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Thu 22 Aug 2013
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Policies and Expectations
A few policies ... a couple things ... okay ... ten things.

 1. MUTUAL RESPECT - Please respect the other players and the GM, and above all ... respect yourself. Take time writing and consider your words ... without facial expressions sarcasm can be VERY tough to catch especially without the emoticons.

 2. POSTING - I intend to post 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes 4 to 5 times a day. I request that you post 3 to 4 times a week. If your post rate falls off you may attract BLUE LIGHTNING. 'Blue Lightning' cures a wealth of misdeeds by the players. According to Webster, 'Blue Lightning' is a strike from the skies, can travel to unheard of depths, through the ethereal planes to strike a player. 'Blue Lightning' always does 12 d6 times the number of levels a player has in damage and does not need to roll to hit. High post counts CAN act as KARMA ... KARMA saves lives ... look it up.

 3. LIFE - From time to time, life "happens", computers catch "cold", people get married, take vacations, or move. If that does happen, please let me know (in advance). I will put you in hiatus ... The old healer said ... It's only a flesh wound, should be right as rain in a few weeks. ... If you disappear I might be nice and "let you tag along" for a week. Though I might play you as the bait in front of the dragons cave. You have been warned.

 4. ABSENTEE - If you let us know you are going to be away for a bit. We can either entrust you to another player, NPC you for a bit, or "send you on an errand for the steward" (if it is convenient). Again please let me know in advance. As much as I like nailing players with blue lightning, I really prefer to see them hack up the bad guys.

 5. QUESTIONS - If any questions come up, or you need a clarification ... please ask me. I will answer you ASAP. You can use my email if you like ... ... it's easier than the waiting and checking constantly to see if there is a reply. I amswer my email very quickly during the work week.

 6. IDEAS - If you have any thoughts about the process, or the game, let me know. This is a "WIP" (work in progress) and I have not run this in 20 years ... so we are taking the first encounter slow to begin with.

 7. PROBLEMS - If you have any, or there is any friction between you and I, or you and another player let me know. I will do my best to immediately address that problem.

 8. FUN - Have some ... have LOTS ! This is the reason we are here, so enjoy yourself !

 9. POSTING FORMAT - For those that have played on RPoL, formatting posts is not a new idea, but a nice thing for ease of reading and following a thread and conveying a message. If you would not mind, please use the standard manner of highlighting your conversations in a color of your own choosing. The GM uses RED (it gets people’s attention) ... so any OTHER is fine (LOL). Please use ORANGE to highlight OOC posts and questions, and separate them with an empty line above and below. And lastly if you have thoughts (and I hope you do) or say something under your breath, ITALICIZE them please (that helps clarify things quickly). You can also get fancy with the other fonts, bolds, super, sub, small and scripts and such.

 10. RETAKES - From time to time, weird stuff happens. A camera accidently catches a low flying Cessna, some lady wears blue tennis shoes to a hanging, five of the guys in the wagon leave for lunch and we shoot a scene without them anyways, a microphone gets filmed an actor dies and some odd Romanian fills in for Dracula as if no one would notice, it all happened. If we seriously screw the pooch I might ask you to bear with me while we do a re-take or a quick re-write. However, note that this is up to the artistic direction of the producers. Please do not initiate your own re-writes. You may change things (UP AND UNTIL someone posts after you do) and you may correct spelling after such times, however once someone posts after you, your actions have taken place.

 11. Remember to have fun ! If you don't you are doing it wrong ! ... So I lied ... eleven things !

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Sun 25 Aug 2013
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Of Magic and Priestly Endeavors
Magic users cast with verbal, somatic (gestures), and material components ... Pretty standard stuff. Once cast, they have wiped their minds of that particular spell and their components are gone, thus their need to be such pack rats ... Always hoarding little bits of thread and mouse droppings. For this game, this stuff is incidental and I won't bother with keeping track of it as long as you periodically make mention of collecting this bit of fluff. Some spells do require pearl, gold, silver and diamond dust ... Stuff not often seen lying in the corners of an old barn. For those things you will have to make a purchase, and we will Decide how many castings the filings off of an old worn gold ring or coin will get you, and then track that ... But again, I do want to keep that errata to a minimum.

Priests on the other hand are granted their powers by paying proper respect to their god. That god of course has minions, and one is assigned to listening to the requests of it's practitioners. The higher your level, the higher level or closer to the actual guy you get. While you might worship Tyre, "HE" does not grant cure light wounds spells ... A clerk, who works for the fifth secretary, to the 8th saint, who sits on the left hand (twice along) to your god, handles your minimal requests. When you get to 15th level you might actually get to talk to a long dead saint ... And he might ask you ... Now why would YOU be wanting to cast such a spell ... Lol.

For both types of magic, as you progress, things get more difficult.

Your 'being' (mind in the case of m.u.'s and let's say heart with clerics) stores these spells when you memorize them. It takes ten minutes per level of spell to memorize one. You may "suppress" a spell and memorize a different spell at any time. That takes twice the time, so 40 minutes for a Level 2 spell. As you can see, this could take some time, but rarely does a level 12 wizard cast his full allotment of spells in one day. Note that you only have to re-memorize the ones you cast, un-cast spells are still available to you. You may also at the end of the day, intentionally "duff" one ... Casting it intentionally wrong, so it disappears from your mind but does not actually conjure a massive ice wall, or vaporize a tree. So your spell list is persistent.

Charming And Being Charmed
The charm spell as it is written in the book is a powerful spell for a first level player. It allows the mage to acquire his own soldier. Worse, a first level mage may memorize this spell multiple times, thus acquiring a squad of soldiers in an afternoon. Even more game breaking is that these soldiers become his for not minutes, or hours or days but may be his for up to three months ... thus allowing a mage to acquire an army of similar leveled creatures. This ability is game breaking. It would require the GM to throw opponents at the mage that are above his groups level just to limit that spells ability. Thus a first level mage would be meeting parties of ogres instead of parties of orcs and goblins.

To reduce this problem the spell has had its duration altered from days, weeks and months to merely hours with the following table.

Int of Target    Duration Between Saving Throw Checks

3 or less        24 hrs
4  - 6           18 hrs
7  - 9           12 hrs
10 - 12          6  hrs
13 - 14          5  hrs
15 - 16          4  hrs
17               3  hrs
18               2  hrs
19 or more       1  hrs (maybe)

Identifying Magic Items and Other Objects
The identify spell is NOT a good spell as far as players in 2e are concerned. The spell is dependent on the casters level and a roll of the dice. Rolling low gives some information, while rolling high can give little or even false information. The spell then requires the players to use the item a bit and then role play some to be able to put all this together and discover the items abilities. Note that this spell allows players to gather information about an item, created by extraordinary means, with HIGH level magic, by use of a LOW level spell.

 Quite frankly as a GM, I personally like the spell as it is. I do not see how a VERY LOW level spell could reveal the makers mother’s maiden name and the birthplace of the provider of the guy who delivered the coal used to make the fire used to make the coke that was used to make the steel required to make the sword. And a 1st level spell being able to reveal the command word to make a level 12 magic item that was created by the use of a wish should not be revealed by some kid fresh out of his mentors tower casting a level one spell.

 Players on the other hand typically, seem to think that all magic items should come with a hermetically sealed 3x5 index card stating the command words and history as well as the stats of every magic items they find.

 In this game, magic is a force of OVERWHELMING power. In my games magic is not common. Hell, adventurers are NOT common. Wizards are FAR from common. Farmers are common. Those wielding magic are or will be powerful. Note that a level 12 wizard has a much easier time and gets much better and more complete information by using an identify spell than does a level four hedge mage. Personally I think the spell should be a level eight spell, but it is what it is. In my game I allow players to use “common knowledge”, history, and other specialties to “know” some stuff about magic items. That and the spell itself helps the story along.

 This is a LOW magic campaign. Finding magic items requires killing things that are capable of taking magic items away from those that were capable of taking them away from someone else, someone who knew how to use it. Thus magic items are not often carried by goblins.  Fourth and fifth level groups are approaching the level that they will start to see magic in their treasure.

Magic - Memorizing and Prayer
Sleep - 4 hours of "restful" sleep is required to create a "rested" mind, one that is open to the memorizing of spells or the receiving of blessings from ones god.

Memory and prayer - A base of 2 hours is required to memorize or pray (rather than the 4 hours in the book).

Specific time per spell will be as per the book, ten minutes per spell level per spell (a 3rd level spell requires 30 minutes).

I.e., a single 3rd level spell will requires 2 hours of study. Five 3rd level spells will require 2 hours and 30 minutes total.

-Table is not Cumulative
-WIS Table utilized for Wizard INT bonus spells(SEE BOTTOM TABLE)
-Wizards do not need to memorize.  All spells available for casting

WIZ LVL123456789



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Sun 25 Aug 2013
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Mechanics and conventions
Dice Pools -  As part of character generation, the players were asked to provide dice pools. These previously rolled dice will be used by the DM in cases were the thread is being pushed along and the players have not  rolled their own dice. Remember there is no requirement to be on and post every day ... just three time to four times a week. However we all hate waiting for players who will make their four posts on a Friday ! So we have this dice pools to use. This is NOT a penalty. Remember you, the player have already rolled these dice.

I will usually post who missed their rolls so they know where the roll came from. Note that I use the dice pools for other things as well, so it would be very hard to tell where you were by following your dice pool ... so don’t sweat it.

As an example, I keep a scratch pad with all the dice pools, and combat info for you guys. My pool might look like this after a few combats and other things with a number of the rolls used.

d100  x,x,x,15,67,54,13,87. d100 dice.
d20   x,x,x,x,x,x,1,14. d20 dice.
d12   x,6,5,7,5,4,11,6. d12 dice.
d10   x,x,9,6,2,5,6,3. d10 dice.
d8    x,4,7,5,4,7,2,5. d8 dice.
d6    x,4,1,4,5,6,4,4. d6 dice.
d4    x,x,x,x,x,x,x,4. d4 dice.

As you see, I use them in the order they were rolled and the d4 row looks like it will need refreshing soon.

Dice rolls - A natural 20 always hits and a natural 1 always misses. Remember to cut and paste your rolls to the bottom of your posts in Orange.

Critical rolls and fumble rolls
On a roll of 20 consult the critical table for a chance at extra damage.

On a roll of a natural 1 the player will make a saving roll vs the CF save on their sheet. The CF number is an average of their total saving numbers.  Failing the roll (rolling under the CF number) indicates a fumble has occurred. As glory and mirth are part of the world they should be part of this game (I need to stay entertained anyways).

Initiative – I will usually set up an encounter and allow it to progress, then ask for initiative rolls. This roll will be your initiative till that combat is over. Bigger battles may have multiple rolls (I realize sometimes you may get the short end of things, but the opponents will be under the same constraints). As per page 186 PHB low roll goes first.

Some encounters will have all the opponents on the same roll, others may be separate (mostly we will use the opponents all taking their actions at once). The players whose initiative scores are lower then the opponents may take their actions at any time being aware that someone else might affect them in some minor way.

The players whose initiative scores are higher then the opponents take their actions after the opponents. Please be aware that posting early may require that you rewrite your actions and it also makes things difficult for the DM to keep track of. Note that I will "usually" give the players priority over the creatures on ties to initiative ... usually. They are the heroes after all.

1 Mendifer ... 3 Erik ... 3 Altorin ... 4 Orc #1 ... Goblin #5 ... Orc #2 ... 8 Antien ... 9 Cole ... 9 Quartz ... 10 Malachi

Red - Names in red are ready (it is their turn)
Green - Names in green are the opponents
Strike through - Names with a strike through are dead
Gray - Names in grey have already gone
Goldenrod - Names in goldenrod have yet to take their turn
Blue - Names in blue have yet to roll initiative

Missing rolls - Often, I will ask for rolls and the players may roll and post their results as an OOC > 10:52, Today: DM Sterno rolled 5 using 1d20 To hit (please make your rolls posted in orange secret/private or not I don’t care). If the players don’t get to roll before I post I will use rolls from their dice pools in the order that the player rolled them.

Combat – with encounters, I will progress the thread, setting up the encounter, and adding maps as needed. Players may either move their full movement, move a minimal distance and strike, or strike. You may always make a free action.

Note that we are going to have to agree to disagree on some things. What I assume and what you picture will usually never be all that similar. So the more description you can add the closer we will be when we get to setting things up. Note that compass directions are better than lefts and rights because we all have different thoughts on where we are facing and looking ... i.e., I turn right and head forwards, as opposed to I turn to the southeast and head in a southerly direction ... two very different things ... it all hinges on where the DM assumes the player was facing to begin with.

Combat and weather conditions - Those using missile weapons at any range in bad weather need to be able to see their targets to be able to hit them. In poor conditions (fog, rain snow, darkness, other (?)) each round the Gm will determine the condition of the weather, i.e., thickness of the fog (dense, moderate, light, thin ground fog) and tell you what the modifier is for that round. At short range opponents can be targeted in moderate conditions. As ranges change the sight distance steps down one.

Combat rounds – We will try to get a combat round in each day. Calm down, it really should not be a problem. Players should have plenty of time to see combat coming and then post their intentions. Most combat will go a couple rounds. A simple statement of "If I finish off my target early I will move on to the nearest one ... or move on to the ogre ... or cast a healing spell on the ranger" (keeping in mind, it is more efficient to raise rangers than to heal them).

Attack rolls - When you roll to attack, would you also roll your damage please. That way if you do hit I already have your damage and do not have to ask for it. I also ask you to write out your numbers for me so I see your math. I.e. ...

 Thaco= 12 ... Long sword +1 ... (11) ... Goblin AC8

 10:52, Today: DM Sterno rolled 15 using 1d20 To hit ... 20 - 15 = AC5 (hit)
 12:11, Today: DM Sterno rolled 6 using 1d6. Damage roll

And as always ... if you see a problem with my math or rules ... let me know. We are starting slow so we all get used to the same system ... it has been 25 years for me.

Multiple Attacks in the Same Round – With initiative characters with high rolls go first and characters with low rolls go later, but characters with multiple attacks might go twice or three times. When do they attack ... precisely ? A characters first attack in the round goes on their initiative roll. And subsequent attacks will go five ticks later. Thus a character with a roll of 3 and two attacks will go on three and eight. If he or she has three attacks, then the same roll would net attacks on three, eight and ten ... all further attacks go on eleven allowing slow players their attacks prior to secondary and third attacks. The first to post their initiative will settle ties if necessary.

Healing – Healing will be straight out of the book, characters gain hp back faster if they get good bed rest and slower on the trail. Healing spells take time to have effect ... but spells cast by higher level healers are stronger magic and act faster than those cast by lower levels. Rolls of 1 on a heal will always be re-rolled. Thus a character gains 1 hp per day and night of resting (nothing more strenuous than horseback riding at an easy pace). He or she gains back 3 points if getting complete bed rest.

Wounds and damage - In my games I use a "fog of battle" system. I never exactly quantify the damage. I describe how you feel and after a while you will get to know my adjectives ... but you will never know exactly how dead you are. I believe this encourages role playing and adds a bit of heroic content to battles.

I will usually say just a scratch (or some other description), a light wound, a serious wound, or a critical wound. Generally if I tell you that you have received a crucial wound ... one more shot will kill you.

Infravision - or the ability to see the heat spectrum allows a character to see items that emit heat of their own volition or that have been heated or cooled (note - it does not allow them to see things that are inherently invisible). Things that are warmer than their surroundings or colder than their surroundings can be detected with infravision.

Ultravision: The ability to see in the dark acts like a low light vision. Note that with no light ... it is still pitch dark. Ultravision has no benifit in a dark cave or sealed room.

Invisibility : Characters that are invisible can not be seen with infravision, as their heat signature is also masked (that's the magic of the spell).

Cold water or hot water: A character swimming in cold water (or hot liquid) also can not bee seen with infravision as the viewer simply sees only the cold surface water. A particularly careful viewer might see the displaced water currents at the surface ... but not the temperature change.

Weather: Characters in fog or heavy weather are still in fog and or heavy weather and are still subject to visibility rules (due to the interceding precipitation). Their heat signature is visible at short distances, but their garments are acclimated to the weather making such visuals difficult (unless naked ... though naked characters might also be acclimated to the outside temperatures ... rendering them invisible to infravision ... but subject to hyperthermia). So infravision gets dampened by the interceding rain, fog or snow.

It may be possible for a particularly hot item to be seen at a distance as the temperature difference is obvious, but looking for another character that has been in the cold weather for a time would be somewhat futile. Distance will of course play a factor as well; longer distance making spotting harder, shorter distances make spotting heat changes easier, and extreme hot or cold registers much better than subtle changes.

Missile Weapons (Recovering Arrows and Bolts)
When firing a missile weapon, any arrows that hit can be recovered though 25 percent will always be damaged. If you have an additional hour to search, half of the missing arrows can also be recovered, w/ ten percent of those being damaged and unusable.

Missile Weapons (Firing At Point Blank Range)
A player or opponent may not fire a long bow closer than 6 feet, you need that much room to use the damned thing. Short bow and cross bows may be fired at 3 feet minimum distance.

Those with a specialized bonus in the bow or crossbow are allow you to fire at point blank range, but still need half that distance to maneuver the weapon.

Missile Weapons (Firing Into A Mixed Melee)
Firing into a mixed melee is firing at a target in a mob that is also mixed with friendlies. You may fire into a mob at a target, the problem lies in the possibility that a different target or friendly might step in front of the shooter as he fires or after he fires the arrow. There will always be that possibility, even though your arrow is on target, you may hit someone or something else. As for firing out of a mob ... unless you are in the middle I would not consider that firing IN melee. Note, it is ALWAYS possible to screw up and fumble ... THEN you will for sure hit a friendly ... no matter whether you are firing in or out of a mob and no matter what you roll on the fumble table, you WILL hit a friendly.

THACO - To Hit Roll Chart

          T H A C O
    20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02  01
0   20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
1   19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
2   18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
3   17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
4   16  15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
5   15  14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
6   14  13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
7   13  12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
8   12  11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
9   11  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02
10  10  09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02

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Sun 25 Aug 2013
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God mod-ing
Rudger and Weldrick advanced carefully, approaching the sleeping dragon with care, pausing just outside of the cave while being very dillegent to avoid waking the beast ... Rudger spoke first ... Look at that monster ... he's huge ! Its got 10 inch teeth, claws dripping with venom, a tail that could knock down a house, and a body larger than three blue whales, with armored scales at least ten inches thick. Then after a pause of disbelief Weldrick added ... I think we can take him. ... and off to dinner they charged.

Now that is fine.

However if after Weldrick speaks, Rudger posts <Weldrick charges in alone> ... or <Rudger watches Weldrick charge in> ... neither of those are proper and oddly enough the DM will do a very quick re-write, something like ...

Standing at the mouth of the cave, Weldrick was amazed to see Rudger run in alone, issuing a great Normal Battle Cry, waking the dragon prior to charging ... just to give the beast a "fighting chance". The beast toasted him on the spot and was little more than an appetizer. Walking away, Weldrick thought ... We have to stop power leveling these dragons.

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Killing things - killing things is rewarded pretty much straight from the book. Except that everyone who participated in an encounter gets the book value of the kill, not an equal share of the exp (this should move things along a bit). Note that players who are AWOL during an encounter will miss out.

Treasure - gold is a reward in and of itself, so there is no exp awarded for gaining treasure.

Assorted Loot - it should go without saying that treasure when found is NOT labeled. You might find something that looks remarkably like the Hand Of Vekna. Get a grip as it might only be a plus one back scratcher. Potions can be looked at, tasted, smelled and experimented with. Note that drinking a small portion of a potion renders the potions null and void. A potion is usually a full dose. Drinking a portion of it does nothing except turn a potion into half a potions and two potion halves are not worth anything.

Also note that most potions have been made by a singular recipe for ages and most potion makers make them in a similar manner. The bottle might change from one maker to another but most make them in a similar manner which produces a similar item.

Role play - Monday mornings are my RP Exp day. I will look at what you did the last week, the total posts, and the role play posts, run them through my grinder and produce a number that I will pass along to each of you.

Extraordinary play - Occasionally someone will do something that will make me laugh, cry, or raise an eyebrow. These things get additional awards.

Scene Changes - As the story advances and the threads advance xp will be awarded each time the story advances depending on how well the players performed, together, apart, role played, emotionally, strategically ... other criteria per the gm.

Critical failures - If you paid with your life, the least we could do is offer some sort of posthumous gain ... and if you live through your experience ... you get xp. How's that for fair ?

Leveling and Training - Every now and then a player will level. Newly leveled players will immediately gain their new hit points.

Adjustments to THACO and such will happen immediately AFTER a combat but not during one.

Levels granting new weapon proficiencies, non-weapon proficiencies, skills, multiple attacks, and other such **NEW** bonuses that are currently foreign to the player will require training. Simply "toying" with a second weapon, or attempting to use a different type of weapon will not provide the training required for that new item. Note that priests gain their new spells for a new level AFTER praying for them and wizards gain their new spells by finding them and memorizing them ... both will discover a new ability to memorize or use additional spells when next they stop to learn them (typically the next morning). Players that are closing in on a new level that will require training should seek out training in advance of their new level while in a town or castle.

Recording Xp - Every character sheet has a section form recording xp. It would be most appreciated if each player would record their xp when it is awarded in that section as well as keeping a running tab at the top of the sheet. The DM is NOT keeping your tabulation for you and will NOT tell you when you level.

Bonus Xp - Some characters have high prime requisites granting them bonus xp. This bonus xp can be applied to any xp awarded to the player by the DM ... EXCEPT for the Monday Morning XP. The MMXP is simply an xp awarded to the players that participate regularly. It has nothing to do with the dice so will not benefit from the bonus award.

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Wed 28 Aug 2013
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On occasion an npc MAY refer to something he saw ... i.e., A "winter wolf" followed me for a quarter mile but I lost it when I crossed the stream.

The players may later catch up to it and discover it to only be a grey wolf. They may then say ... "WTF ? A winter wolf is in the MM on page 96 and has 8d1000 hit points ! This was a wimp ! I want my money back ! You lied to us!! I was all excited about being able to kill it with my "+26 Vorpal Sword of Winter Wolf Killing".

Well the npc "thought" it was a winter wolf. It is winter and it was a wolf ... or he may have been mistaken. To a Halfling, an orc looks a lot like an ogre and a wyrvin a lot like a dragon.

So do not get too hung up on what you "think" it might be. "You are in my world now".

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Combat Fumble and Critical Tables

01 - 10  Hard hit          Double Damage (x2 what you roll)

11 - 15  A Bleeder         Maximum Double Damage

16 - 18  Eviscerated       Maximum damage AND Roll to hit again

18 - 19  Really Bad Luck   Maximum damage AND Automatic second hit

20       Critical shot (auto kill)



01 – 08    Slipped
           You are caught standing on a slippery slope.
           DEX SAVE (+2)
           Failure results in a –1 penalty to initiative next turn.

09 – 15    Tripped
           You have an awkward stumble maneuvering in combat.
           DEX SAVE (+0)
           Failure results in –2 penalty to initiative next round.

16 – 22    Stumbled
           You have tripped and dropped to one knee in combat.
           DEX SAVE (-2)
           Failure results in –3 penalty to initiative next round.

23 – 30    Fallen and can't get up
           You have fallen to the ground.
           DEX SAVE (-4)
           Failure results in going last next round.


31 – 36    Sun in your eyes
           The sun gets in your eyes causing you to lose sight of you opponent.
           CON SAVE (+0)
           Failure results in a –2 penalty to initiative next round.

37 – 42    Blood in your eyes
           A slight scalp would fills your eyes with blood.
           CON SAVE (+0)
           Failure results in a –1 penalty to hit next round.

43 – 46    Battle Dazed
           You are overwhelmed (temporarily stunned)(probably hit in the head).
           CON SAVE (-1)
           Failure results in a –4 initiative AND -1 to hit penalty next round.

47 – 50    Concussion
           You were hit in the head.
           CON SAVE (-2)
           Failure results in an automatic miss next round (you must attack).


51 – 54    Sweaty Palms
           Your weapon has slipped in your hands, –1 penalty to hit next round.
           DEX SAVE (+0)
           Failure results in dropping your primary weapon at your feet.
           Pick it up next round, that is a free action, no movement required.

55 – 57    Oops
           You have dropped your weapon at your feet, –2 penalty to hit next round.
           DEX SAVE (-1)
           Failure results in throwing your weapon it a d4 ft in a d6 direction.
           Pick it up next round, not a free action, or use another weapon.

58 – 60    Oh Oh
           You have thrown your weapon as above, –3 penalty to hit next round.
           DEX SAVE (-2)
           Failure results in loosing your weapon. It can not be found in combat.
           Spend your movement looking for it, you may still attack, -1 AC mod

61 – 63    Oh Shit
           You have lost your weapon, –4 penalty to hit next round.
           DEX SAVE (-5)
           Failure results in possible broken waepon. See weapon saves rules.
           No movement this round, you may not attack, -2 AC mod. Get a new weapon.


64 – 66    Twist Ankle
           An ankle twist leaves you limping and open to attack.
           Your opponent gets an attack of opportunity at +0.

67 –69     Hamstrung
           A wound to your thigh leaves you writhing in pain and open to attack.
           Your opponent gets an attack of opportunity at +1.

70 – 72    Dazed and Confused
           A blow to the head leaves you staggering and open to attack.
           Your opponent gets an attack of opportunity at +2.

73 – 75    Unconscious
           A blow to the head leaves you unconscious and open to attack.
           You are unconscious for a d4 rounds.
           Your opponent gets a free attack using the prone mods.


76 – 78    Poor Judgment
           You extend your primary arm in a fool hardy manner.
           Your opponent strikes you, cleaving off a piece of your armor.
           Your AC is reduced by half the armor value till fixed.

79 – 81    Inept
           A forceful pop in your shoulder is heard as your arm goes limp.
           Your primary arm incapacitated for d4 rounds.

82 - 84    Very Inept
           A strike to your head dislodges your helmet.
           There is a 1 in 6 chance of a head wound.
           There is a 50% chance of unconsciousness for a d4 rounds.

85 - 87    Irritating
           Your weapon cuts loose the buckles to your breast plate.
           Your AC is reduced to unarmored till fixed.


88 - 89    Very Irritating
           A blunt blow to your foot staggers you.
           Movement halved for d4 days.

90         Liability
           Your knee hyperextends awkwardly with a loud pop.
           Movement quartered for d4+2 days.

91         Fool
           You hit yourself for half damage.

92         Useless Fool
           You hit yourself for double damage.

93         Idiot
           You hit yourself for maximum damage.

94         Useless Idiot
           You hit yourself for half damage, AND left yourself open for a free
           attack of opportunity taking half damage.

95         Staggering In Pain
           You hit yourself for double damage, AND left yourself open for a free
           attack of opportunity taking double damage.

96         Disemboweled
           You hit yourself for maximum damage, AND left yourself open for a free
           attack of opportunity taking maximum damage.

97         Moron
           You hit an ally for half damage, AND left yourself open for a free attack
           of opportunity taking half damage.

98         Useless Moron You hit an ally for double damage.
           AND left yourself open for a free attack of opportunity taking double

99         Complete Moron You hit an ally for maximum damage.
           AND left yourself open for a free attack of opportunity taking maximum
           damage. Roll again on this table.

100        Blow it You have done everything that you possibly
           could have done ... WRONG. Roll three more times on this table.

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