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Wed 4 Sep 2013
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RJT Info
Please read or at least skim the other threads they include a lot of background information that will help you make a more informed request. Just need you to answer a few short questions. Please delete my explanations in your version.

Desired Character Name: I'll assign you a generic one if you don't have it fleshed out yet.

I originally wanted to use FATE in this, but Complications sort of cover that. Figure out the following for your character and I will try to throw an extra Hero Point your way if it gets you into trouble.

High Concept: It should basically be your race and class, possibly put in a creative way. Gorilla Warrior is fine, Silverback Berserker is better.

Trouble: Something that gets your character into trouble. Could be an addiction, a disability, being old or young, enemies you made, people you know, entities you sold your soul to...

Role: This is basically what you do and extends to your role in the party. Defender of the Weak, Gentle Healer, Graceful Diplomat all make sense. It is basically ensuring that you are doubling down on one subset of your High Concept.

Your 'Swan Sorcerer or the Five Petals' could also be the party's 'Boisterous Frontman' or their 'Arcane Tinker'

Backstory: I understand backstory is tough with a custom world I'm happy to work with you on details. I'll dish out more character knowledge about the world if you are natively from far off. Leave some openings for other players to hook into you and to you to hook into them once you are added.

Experience: Mutants and Masterminds, D&D/PF experience. I am open to any and all comers but I still need to know so my messages are appropriate.

Posting Rate: The usual. I'm requiring about 3-4 times per week.

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Mon 2 Dec 2013
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Re: RJT Info

Races are from 2 to 3 on this scale for reference.