shopkeeper greeted them with the gregarious excitement that was his wont.

“Kellan!  Kerr!  And Liseth Thoradin.”  The man bowed low to the ground, sweeping his hat off his head in the process.  “What brings you to my humble shop?  Please, look around and let me know if you find anything of interest!  I am happy to tell you all about it!  But be warned!  Not everything is for sale!”  Voon said this last enigmatically, sweeping his hand around the room before bringing it, closed but for an extended index finger, to his mouth as if to encourage his visitors to silence about the marvels they were about to witness.

“Here you shall find wonders galore.  Your heart’s desire, and the key to happiness.  All it takes . . .,”  Voon placed the fruit-bedecked hat back on his head with some difficulty.  “Is wisdom and discernment.”

“Take this!”  He held up a large, grey-colored object.  “This,” he said with a dramatic air worthy of Cyrdak Drokkus, “is the horn of a rhinosorcerous!”  He nodded sagely, as if his visitors might doubt the object’s origin.  “Just grind a little of this into a powder, stir it into your drink, and badoom!”  The man made a sound like an explosion.  “You are irresistible to the ladies.”  He winked at Kellan, then looked at Kerr.  “And have endless stamina, to boot.”

Voon placed the object back upon his desk.  “So, how can I help you?”

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Liseth was ecstatic leaving Savah's Armory.  She got a new dress!  Albeit a very heavy and bulky dress, but it had such a pretty design on the front of it.  It had actually been a while since she had a new dress.  Much more important than a new dress, however, was the company in which she left the store.

Kerr was so handsome in his new armor!  Of course he had always been cute, but now that Kerr was dressed in a shining breastplate he looked every bit the hero that Liseth knew he was.  And everyone else in Sandpoint seemed to think similarly.

All of the compliments directed towards Kerr caused the young blonde to beam rapturously from her position on his arm.  Liseth still couldn't believe how there was no one else in Sandpoint who had seen the potential that Kerr had.  Not even Father Zantus had considered that Kerr was supposed to be a Paladin until Liseth had mentioned it to him.  But the girl had known it immediately when Kerr told her of his dilemma with Desna and Iomedae.

Everyone was seeing it now though, with Kerr in his shining armor and wearing a sword on his back.  Kerr the young acolyte was now Kerr the Hero; Liseth could forgive everyone for being so surprised at seeing his transformation.  Of course, one of Kerr's admirers seemed a bit more surprised than the others.

"Hel-"  Liseth started to greet the other girl, Cerlynne, when Kerr introduced them, but found herself cut off.  Quite rudely too, it was as though Cerlynne refused to even acknowledge her presence.  Holding his arm, Liseth could feel the tension in Kerr with the way that the other girl was looking at him; it was reminiscent of the way the Mr Foxglove had looked at her during their first meetings.

And she wanted Kerr to have dinner at her house!  Liseth was new at having a boyfriend, but she was pretty sure that having dinner at other girls' houses was one of the things that boyfriends were NOT supposed to do.  Not to mention the fact that Liseth felt distinctly uninvited to come with him.

The suggestive way that Cerlynne mentioned the fun that Kerr would have left Liseth with the horrible impression that her intentions went far beyond dinner.  All of her insecurity and nervousness, which to this point had been mostly allayed, came rushing back in full force.  Liseth held desperately to Kerr's arm, as though it was the only thing that might keep this other girl from stealing him away from her.

But Kerr wouldn't let that happen, right?  Liseth frowned, shrinking away from the mean girl Cerlynne when, in finally acknowledging Liseth, she let it be known that her intentions were directly malicious towards the diminutive acolyte.  Her heart sank and a leaden weight dropped in her stomach.  Just minutes ago Liseth was as happy as she had ever been; in such a short time all it had taken was cruelly jealous and coquettish girl to turn her emotions completely around.

Liseth was a wreck.  All she could think about was that Kerr might leave her alone in favor of this other girl.  Rejection was something that Liseth was already familiar with; after Sarenrae turned her away.  She didn't know what she would do if Kerr did the same.  Already the girl was feeling insignificant, unworthy of affection.  Everything always turned out so poorly for her, often with results opposite to what she wanted or expected.  Why should this be any different?

Whatever the gods had planned for Liseth, her happiness didn't seem to be included.

"I don't think you should have dinner with her..."  Liseth's words were small and weak, forced out of her in barely a whisper.  What little confidence she had in herself was gone and her voice was thick with fear and anxiety.  When they continued on their way Liseth continued to cling to Kerr's arm, like it was her lifeline in a windstorm.

Lost in her own miserable thoughts, the young, despondent blonde barely noticed anything or anyone else until they had arrived at the Feathered Serpent.  At any other time she would have loved to look at the oddities, curiosities and wonders strewn about the store.  But in her depression she didn't even give them a second glance.

"Hello Mr Voon..."  The shopkeeper's eccentric style and manner was almost disarming, but she still couldn't speak above a whisper.  Liseth thought she should curtsy in greeting but when she went to release Kerr she found her weak legs already wobbling and on the verge of collapse.  Instead the discouraged girl attempted to nod politely in acknowledgement.

They had come here for a purpose, hadn't they?  There was a specific goal in mind, and Liseth struggled to remember what it was.  Her thoughts were cluttered with so many worries that it was almost a hunt to locate which ones had brought them to this particular shop.  Goblins, that was it.  And demons.  The first one was her punishment for having had too much fun during the festival; the second a result of her excitement after learning of Kerr's potential as a Paladin for Iomedae.

She found it too easy to blame herself for all of the trouble that Sandpoint was in.  After all, the gods didn't even want her; despite her efforts to serve them.  She was dross; not even worthy to stand amongst the unique treasures that surrounded her in this shop, let alone hold hands with a boy as sweet and wonderful as Kerr.

"Do you have anything that can help us fight a demon?"  Hollow and broken, Liseth went straight to the heart of their visit to Mr Voon's shop.  She didn't want to force him to suffer her miserable company any longer than he had to.  Even in her melancholy Liseth didn't have it in her to be selfish.

All that she had ever wanted was to help people.  To heal them and soothe both their wounds and their woes.  Wasn't there anyone that could do the same for her?
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan smirked a little at all the attention Kerr was now receiving due to his new "look". Ladies loved a man in uniform and it was amusing just to watch the boy's reactions. That was up until Cerlynne stopped to say hello.

Kellan did not know the girl very well, but he certainly knew her type. Some people only wanted things that other people had, as if the insult or injury of acquiring somehow enhanced its value. He was waiting for Kerr to introduce Liseth as his girlfriend, to decline the invitation to dinner, to say anything at all. But it never came.

The young guardsman glared at the girl as she walked off and as soon as Cerlynne was out of sight he turned to Kerr with a sigh "Were gonna need to talk later..."

Entering the store Kellan sensed Liseth's mood and attempted to head off any residual effect on Mister Loon. "A Quasit if we want to get into particular's, I still don't know what exactly a Quasit looks like or does but I'm told they are nasty things. Do you think you might have anything around here to help with that? or maybe something handy for a little spelunking?"

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

Kerr had the distinct feeling that Cerlynne had just made his life a lot more difficult.  Which felt a little unfair, because he hadn’t done anything!  Still, Kellan seemed nonplussed by the girl’s invitation, and Kerr was pretty sure Liseth was actively distressed, so the young acolyte thought he’d better clear the air.

“Um,” Kerr said, “talk later about what?  Of COURSE I’m not going to dinner with her!  I don’t even LIKE the Scarnettis!  All they do is cause problems, and Cerlynne’s apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, if you take my meaning.  Plus, she’s always thought she was Desna’s gift to Sandpoint, and she spent years making snide remarks about my parents just because they weren’t from one of the four founding families.”  He shook his head.  “Do you guys honestly think I would suddenly start mooning over her simply because she decided to be nice for once?”  He made a cutting motion through the air with his free hand.  “Trust me, that is NOT going to happen.”

“I don’t normally like to talk behind people’s backs,” Kerr hugged Liseth, “but I will in this instance, because I think it is important that you know what I truly think.  Cerlynne is mean.  She is a bully.  She is always out for Cerlynne; she only cares about what she wants, not what anyone else wants.  She uses people like they’re tools.  I don’t really like her.  And there is no.”  He emphasized the words.  “Possible.  WAY I would do anything that might even make her THINK I wanted to be her boyfriend.”

He stopped in the middle of the road and turned Liseth so that he could look her directly in the eyes, not really caring that Kellan was there as an audience.  “Liseth, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.  Your beauty surpasses Cerlynne’s the way the ocean surpasses a puddle.  You are giving, and kind, and sweet, and gentle, and fun, and adorable, and are looking out for other people so often that you rarely take care of yourself.”

He took a deep breath, blushing slightly.  “It makes me want to take care of you.”

“I love you.  So very much.”

Kerr wasn’t finished.  “I think you are incredible, and I consider myself incredibly privileged to be your boyfriend.”  He put a finger under Liseth’s chin, gently bringing her face up to look at him.  “No one has ever believed in me like you do.”  He gave her a small smile.  “Not even my mom.  You look at me and see what is possible.  And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.  So many people have looked and me and seen what I’m not.  Even me.  YOU look at me and see what I COULD be.”

Kerr bent his head down next to Liseth’s ear.  “So you don’t need to worry about any other woman, ever,” he whispered.  “You have me completely,” he pulled away slightly and grinned at her, “for as long as you can stand me.”

Then, taking a deep breath, he leaned in and gave Liseth a slow, soft kiss, right there in front of the gods and everyone.  A few passersby grinned at the display.  “I want everyone to know,” Kerr said after he’d finished the kiss, still slightly out of breath, “exactly who my girl is.”  He put Liseth’s arm around his.  “And it’s you!”

Kerr looked at Kellan and coughed.  “Weren’t we going to The Feathered Serpent?”  He grinned.  “Why are you just standing around?”

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

“A demon!”  Vorvashali Voon waved his hand through the air; suddenly the room darkened and the lights dimmed.  His three customers became uncomfortably aware of the shop’s lack of windows.  They could only barely make out the proprietor’s sharp features in the flickering light.  Voon brought his hands together below his chin, as if he were praying, but his piercing blue eyes were not closed; they looked directly at Kellan, Kerr, and Liseth as the man smiled his unnervingly-broad smile.

“Have the children been playing in the wrong sandbox?”  Voon’s voice was modulated and deceptively light, but his precise elocution made the words somehow eerie.  The bronze-skinned man removed his hat and placed it on a nearby table, revealing his long, auburn hair.  As he turned to regard them again, it seemed as if he had grown at least a foot.

Or perhaps it was a trick of the light.

“Demons are NOT beings with whom you should trifle, children.  I know not what you have been doing, nor how it was that you chanced upon such a thing, but I must insist that you never return to the location where you met it.”  He regarded them through lowered eyelids as his voice dropped an octave.  “Demons have defeated and damned those much more skilled and powerful than you.  I cannot in good conscience allow you to return to it.”

“Now, tell me.”  Voon continued commandingly in his lowered voice, his eyes suddenly limned with orange.  “Where was it that you met this creature?  We must take steps to ensure that no one else runs astray of it the way you have.”  His listeners felt a strong compulsion to tell Voon absolutely everything they knew about the demon they sought.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan let the matter drop with Kerr, he was probably just a little stunned or tounge tied around pretty girls, which was a sensation Kellan knew all too well. The boy grew up with priests after all. That being said he still felt that Kerr's speech was probably a lot easier to make without Cerlynne Scarnetti staring him down.

Voon's performance was having an effect on Kellan if he would admit it or not, the room suddenly seemed hot and close, the guarsman's grip tightened on the weapon that was supposedly anathema to such beings.

"As far as we know we never have, we... have good reason to believe that it may be nearby, underground." Kellan replied then suddenly felt the need to be more free with the information "There are tunnels under Sandpoint and we found a book saying that this...Quasit, was maybe allied with those that have been planning the goblin attacks. We are out to stop it"
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
The agitation that Liseth's dejection stirred in Kerr only made her feel worse.  As he went on about his dislike for Cerlynne and her family she sagged just a bit more.  Now the acolyte wasn't only feeling bad for herself, but also for having made Kerr feel bad as well.

Feeling ashamed, Liseth tried to avoid his eyes; even when Kerr hugged her.  But then he went on and on about how beautiful she was, how all of her qualities made him want to take care of her.  How much he loved her...

Liseth started to shake, and she felt her eyes begin to blear from the tears that she knew to be welling up inside her.  By the time Kerr had finished saying that she never needed to worry, that she had him completely, the teenaged blonde had tears flowing freely down her face.  Tears of relief, of joy and happiness.  She couldn't keep herself from finally hugging him back, holding Kerr as tightly as she could.

Then he kissed her.  Not at all like the other times that he had kissed her, or she him.  Liseth thought that the world must have stopped during that kiss; there was nothing else happening anywhere.  It was just Kerr and Liseth; a young, timid girl being embraced by her hero in shining armor.  She might have fallen to the ground, swooning as the moment overwhelming her, had she not been held up.

When the long kiss finally did end, as all things must, Liseth couldn't speak.  Her melancholy was banished; such a state could not exist after what had just happened.  As the rest of the world came back into her perception, the acolyte realized that they were still in the middle of the street.  That there were people about, watching them.  And they were with Kellan even.  She blushed shyly at all of the attention; at what everyone had just witnessed.

"I...I..."  Liseth tried to find her voice when Kerr placed her arm back around his.  "Thank you Kerr.  You're the sweetest and nicest and most wonderful boy in the world.  I shouldn't be upset just because other girls think so too."  She leaned against him, soaking in his presence, "I never imagined that I would deserve to have someone like you as my boyfriend."

"I love you too."

In her fragile emotional state, after having gone through so many highs and lows in such a short time, Liseth was entirely unprepared for her experience inside the Feathered Serpent.  As soon as the fact that they faced a demon was presented, the proprietor had taken on an entirely different persona.  Her heart raced when the lights dimmed and Mr Voon started speaking.  The small acolyte stepped behind Kerr and regarded the now seemingly very large man in a frightened manner.

But she knew that Kerr wouldn't allow anything to happen to her.

"The goblins are planning to get the Quasit Demon to help them, when they come back and attack Sandpoint again."  Liseth swallowed before following Kellan's explanation to the store's frightening owner with information of her own.  "Mayor Deverin and Mr Barret and Father Zantus think that if we can get rid of the demon before the goblins attack, we'll be able to stop their plans."

"The Quasit is supposed to have minions too, that were described as Freaks in the journal we found."  She felt that she needed to share everything; that doing so would be in everyone's best interest.  Peeking out from behind Kerr, the girl finished, "We think that the tunnels might lead to ancient ruins underground.  That the Quasit Demon is using as its lair."
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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

Vorvashali Voon stopped short, staring at his three guests as if seeing them for the first time.  The orange fire faded from his eyes, then they widened slightly as he noticed their prominently-displayed deputy’s badges.  He sighed heavily, then waved an arm through the air, causing the lights to return to the bright and cheery levels they had enjoyed previously.

“Deverin’s agents, are you?”  He made a face.  “Very well.  I shall not gainsay her choices, as much as I myself,” he gave the three youths a dubious glance, “might disagree with them.”  He reached for his befruited hat, carefully replacing it on his head as he spoke.  “But you should know something about the being you are sent to face.  Fortunately for everyone involved,” he said matter-of-factly, “I have such knowledge.”

“Did Deverin send you directly to me?”  He asked hopefully.  His face fell as the three shook their heads.  “How long is it going to take her to forgive . . . well, never mind.”  His mouth twisted with disappointment, but he proceeded all the same.  “So, here we are then.  It is very fortunate you chose to visit as you did.”

Voon began to stride back and forth in front of the counter, hands behind his back, much as if giving a schoolroom lecture.  “The quasit is perhaps the least powerful demon, so I can see why the powers-that-be might feel confident in your capabilities to handle it.”  He paused.  “If I thought they had any real understanding of what you might face.   But,” he sighed heavily, “I doubt that they do.  So let me educate you.”

“A typical quasit stands a foot and a half tall, and weighs only 8 pounds, but don’t let its size fool you.  In fact, its small size only gives it a better opportunity to surprise you.  They are dangerous, and all the more so when they are free-willed, which it sounds like this one is.”

Voon stopped pacing to face his pupils, hand in the air, index finger raised.  “A quasit can polymorph itself into the most harmless-seeming of creatures, so be on the lookout for a bat, or a bird, a small centipede, or a toad.  If it does engage you in combat, be prepared!  Its claws are poisonous, and it is immune to poison itself.  It also has no fear of electricity, and is highly resistant to acid, cold, and fire.  I would encourage you to find cold-iron or good-aligned weapons with which to fight it, but it looks as if,” he nodded at Kellan’s polearm, “you have already made strides in that area.”

“It sounds like we have no idea how long this quasit has been lurking in these tunnels.  Quasits are not stupid creatures;  in fact, they are extremely intelligent.  So we cannot know what skills or tricks this quasit may have taught itself during its period of freedom.  I am particularly concerned about the “Freaks” of which you made mention.”

The red-haired man muttered to himself, then moved to a bookshelf behind the store counter.  He immediately seized upon a blue-bound book with strange runes etched into the cover, opening it to a page about a third of the way through and reading for a moment with intense concentration.

He grimaced as he looked up.  “No, I have no idea what these ‘freaks’ might be.  I would think perhaps summoned servants but they sound more . . . permanent . . . than is normal for such creatures.”  His expression remained sober as he continued.  “You must be continually on your guard if you are to hunt this creature.  Demons can affect your mind, causing you to run screaming in fear from nothing at all.  It will try and trick you and trap you.  That is the way of demons.”

Voon crossed his arms before his chest.  “You are still committed to this course of action?”  He rolled his eyes at their response.  “Hmmm.  Well, you are brave, if not particularly wise.  I believe I have some items here that might assist you in your efforts.”  He gave them a measuring look.  “But I do not want to be responsible for your use of items whose power far outstrips your own.  Such things can be as dangerous as the demon itself.”

Voon walked around the store, picking up various items, glancing back and forth between the item and his three supplicants, then shaking his head and returning the item to where it lay.  After a few minutes, he finally returned with a small belt, a parchment, what looked like a small pearl, and an ivory wand.  “I believe these will help you.  Scholar Crispin is among your number, yes?  I have been following his career with no small amount of interest.  Here, you should give him these.”  He handed Kellan the parchment and the pearl before turning to Liseth.  “My dear, this should help you keep everyone alive.  And this,” he raised the belt, “you should give to whoever you feel might best benefit from it.  It should assist a trained wearer in dodging attacks as he or she moves about the battlefield.

“Now, the mayor’s speech begins shortly.”  Voon gestured to the door.  “If you have questions, we can talk as we walk.”

OOC:  The party receives a scroll of Magic Weapon, a Wand of Cure Light Wounds with 10 charges (CL: 2), and a Belt of Tumbling.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
The more Voon spoke, the more apprehensive Kellan found himself becoming, this thing, this Quasit, sounded like something out of a nightmare. A real deal bonafide demon, a very small one mind but still a creature conjured from only the Gods know where for what was sure to be some terrible task or bargain. Kellan had never really considered having to face down magic of the sort that Cato cast much less anything worked by this thing. Poison? So even if you managed to kill the thing it could leave you crippled or dyng,

And supposedly they were famously clever to boot. It seemed almost best to the Guardsman to simply stop up his ears and advance on the thing wherever they found it and to not let up or give quarter until it lay in pieces. He did feel better having Kerr and Liseth along, at the very least they were sure to have some inkling of the divine forces at work here. He wondered what sort of training Paladins must receive to prepare them for such terrible enemies.

His wondering was cut short by the issuing of what seemed to be fairly mundane goods. He took Voon's word that they could be of good use and walked with him out of the shop while the man locked up.

"If we do manage to kill this thing, what do you advise we do with the body? Put it in a sack? Burn it?" He guessed "Just leave it where it lies?"

It was almost as if one could see the thin layers of innocence and naivety being stripped away from the boy, from killing marauding goblins in the streets of his home town to the Glassworks strewn with the viscera of his neighbors and now to the stifling unknown depths in search of some hell creature. He had signed up to help his community and by the gods it looked like he would get all the chances he desired and then some.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
There was precious little that Liseth really knew about demons.  In fact, there was never a time when she had wanted to know more about demons.  Everything that she did know came from strictly religious sources rather than actual, dedicated research.  So the extent of her knowledge about demons amounted to the fact that they were evil and malicious beings that opposed everything that the gods of good held dear.  Which was why Paladins were granted the power to slay them.

The fact that Mr Voon happened to know quite a lot about demons, and quasit demons in particular, was helpful.  Liseth relaxed a little bit when the lighting returned to normal and the strange man's ominous presence became less so.  Her relaxed state lasted until Mr Voon actually started getting into the specifics of what they could expect when facing the quasit.

If it could change its shape to look like normal animals, Liseth couldn't stop wondering if it might have been spying on Sandpoint.  After all, nobody would suspect a bird to be a demon; that would allow it to learn all of their plans and help the goblins out a lot.  That wouldn't be good.

But maybe it hadn't left the tunnels?  Not that the rest of its abilities gave her any peace of mind.  It had poisonous claws!  And they found all of that much had the late Lord Kaijitsu known about the tunnels beneath the Glassworks?  It was hard to hurt even with acid, fire, and cold, immune to electricity.  They would have to tell Cato that, he would need to know that his acid spells might not be able to hurt it.

It will try to trick them, to trap them.  Use its evil abilities to terrify them.  Liseth's grip on Kerr tightened; she wasn't exactly placid to begin with.  But what really surprised her was that the demon was so small, smaller even than Pisca.  Liseth had expected something huge and horrible; but then, multiple people had told her that this quasit was one of the weakest of demons.

Liseth watched Mr Voon curiously when he went about his shop, trying to find things suitable for them to use against it.  When he handed her the ivory wand she accepted it carefully, gently.  She did know a little about magic wands; Liseth had grown up so near the Twilight Academy after all.  While she had never used one before, she had seen them used on occasion; when she was visiting with her studious uncle.

"Thank you Mr Voon!"  Based on what he told her, she assumed that it must be a healing wand.  Which the girl was very grateful to have; it could prove invaluable.  "I hope that I never need to use it."  Liseth considered the belt that he presented them with as well, "I think that this belt should be great for Pisca too.  If it fits her."

They needed to attend the Mayor's speech, so they might as well walk there with Mr Voon.  After the speech Liseth planned to speak with Father Zantus quickly to ask if there was anything at the Cathedral which might help them against the quasit demon.  But then she wanted to go straight to the Rusty Dragon.  Hopefully, Ms Kaijitsu wouldn't be finished already and Liseth could help before everyone else gathered there for dinner.

"Mr Voon..."  Liseth stowed her new shield so that she could hold Kerr's arm with one hand and the ivory wand with the other.  She was still studying the wand, "Does the wand have a specific command word to activate it?  Or do I just need to touch somebody with the other end in order to heal them with it?"

"And..."  Liseth thought for a few moments, "Have you fought demons before?  You know an awful lot about them."

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)

Vorvashali Voon opened the door as the group emerged onto Rum Street.  “Should you successfully defeat the quasit, I do not think you will have to worry about a body, Kellan,” he replied as he guided them towards the Sandpoint Bridge.  “Because I can almost guarantee you that it was summoned.”

He stopped, clearly wondering how much he needed to explain.  “Let me put it this way.  There are multiple ‘planes’ of existence.  We live on one.  Demons live on another.  Angels live on yet another.  And so on and so forth.  Generally beings do not travel to other planes unless compelled or allowed to do so by a summoning ritual or a spell.  That is what a summoning is; magically calling a creature from another plane to this one.”  The red-haired man looked at his companions as they turned onto Market Street, gauging their level of understanding.  “When a creature summoned from another plane is killed here, it does not leave a body behind.  The body will vanish as it returns to its proper plane.”

“Now,” Voon gave them a serious look, “if the body does NOT vanish, that is an entirely different matter.  In that case, you should put the body in a bag and bring it to me and Father Zantus, and we will see what we can do about sanctifying and destroying it.”

Voon smiled at the blonde acolyte’s question.  “No magic word is required to use the wand, Liseth.  All you need do is touch it to the injured person and intend that its curative magic be used to heal them, and it will be done.  Be aware, though, that the wand’s power is not unlimited.  The magic within will eventually be exhausted, and at that point it will be little more than a decorative stick.”

A shadow fell over the outlandishly-dressed man’s face at Liseth’s question regarding his knowledge of demons. He walked silently for quite some time, staring off into space, almost as if he had not heard her question.  The group arrived at Southmarket Square, now empty and devoid of all but a few people also moving northward towards the town meeting.  Just as the silence was becoming uncomfortable, Voon sighed, as if he had made a momentous decision, and looked at the blonde acolyte.

“This tale is not one I tell often.  Or at all.  I much prefer my current Sandpoint persona.  Looney Voon, is that right?”  He smiled and glanced at Kerr, who had the grace to blush and look away.  “Oh, don’t trouble yourself, Mr. Mollin.  I’ve spent years perfecting it.”  He pointed to his ridiculous hat.  “If I didn’t enjoy the names and the stories, I wouldn’t carry on the way that I do.  But given where the town is sending you, and what it is sending you against, I think you need to hear my story.”

“I used to be far more than simply than Sandpoint’s most-eccentric curiosity.  I was quite something back in my day.  At least I thought so.”  He was staring off into space again, recalling the past with a self-deprecating smile.  “Did you know that I studied at the Stone of the Seers under Master Leis Nivlandis?  Yes, Vorvashali Voon was a student at Magnimar’s most esteemed school of wizardry.”  He shrugged, as if he couldn’t quite believe it himself.

“Master Nivlandis turns away many more applicants than he accepts, so my attendance there was something of a personal triumph.  And my success did not stop there.  I was at the top of my class.  No one had the natural feel and intuitive understanding for abjuration magic that I did.  ‘Gifted,’ was the term that Master Nivlandis used.  I was his most promising student.  Once upon a time.”

Voon sighed, still looking off into the middle-distance.  “Do you know what the sin of the gifted is?  Arrogance.  And so it was for me.  I believed myself to be protected by my mastery of abjurative magic.  What evil could stand against me?  All I needed, or so I believed, was an exercise to prove the extent of my power.”

“Master Nivlandis warned me against hubris, but I ignored him, studying ever-more-complex divinations so that I might locate an appropriately-powerful evil to vanquish.  Unfortunately, I did this,” he smiled bitterly, “not because I was terribly concerned with defeating evil, but because I wanted a proper stage upon which to demonstrate my gifts, the better for the common folk to fall at my feet in awe of my power.”

“I studied deeply in order to prepare for the titanic conflict I had envisioned for myself. My opportunity soon arrived.  Some poor fool out at one of the farmsteads found a book of dark rites; he attempted to summon a demon to send against those who had wronged him.  As so often happens, his binding rituals were not complete and the demon escaped, killing him and burning the entire farmstead to the ground, along with his wife and four children.”  Voon grimaced.  “It seemed like a simple accident to most, but I was suspicious.  My divinations warned me that evil was afoot and indicated that this particular incident wasn’t as incidental as it seemed.”

“I investigated and found signs of a demonic presence.  I tracked the demon to Wisher’s Well, the old Thassilonian ruin.  I could already see indications that it was spreading its pernicious influence to the surrounding farmsteads.  It needed to be banished, and I felt I was the one to do it.”

“Now, I was not SO arrogant that I wished to proceed against the demon alone.  I asked two of my closest friends to accompany me to Wisher’s Well.  One was a warrior of great skill, the other a priest of Desna.  Together, I felt, we would vanquish the demon, free the farmlands from its influence, and, most importantly in my mind, demonstrate my magical mastery.”

“We ventured forth.  I was as prepared as it was possible for a person to be.  I had studied the demon.  I had prepared a banishment ritual.  I knew spells that would protect my comrades and allow them to force the demon into the ritual circle I would prepare for its dismissal.”

Voon forged onward, but his voice made it clear that this portion of the story was extremely painful to him.  “And yet, when we made our way to Wisher’s Well and confronted the demon, I was the one who faltered.  My friends were counting on me to protect them, but I was overcome with fear and fled unthinkingly, leaving them to their fate.  I finally managed to overcome my fear and return, but not before the demon had mortally wounded my warrior friend.”

Tears sprang unbidden to the mage’s eyes.  “The priest and I managed to banish the demon, but at a cost.  I held a friend in my arms as he passed from this world.  A passage caused entirely by my personal weakness.”  The man’s mouth twisted.  “So yes, Liseth, I have fought demons before, to my great loss.  They are not opponents to be taken lightly, or to be sought out by those in search of adventure.  The danger of confronting them is very real.”  He looked around at the three.  “I want each of you to take that to heart before you venture into this quasit’s lair.”

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Kellan listened intently to Vorcashali's story as they moved slowly and inexorably towards the town square. He could practically hear the hum of humanity over the cool sea breeze and the crying of the seagulls. As the story continued Kellan found himself substituting Voon and his fellows with himself and his newfound friends.  The thought that it could be him, that he could be "the warrior" that was killed and existed now as only a memory, a character in an anecdote and possibly some mouldering bones in the earth someplace.

He could practically hear the sad retelling of his own demise on the lips of the patrons at the Fatman's, in the measured report delivered to the mayor, in the eulogy spilling from Father Zantus's tome. It had already happened to Dacen, a brave lad fallen in defense of the town, cruelly ambushed by goblins and now awaiting his turn for a funeral, half forgotten amidst the chaos of the living world.

For all that however the end of the story struck another cord, the realization that Voon's guilt over his friends demise must be a thousand times worse than the relatively quick release of death. The man had adopted all sorts of silly guises and facades just to cover up the tragic truth of his stunning success and rather abrupt retirement.  He was seeing the man in an entirely new light.

The lesson Kellan took away from this tale was one of prudence and humility, no matter where his road might lead him or what fame he may earn in the service of Sandpoint, he must always remember the reason that he signed up. To serve, not for the accolades or wealth or recognition, but rather the knowledge that he did his part for a better world, a better Sandpoint.

As they reached the edge of the crowd he turned and took a Vorvashli's hand with both of his own and shook it earnestly. "I will, I really didn't have to share that with us, but I am glad that you did. And it will stay between us" he assured the man before hefting his weapon and looking towards the dais. With a nod to Liseth and Kerr and a "Shall we?" He began to gently make his way through the crowd.

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Re: Chapter #6f:  That's Armory (Kellan, Liseth)
Listening as Mr Voon explained what they could expect after the quasit demon was defeated, Liseth couldn't help but hope that it did indeed vanish.  Cato had said that these little demons were apparently summoned by evil wizards to be their servants.  It sounded to her that if that was the case, then this one must have escaped its master long ago.  So that means the it would vanish, like any other summoned creature would be.

If the quasit demon didn't vanish, then that would mean that it wasn't summoned after all.  Which would mean that it somehow made it's way out of the demon plane that Mr Voon spoke of.  That would definitely not be good.  If there was some kind of gate underneath Sandpoint that demons could use to travel here through...

Liseth nodded when Mr Voon told her how the wand was used.  All that she needed to do was touch somebody that was hurt, and the wand would heal them.  Simple.  But she would have to save it for when it was really needed, so that the wand wouldn't run out of magic right away.  The young acolyte just hoped that it never was needed.

Mr Voon's story was unexpected as a response to Liseth's next question, but she did make sure to pay attention.  She had assumed that he must be a wizard after that display in the store earlier, but not so gifted as to have attended the college in Magnimar; and been top of his class!  Her polite interest in his story changed dramatically once he got to the point where it tied in with her original question about demons.

"Oh..."  Liseth's wand wielding hand came up to cover her mouth when Mr Voon told of how a farmer tried to summon a demon only to have it turn on him and kill his whole family.  Her pulse quickened and her other arm tightened around Kerr.  She hadn't expected the story to take such a horrible turn.

"I'm so sorry..."  Liseth felt terrible for making him tell his story, about how Mr Voon's friend was killed by a demon.  How he blames himself for it.  She couldn't stop herself when the eccentric wizard started to tear up when he was finishing his story.  The diminutive acolyte disengaged herself from Kerr so that she could give Mr Voon a comforting hug, "I'm so sorry Mr Voon!  I didn't mean to make you tell us such a painful story as that."

"Don't worry, we'll be very careful."  Liseth was not about to take any sort of demon lightly.  "Thank you for helping us."  She took a step back from him to look up at Mr Voon's face to make sure that he would be okay, then looked around to see that they had arrived at the crowded square.  The girl nodded back to Kellan before moving back to Kerr so that he could help her reach the dais through the crowd.

"It looks like everyone is already here."