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Chapter #1a:  In Need of a Sanctuary (Liseth, Kerr)

Kerr and Liseth bid farewell to the others and struck out towards the church.  Night had well and truly fallen now, and the crisp night air kept them awake for all that their bodies felt sore and their minds were weary from the events of the day.  Few townsfolk were out at this time, and those that were hurried about their business with little in the way of pleasantries.

They reached Northchurch Square quickly, opening the large double doors and almost stumbling into the courtyard.  They were just about to enter the acolyte’s quarters when Father Zantus’ voice stopped them.

“Kerr!  Liseth!”  The prelate, dressed rather casually in a nondescript gray robe, waved from a doorway, then began walking toward them, talking all the while.  “Are you well?  I’d heard troubling rumors about your venture to Habe’s today, but,” he peered at them, “you seem none the worse for wear, if somewhat bedraggled.  What happened?”

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Chapter #1a:  In Need of a Sanctuary (Liseth, Kerr)
"Father Zantus I'm so glad to see you!"  Liseth hugged the prelate.  She nodded, "It was terrible.  We went to Habe's hospital because the man who had survived the attack from Katrine's killer was taken there.  We wanted to talk to him."

"But he was undead!"  The young acolyte cried.  "I...I don't even remember everything that happened.  We were talking to him and he just ripped out of his straight jacket and he was suddenly on top of me and he...he bit me.  On my shoulder."  The little blonde teared up when she remembered it.  "I healed it but..."

"After that I don't know what happened.  I couldn't move!  I'd never been so scared before.  I was paralyzed, just like an undead ghoul would do to it's victims...I think that he had transformed into a ghoul by being bitten."  She frowned.

"Then there was...was a choking gas everywhere and I tried to get away but then the tiefling orderly was stabbing his sword at me and I had to lock myself in a little patient room.  Kerr knows what happened after the ghoul attacked me better than I do..."

She produced the volume of notes that she had taken from the necromancer's cellar.  "We found these.  There was a necromancer who had taken Habe hostage!  He had these notes from his studies on ghouls in the area and it talks about Ghoul Fever a lot.  Like it was a disease that ghouls pass on to their victims...when they bite them..."

"Um..."  Liseth looked up at the elder priest with big blue doe-eyes.  "Father Zantus do you know anything about Ghoul Fever?  If the killer is still around we're probably going to encounter more cases of"  She licked her suddenly dry lips, "do you know how to test someone for it?  Who might have been bitten?"
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Fri 29 Jan 2016
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Chapter #1a:  In Need of a Sanctuary (Liseth, Kerr)

Father Zantus’ careworn face grew more and more concerned as Liseth talked.  “Poor Habe,” the prelate said, shaking his head.  “The man is far from religious, but his heart has always seemed to be in the right place.  He really does seem to care about the mentally ill, even if his social skills can be someone lacking.”

“By Desna!”  He exclaimed as Liseth went on.  “You were paralyzed?  By a patient who turned into a ghoul?  I’d heard reports of the man, but I never thought . . . yes, yes,” Father Zantus looked even more worried than before.  “Ghoul fever it what it is called.  And it is a real concern if you’ve been bitten.”  He turned, beckoning them towards one of the Cathedral’s healing rooms.  “Come.  We will need to take a look at it.”

The healing room was small and spare, but fit three people comfortably.  Two small chairs sat in the corner, facing a medium-sized, cloth-draped table and a row of closed cabinets lining the back wall.  Father Zantus led Liseth to sit on the table while motioning Kerr to take a seat.

“Where were you bitten, Liseth?”  The young acolyte pulled down the neck of her garment to reveal the fading marks of Grayst’s teeth on her shoulder.  Both Kerr and Father Zantus experienced an involuntary intake of breath—the injury was gone, but the area where the teeth had punctured her was now an angry mishmash of purplish-green discoloration.

“I think you were right to come to me exactly when you did, child,” Father Zantus moved back to the cabinets, opened one, and extracted a small vial.  “You have been infected.  But,” he held up a hand at Liseth’s frightened look, “do not worry.”  He patted her arm paternally.  “We caught it early enough that it should not be any problem at all.”

“Here,” he proferred her the vial, “take this.  It should remove all traces of the disease from your system.  But,” the cleric looked from her to Kerr, “how was this man infected?  Ghoul fever is generally passed on by ghouls.  He must have been attacked by a ghoul, then.  But where?  And how many of them are there?”  His brow furrowed.  “I would very much like to see these notes you found.  It sounds as if we might be in the midst of an outbreak.  And I don’t have to tell you how bad it would be if we are.”

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Chapter #1a:  In Need of a Sanctuary (Liseth, Kerr)
Liseth didn't have to look at the injury to know that her fears were true.  The reactions from Father Zantus and Kerr told her everything that she didn't want to know.  The young girl went pale and began to shake; there was no worse affliction that she could imagine.

She nodded as Father Zantus spoke and hurriedly took the vial from the vial from him.  Liseth did not have any doubts that Father Zantus was correct in saying that it would cure her affliction of Ghoul Fever; in fact so desperate was she to be rid of the awful disease the girl might have believed any promised remedy.

The contents of the vial swiftly disappeared.

"Thank you so much Father Zantus."  Liseth already had nightmares of the undead; becomming one was too awful to imagine.  "Do you know much about the Ghoul Fever?  You've seen it before, right?  If we might have an there more medicine to treat it?"  Her heart was still pounding but she tried to listen to the prelate so she could help with his questions.

"Um, well,"  The blonde acolyte began uncertainly, "The man who was taken to Habe's, who became a ghoul and attacked me, was the survivor from the attack that killed those men the other night.  The one's whose bodies are in the garrison.  They were killed by the same...the same ghoul that killed Katrine.  We're sure of that."

Liseth gasped, "Father Zantus, what if the bodies in the garrison were infected too?  Can they become undead?!"