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Sat 24 Aug 2013
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Request to Join
In your request to join please include the following:

Character Name:
Character Race:
Classes/Planned Prestige Classes
What you see your character’s role in the group to be:
Character’s fighting style/signature move/combo:
Brief Background:
Personal Goals:
What do you dislike seeing in D&D adventures? Certain monsters, types of quests, types of interactions etc
What do you like in a D&D adventure?
Is there anything you would like me to include in the world/adventure?
Posting Rate you can commit to.

I don't want you to go into huge detail (unless you want to!) in your request to join. Just enough to give me a flavour about who your character is and what direction you'd like it to advance. These things can be fleshed out and changed if need be when the group is put together.

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