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The Last War
The Last War is still remembered vividly by many of the populace of both continents having only ended 12 years ago. It was a far reaching conflict that affected nearly everywhere and left some areas of the world changed forever.

The Dark Trio & the Ascension Ritual

The Dark Trio was made up of Gorthilax the White Dragon, Kheldizar the Binder a human wizard from High Aecian and Angrush Thazen, an orc assassin.

They manipulated many of the more evil inclined races (orcs, goblins, demons etc) races behind the scenes, all the time using the war as a distraction from their goal of the Ascension Ritual to allow them to become gods.

Only two of the made it and by then only just. Avariel, the sun goddess, interrupted their ritual as it was nearing it's Zenith. As the trio rallied against Avariel and her host, Kheldizar killed his partners as they rushed on ahead of him and channeled their energy into himself. Gorthilax had prepared for this, returning as an undead draco-lich. Before he had chance to exact his revenge Avariel used her divine spark to quash the ritual.

It didn't stop it however and the two still became gods at the expense of all of the other evil inclined gods as they stripped their divine porfolios from them. Avariel's grace however protected the rest of the god's keeping Kheldizar and Gorthilax's power away from their sphere's of influence.

The two new gods fled the scene to consolidate their new found power leaving the celestial's to mourn their god.

After the Ritual

Without the divine backing of their gods the invaders began to fall away and were eventually routed from the civilised lands. Pockets still remain though, entrenched and occasionally will rise up.

It took numerous years for things to be rebuilt and for daily life for many people to return to as normal as it possibly could be.