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Setting and Game Info
The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes.

The Jump Gates fell six hundred years ago, severing the links between the myriad worlds of the human diaspora.

Now, the long isolation of the Silence falls away as men and women return to the skies above their scattered worlds.

Will you be among them?

Stars Without Number is a simple, free, SciFi sandbox RPG. I intend for this game to have some GM guidance but my goal is to give players a dynamic sector of space within which they can pursue their own goals and plans.

That being said, here are a few House Rules:

1. I am the GM, that means I am in charge and what I say goes. If you disagree with my handling of a certain situation, or think I have room for improvement somewhere, please message me privately. I am willing to be convinced, but you must ultimately abide by my final decision. Unless it is a small mistake or error, do not take up a disagreement with me publicly. It spoils the enjoyment of other players.

2. Speaking of other players, respect the other PCs. Do not publicly argue with each other and do not take actions for other PCs without their permission.

3. Post Edits. If you edit one of your IC posts, please make a quick note either in the post or in the OOC letting us know what you changed.

4. Posting Rate. I am aiming for about 5 posts per week from each player. I understand that real life sometimes takes over and people can’t meet that. The goal is to have, most weeks, at least 5 posts. If you are going to be without Computer access for a while, please let the rest of us know. An unannounced absence of more than 8 days may result in your character being permanently NPC’d, blasted out of an air lock, or being eaten by zombies.

5. Post Length. You do not have to write long, extensive posts. In fact, those can get tedious for everyone else to read after a while. At the same time, 1 or 2 sentence posts do not do much to move the action forward. Average post length should be between 2 and 5 paragraphs.

6. Text Color. Please choose a unique color for your character’s dialogue. Avoid using Orange, as this will be reserved for OOC comments and Dice rolls. Both of these should be put at the bottom of your IC posts. Also please avoid Blue. I like the blue color, and someone always beats me to it in the games that I play. It may be shallow but, as the GM, I’m claiming blue now

7. Dice Rolls. Please post all dice rolls at the bottom of your post, in orange (as stated above)

8. Combat. Combat tends to significantly slow things down in PbP. Please do everything you can to check back regularly and post promptly when you know we're in a fight. Again, I understand that real life takes precedence, but do what you can. Also, "To Hit" rolls in SWN include many factors including your skill, an opponents armor and agility, your armor and agility, cover, etc. Don't hesitate to get creative in your combat posts! I may give bonuses and penalties to hit based on a situation in combat. A plan going in will likely garner a +1 or +2 modifier for the group, while poor tactics, walking into an ambush, etc. may result in negative modifiers.

9. This is a mature game. To me, this means to keep things at about PG 13.

10. Initiative. I do not use initiative in combat. When a new combat round begins, post in any order. Once everyone has posted, I'll resolve what happened, and a new round will begin.

11. The Culture-World/Criminal/Spacer/Traveler skill. A culture skill may also be used to determine whether or not a player has a useful contact on a world.

12. Reputation. I'm trying out a simple Reputation system for this game. A Reputation of 0 means your group is either unknown on a world or has no notable reputation. Positive numbers mean a world's populace will likely view you favorably, negative modifiers that a world will view/treat you poorly.

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Re: Setting and Game Info
The Crescent System:

The Crescent Sector was a vibrant and cosmopolitan part of Mandate space before The Scream. Numerous, naturally occurring planets with a breathable atmosphere, coupled with several other worlds that were easily terraformed, led to a densely packed and prosperous cluster of stars. Two sentient and civilized Alien Races, the Tunisi and Petri also originate in the area, the former race known for a small hegemony of planets of their own on the remote fringe of the sector.

Now, after the great cataclysm, Crescent retains a large, and rapidly growing population of around 7 billion. The Core Worlds are home to some of the largest populations and economies in the Sector, but the local hegemon is now looking to expand their sphere of control. Rumors of an almost "magical" AI also set some on edge. The Neck's fabulous mineral Wealth and thriving local interstellar trade make it one of the fastest growing regions in the area, but recent strikes and friction between miners and their employers threaten that economic growth.

In Petrii, aliens outnumber humans many times over. The region has a long and complex history with psionics, both before and after The Scream. Now the Petri have nearly all converted to The New Charismatic Movement's religion and their consequential reverence of those psychically gifted is leaving many of those less trusting of psychics nervous. Tortuga is less populous and the region is nearing another time of isolation, with one quarantined planet and a strong pirate fleet blockading the space faring worlds in the area.

In Providence, people cling to life in some of the most hostile planets in the sector. Little visited for centuries, the area is now seeing vastly increased traffic after a group of time travelling colonists have recently appeared, with fabulous technology, on a local world. The Tunisi use to reign supreme in The Old Hegemony, but being psychically gifted themselves means that their small empire was also shattered in The Scream. Now humans live in the ruins of their once thriving civilization on several worlds while the aliens themselves struggle to build a post-scream interstellar culture. Finally, Stadia clings to the far end of the sector, little visited and little explored in the modern era. Any information coming from the region being little more than rumor and hearsay.

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Re: Setting and Game Info
Regions Map:

Sector CoreGreen
The NeckYellow
The Old HegemonyTeal

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Re: Setting and Game Info
Comments on Technology:
  • Currently there are no ships with Drive level 2 or above in the sector. That means all interstellar travel moves at about 1 hex per week to start with.
  • The Engines of Babylon supplement references instant communication. This also does not exist in this sector at the start of the game. All Communication between worlds moves at the speed of travel.

If any other technology related info pops up, I'll post it here.