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Character Sheet & Rules
If anyone wants to make a character for Stanton (you can choose last name and make up the sheet) just read up on Lillith Solas for a bit of information. She would like to be reunited with her unrequited love ;D

Full Name:
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen):
Power (If Halfling or more):
Eye Color:
Hair Color/Style:
Other (anything else you wish to add):

If you are a Human that has chosen a side, we can discuss the temporary power you would be given to help with the war.

To clarify, there is no electricity, only torches and candles, but there is indoor plumbing (showers, baths, toilets, ect)


-No God-modding
-No fighting, if you have a problem you can't fix on your own contact me
-You can have up to 3 characters to play. If you wish for more and I see you are doing very well with the 3 you currently have I may let you have more.
-This is a "M" rated game, which means anything that begins to turn sexual must be "blacked out" or "fade out".
-Failure to do so will have the post immediately deleted and given one warning. One more post like it and you will be removed from the game without warning.

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Azael Baal
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Thu 29 Aug 2013
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Azael Baal
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Fallen Angel
Power (If Halfling or more): Extraordinary combat skills, also molds his own weapons
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color/Style: Brown, down to his neck
Height: 6'3
Personality: Strict, passionate about weapons, generally very serious, a bit of a womanizer, not that he gets lucky often
History: Azael grew up with a father who had been in the army for several years. Inspired by him and his very encouraging mother, he trained at a young age. He entered the Academy to join the Lord of Darkness' army at 12, he was a hard worker and made it a point to learn things quickly. Due to that fact, he joined the army at 16 and by 22 had become the General of the army. He was the youngest one to ever receive the promotion and he took great pride in it. Earning such great trust in the Lord of Darkness, he was requested to enter Earth and find as many as possible to join their side and kill any that do not.
Other (anything else you wish to add): He has a soft heart for children and actually has a very sweet smile when someone is able to even make him do that.
Pharzuph Amon
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Thu 29 Aug 2013
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Pharzuph Amon
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Fallen Angel
Power (If Halfling or more): When he wills it, he can make any person, male or female, lust for him whether they are single, taken or married with just a touch. The more he touches, the more lust they feel. He creates chaos in love with that power.
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color/Style: Short, dark brown, almost black
Height: 6'0
Personality: Huge womanizer, player, joker, over-confident
History: Pharzuph was the outcast of his family. They all had exceptional skills in fighting, though his was barely considered average. He was also born with broken, unusable wings.
His powers though could draw out someones lust with just a touch if he wished for it. Once the Lord of Darkness heard about his unusual powers, he requested Pharzuph to help gather an army on Earth and create chaos where he could with his skills of Lust. In the agreement to do such, the Lord of Darkness granted Pharzuph a pair of powerful wings and could keep them so long as he served under his Lord.

Other (anything else you wish to add): Pharzuph never removes the gold inverted cross around his neck, an item he had first created while in the Fallen Realm before his departure to Earth.
Lillith Solas
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Thu 29 Aug 2013
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Lillith "Lilly" Solas
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Angel
Power (If Halfling or more): Minor combat skills, learning Fire Magic
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color/Style: White and shoulder length
Height: 5'0
Personality: Sweet, back-stabber, deceiving, has charm
History: Lilly had grown with an Angel father and human mother on Earth, had the heart of an Angel and the blood of one. She had always been a sweet and kind girl until she met a boy in her early teens. He was older and he was bad. Badder than even she knew at the time. Her parents begged her to stay away from him, but something attracted her to Stanton, an attraction that would turn deadly. He revealed to her what her parents had kept secret, she was an Angel and unless someone trained her, she would never awaken the precious blood inside her. In her anger of feeling lied to and betrayed by her own parents, she allowed Stanton to slaughter them. She ran away from her home town with him, traveling a while until they became separated during a battle they had gotten caught up in.
In her heart full of unrequited and devoted love to Stanton, she stayed in one town hoping to see him again. She continues the training of her Fire Magic he had begun to teach her, betraying the Lord of Light and the Angels by falling in love with a Fallen, a Fallen that killed for the fun of it.
Other (anything else you wish to add): Her white hair, despite both parents having had black hair, was probably due to her late awakening of her Angel blood that quickly became tainted.
Marissa Sera
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Thu 29 Aug 2013
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Name: Marissa Sera (Mari-for short as humans may call her)
Age: 22, in appearance
Sex: Female
Species: Angel--Banished
Power: To heal others, in few ways
Eye Color: light Brown
Hair Color/Style: Black
Height: 5'2
Personality: Ultimately, she is kind hearted and can trust others, however that side of her became her undoing as an Angel. She is also a strong-willed person, more firm in what she believes in and is also willing to fight for it. Her tolerance for sarcasm and those who use others for their own pleasures are low, and she is known to enter into a 'lecture' mode of a sort when her lines are crossed.
History: Marissa was an Angel who tended to see more of the good than bad in humanity and those who were banished from the heavenly realms, believing they should be given second chances. Her purpose as an Angel was to assist in vanquishing demons without second thought, seeing as their intentions were no good to human kind. However, in one of her missions, one demon had successfully convinced her of his desire to change and upon trusting him, she spared his life, only for everything to backfire back to her. She was ultimately banished, powers(Save for one) stripped from her and after much pleading had only one chance to redeem herself and serve once again within the realm. For every century she spends on earth, she becomes more human and her aging process would heighten bit by bit before she'd lose her immortality altogether.
Other (anything else you wish to add): Although she is an Angel, she possesses no extraordinary supernatural powers outside her diminishing immortality and an ability to sense presences. She has a very limited way of contact and communication with the one she once served and must perform tasks to rejoin the ranks of Angels, some of which, goes against her personal beliefs, however, by completing a certain number of the same task, she will be able to earn her desire to rejoin.
She is capable of hand to hand combat and some weapondry, however, her greatest strength lied in her powers she had been mostly stripped of.

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Dante Lowell
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Thu 29 Aug 2013
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Dante Lowell

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Human

Power (If Halfling or more): N/A

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color/Style: Dark brown, unkempt and hanging just below his ears.

Height: 6'3"

Personality: Dante has lived a decent life. He didn't grow up in money, but circumstances had lead him to a well educated lifestyle. A bit of an introvert, Dante sees being social as a hazard to his health, and prefers to ignore the existence of others if he can. At his heart he's a decent person, but a sharp wit and poisonous ideals can lead others to think differently of him. He often thinks of himself as a author and a poet, and while he is terrible at putting words to paper, he can string quite the yarn when in the mood.

History: Dante grew up in a decent house with good parents. There was nothing wrong with his life. He excelled at any task he was put towards, be it hunting or academics, a naturally talented individual. Even at a young age he was more interested in the world than he was people. He found that spending time on other people was more tedious than the time itself was worth. He was a child born with talent of the mind and body, but not for people. His Father on the other hand, was a well respected man in the community, relied upon by many in times of worry and doubt. His Mother was much the same, though it was her family name that earned her respect. His Mother came from a powerful merchant company. "Marrying beneath herself" had earned her spite from her family, and no coin from their coffers unless the man could prove himself, but the two were happy. They were not wealthy by any stretch, but his Father worked hard, and many hours to bring home a good income.

As Dante grew older, his Grandfather took a greater interest in what he did, and he recognized the boys talent. He believed that while his daughter may have made a mistake, that good could still come of it. He began with an offer of a better education, private tutors, and special lessons. His Mother, understanding what that could mean for his future, accepted. She was puzzled nonetheless by her Father's change in heart towards her family, but she put it aside for her son. Because of this, Dante was forced to spend time from his family, but he learned a great deal thanks to his Grandfather. He learned business, swordsmanship, everything his Grandfather believed would make a fine heir. Though, eventually things would not go as he planned. One day, Dante left.

Dante went home to his parents, and calmly told them he decided to travel. At the age of seventeen, he was growing tired of the lessons, and was starting to consider what good learning from a book would do him, should be have no experience outside of them. He dredged the thought that it would mean dealing with people, but it was an unfortunate part of his experience. His parents saw no fault. His father had spent time travelling himself, and had he not he would never have found his wife. They consented, and provided him with a satchel of coins and supplies, and after a day to bid a proper farewell, made him promise to return.

It's been six years since then, and Dante has continued to find himself travelling farther from his home. He knows his Grandfather will want his hide tanned and his head hung when he returns. It had become clear many years ago what the old man was planning. Dante was interested in that life, just not before he had lived his own first.

Other (anything else you wish to add):
Dante is a trained fighter, skilled with a sword and hand-to-hand, and while it has been left unused, is capable with a bow.
He is stupid around woman, and tends to act without thinking when it is in their defence.
Scarlet Reaver
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Fri 28 Feb 2014
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Scarlet Reaver
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Human
Power (If Halfling or more): Healing and can read Old Text
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color/Style: Long red hair cut in layers, usually wavy
Height: 5'3
Personality: Sly, quiet but also very compassionate. She loves children and enjoys healing as well as a very advent reader, especially when it comes to the Old Text.
History: Scarlet had grown up with two human parents though had witnessed in all her years of growing up Angels and Fallens fighting and dying. She had always been one for helping people and had helped mend both Angels and Fallens. Her parents had died in some cross-fire during a particular fight when she was fifteen.
Taking it upon herself to stay strong and care for herself, she learned the art of a quick hand and simple illusions that could make it easy for her to take gold as needed or items worth selling. She did very much like reading though and so other than the essential needs, she spent all her money on books and had come across some Old Text. She was able to decipher some of it but with much difficulty. During her longer deciphering’s of the Old Text, she slowly began to understand it and it wasn’t as difficult to read. She had also gained healing through the Old Text, so uses it to help both Angel’s and Fallen’s. She is currently on neither side, though she has leaned more towards the Lord of Light than anything else. If it were not for her need of helping others that were injured, she would completely join the Lord of Light had it not been for the rule of never helping or healing one that was on their side.
Other (anything else you wish to add): She wears a white gold half-moon pendant that had once belonged to her father and it is one of the things she will never remove and would never sell.

Scarlet's mother and father, her father who had always been known as simply "Reaver", a very flirtatious, obnoxious and perverted man until he finally settled down with one woman and had a child of his own.

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Enzio D Aversa
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Fri 28 Feb 2014
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Enzio D’Aversa
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species (Human, Half Angel/Fallen, Angel, Fallen): Human
Power (If Halfling or more): Manipulation of the object and mind
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color/Style: Black with blonde highlights. Short and in a mohawk style
Height: 5'8
Personality: He loves to tease people and push his limits, especially when the situation calls for it. He can be cocky at times, and is known to trigger "small" pranks for his own amusement when he felt like it. He is careful not to let much be known of him unless he deems it important. He does take pleasure in providing entertainment towards the crowds, especially with younger ones.
History: Enzio was born as the 'child of trouble' as his mother had labeled him. He was the youngest and most difficult to raise of the four children his parents had, having started pulling pranks in his early age of 5. At that same, young tender age he was noticed by a Fallen, who saw great potential in him and wanted to began molding him to side with the Lord of Darkness.
He was taught simple little things and as he grew older, began learning how to perform illusions and dark magic. In the beginning of that time, his parents never knew that these things were happening, for they were brought under the illusion that he attended school each day, until one day when one of his instructors paid a visit, informing them of Enzio's abscences. Upon realizing that, his parents had confronted him, and he ran off after the Fallen who offered to further take care of him. Since then, he has grown heavily within the influence of the Fallen, however, he had displayed a curious side to the Angels as well, unbeknownst to the Fallen who'd raised him and also learned few of their ways.
 It is unknown to him how long his parents had sought after him since, if they ever bothered to or if they are still living on earth. He hadn't gotten along well with his siblings either, so his interest in their whereabouts is nonexistent.
Other (anything else you wish to add): The jewelry he wears has a form of enchantment that protect him in some ways. It is unknown if they are of the Angelic Realm or Fallen, but the material and enchantment are not from earth.

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Stanton Valvatorez
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Fri 11 Jul 2014
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Full Name: Stanton Valvatorez
Age:2500 (Appearnce is 28)
Species: Fallen
Power (If Halfling or more):Master Swordsman,Transforms in to a gigantic black-winged bat demon look alike,Ice Magic
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color/Style: Black
Personality: Cold-Hearted,Loyal,Loves to fight
History: He is Fallen feared by many Angels and Fallen alike. He is a proud warrior, well known to slay 10,000 Angels when he is in his 'rage' mode. He craves his battles and thus was given the title 'Tyrant' based upon his attributes.
Other: Towards Lillith only, he holds a sympathetic side, though tends not to openly display it.

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Griffith Alexander
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Sun 17 Apr 2016
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Re: Character Sheet & Rules
Name:Griffith Alexander
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Power: Experience Fighter with a sword,Magic Lightning user.

Eye Color:Blue

Hair Color/Style:Long Wavy White Hair.


Personalitys:His cunning,brilliant strategist,Sly, and sometimes comes off charming with other Angels men or women. He tends to give quote of passage from shakespeare literature also never afraid to let others know this he is all that matter in this world and will do anything to stay on top. He respects the what Lord of Light wishes, however like to handle situation using his own methods to win.

History: His has follow the orders and has been loyal to the Lord of Light for many years granted in leading his own army to battle he was giving title of General through his brilliant tactics against the Fallen during war times. However his history is still unknown and some Angels believe that his has dark intentions.