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Thu 22 Aug 2013
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In this game you are expected to post at LEAST once/day on weekdays (Mon.-Fri.).  Weekends are optional.  If you cannot commit to making one good post every weekday for the foreseeable future (vacations and emergencies excepted, but please let me know about them) PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT AN RTJ.  I want this adventure to go from levels 1-20, and nothing kills an adventure faster than an AWOL player.

In that vein, if you do not post on a weekday I will in all likelihood NPC your character for that day, acting in the manner that I think that character would act.  If you do not want to have me run your character, all you have to do is post.  If I have to NPC you too often I will get another player to take over your character.  I want to get this out in the open at the beginning.  I am looking for committed players.  Too many games have faltered and failed because players posted for a week or two and then lost interest.

Again, if you do not have the stamina for this rate of posting, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT AN RTJ.


First off, download and read the Rise of the Runelords Players Guide here -> http://paizo.com/products/btpy8tgl

It's free.

So go ahead and download it.

Read it too.

No worries, I’ll wait.

All done?  Outstanding. :)  Players who craft their back-stories using the information in the guide will be given preference to play.  A good way of doing this will be by thinking of which bonus trait in the Players’ Guide you wish to select.  Every character can select one of these bonus traits.  For free!  That’s why they’re bonus.

I don't want a worked up character sheet.  We can get to that if you get selected for the game.  No need for you to spend a boatload of time working up a character and it not get chosen.  Also, I don't want a character made for some other game (or a generic game) just shoehorned into this game.  So no character sheets please.

Here’s what I do want:

1.)  A statement that you have read the Start Here, Posting Guidelines, and RTJ threads and that you are aware this game is rated Mature.

An aside:  gaming by post requires writing.  In my experience crappy writing translates to a crappy game.  Good writing doesn't guarantee a good game but it at least gives you a fighting chance to have one.  Therefore all my requirements revolve around writing.

2.)  Give me a character concept in 50 words or less.  The character's name doesn't count towards the words.  This concept should include your character’s name, sex, race, and class.  You can use any class or race out of the Core Rulebook and/or the APG.  If you want to use a class from UM or UC we can talk about it.  I’ll probably allow it, unless it uses gunpowder or has an Asian theme.  If you want to use a particular archetype, please let me know about it up front.  But no 3rd-party stuff please.

Another aside:  No evil characters!  And that goes for CN characters that are played as evil.  You know the ones, lol.  Good and neutral only, please.

3.)  Tell me the story of why your character is in Sandpoint.  When I read your RTJ, my reaction should be “of COURSE [your character] is in Sandpoint!  It’s only natural that [your character] should be!”  I’m an effusive type, so it won’t be THAT hard to elicit that kind of reaction.  This doesn’t need to be a novel, but length is up to you.

4.)  Write a short scene covering some important event in the life of your character.  This should be a non-combat scene.  This definitely should not be a novel.  250-500 words are what we are shooting for here.  If you can't get the whole scene done in that few words then just do part of the scene.  Make up NPC characters and organizations.  Use people from the Players’ Guide if you want.  Feel free to add to the setting.  Do whatever strikes your fancy.

5.)  Write a combat post.  No more than 250 words.  Trust me.  250 words in one post is a lot. If you can't get one combat round worth of actions in 250 words you're likely a little verbose for my game.

That's it.  That's all I need.  Send that in the application and we're good.

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Fri 23 Aug 2013
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Re: RTJs
EDIT:  It was brought to my attention that I linked to the OLD edition of the Player's Guide, rather than the anniversary edition of the Player's Guide.  Assuming I don't submit seppuku over this shameful gaffe (a prospect I am still considering), the game will be continuing forward using the CORRECT Player's Guide, now linked above.