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Wed 3 Feb 2016
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Book 2, Chapter #2:  To the Manor Borne

A new day dawned in Sandpoint, and even a newcomer to the town could feel an undercurrent of tension amongst its populace.  The attack at the lumber mill had only solidified what had heretofore been considered wild rumors of attacks on outlying farmsteads . . . of scarecrows walking the night . . . of livestock and even family pets found gruesomely killed and gnawed upon . . . even entire families disappearing, with no sign of where they had gone and no evidence that they had packed for any sort of trip.

Now, it must be said that such rumors and stories were not rare in the town of Sandpoint.  Indeed, many of the farmers spent the fallow winter months trading ghost stories of surpassing strangeness at the Dragon, or down at the Hagfish.  But now, with a violent, murderous blows struck at the heart of the town itself, Sandpoint's residents found themselves quite willing to believe even the wildest rumor or story.

And there were many storytellers happy to oblige.

Thus it was that our heroes rose that morning to find that the Dragon's public room was fuller than it had been on almost any morning they could remember.  But the mood in the taproom was far more somber than they could ever recall it before, with groups huddling over their breakfasts, talking in muted voices, and casting suspicious glances at those suspected of listening in to whatever they happened to be talking about.

A tired-looking Ameiko Kaijitsu greeted our heroes as they made their way down the stairs or through the doors from wherever they had slept away the previous evening.  A sumptuous breakfast was prepared, but even the normally-loquacious innkeeper seemed muted and distracted, favoring her guests with only a slight upturning of the lips rather than the broad grin she normally bestowed upon all and sundry.

Sandpoint seemed under seige.  But from what, and from whom, and where it might next be attacked, no one knew.  But it seemed as if almost everyone had a guess.

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Kellan Storval
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Wed 3 Feb 2016
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Book 2, Chapter #2:  To the Manor Borne
Kellan came down stares early, his pack already on his shoulder and his pole axe carefully in hand, as not to mar the decor of the groups favorite establishment. After setting it all by the table against the wall he eased into the chair and shook his head. "Your going to go broke Ameiko if your going keep up this kind of generosity..."

The sergeant tucks in immediately and eats like a farm hand, with hefty portions of potatoes, eggs and bacon which vanish by the heaping fork full. He is obviously conscious of the time and eager to get back on the road. Inwardly he tries not to show any anxiety or apprehension to the others in the common room, but in truth it wears on him to see his hometown like this, especially so soon after their last victory. These people deserved peace of mind and security, and the fact that they paid him to provide it was constantly in his thoughts.
Pisca Neep Freemish
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Wed 3 Feb 2016
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Book 2, Chapter #2:  To the Manor Borne
"One of the first things that gnomes learn about living with humans is that you're all so attached to things, Stomper.  Money.  Having money.  You even have those words.  'Going broke.'"

Pisca the Strawberry Eating Shark spoke with her chin resting on the edge of the table.  One hand guided a robust, red example of her prey to its doom as she turned her head to one side with the lazy confidence of an apex predator.  With a quick snap of wickedly serrated teeth she savaged the berry, tearing away a huge chunk of red flesh before gliding off to complete her conversation.

"If Ameiko were a gnome we'd just give her money.  Because we like her.  Because we like the Rusty Dragon and we're happy that it's something that she's willing to do for us," Pisca managed to get out around a big Strawberry Eating Shark-sized bite of fruit.

"But, that aside, I think we need to do something about this mood, don't you?"  The gnome stood on the seat of her chair and placed the half-eaten strawberry back on the plate with its whole mates before leaping to the top of the table and raising her arms to the room.

"HULLO, SANDPOINT!" she called out to the Rusty Dragon.  "I'm Pisca Neep Freemish of the Sandpoint Saviors.  You know us!  HULLO!  GOOD MORNING!"

"Having a nice breakfast?  Enjoying the morning?  No?  Well, then I bet you might be wondering what we're doing here all kitted out for travel.  Kellan Ogre Stomp Storval with his famous polearm!  Well, we've heard the rumors.  You know the ones.  Maybe you're talking about those very things even now!  Well, we're going out to find out whether they're true or not.  YES WE ARE!!!  And if they are true ... "  The gnome paused, mustering all of the drama that she could from the pregnant silence.  "If they are, WE'RE GOING TO PUT A STOP TO THEM!!!"

Not sure what sort of roll you might need to inspire the crowd and change their mood.
Cato Crispin
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Thu 4 Feb 2016
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Book 2, Chapter #2:  To the Manor Borne
After waking, Cato took a few minutes to rethink, one more time, what magics he should prepare. Opening his spellbook, he studied Mirror Image, and then took a deep breath, starting to read the arcane words of power and begin the laborious casting that he would finish in a flash if it was needed.  It felt strange to be doing so, as the young mage had studiously avoided all illusion magics since that fateful day with the Hellknights so long ago.  But nothing happened, or seemed to happen to the mage and he worked through the strange words.  He didn't feel any different, but he wasn't sure what he expected to feel.  At the back of his mind, the wizard supposed he was worried he'd be tempted towards the kind of psychic torture that his ex-commanding officer Lucius Winters had so enjoyed.  But Cato shook his head as he completed the last of the preparations and the energies of the spell were safely contained in his mind.  He truly believed that magic was nothing but a tool, and everything was in how you used it.  Paging through his spellbook, he chose another spell and bent over his work, studying it.

Finally done, Cato descended into the common room of the Rusty Dragon, just in time to see Pisca starting her monologue.  Observing the reactions of the patrons, Cato gathered a plate of food, though substantially less than Kellan's generous portions and slumped into a place next to his companion.

After a few bites of the hearty breakfast, Cato leans back, observing Kellan.  "As worried about this as I am?  I'm not sure if Pisca's monologue there is going to help, but it certainly can't hurt.  Sandpoint needs all the encouragement it can get at times like this."