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Wed 4 Sep 2013
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Read to Join (RTJ) To Slay a Dragon (D&D Next)

Could there be a more idyllic, peaceful county than Holdenshire? Ruled by the kindly Lord Pemberton, the twin villages of Hengistbury and Thornbury exist in a friendly rivalry. Winter is over, and Hengistbury is making the most of the warm dry Spring. Lady Sybill Pemberton and the rest of the Summer County Fair Committee have started the preparations and the village is its usual bustling, cheerful self.

But! Problems have grown of late, and all is not well. Why have so many children disappeared into the Weirwood? What are those unearthly howls echoing across the Fogmoor? Three-Fingered Jake (Holdenshire's itinerant bard) is spreading rumours of treasure and hauntings in the ruins of Brockendale Castle. And thatís not to mention the lizardmen aggression or the bandits upriver!

All this aside, however, tonight is a warm and balmy. The villagers are gathered in and around the Bleeding Heart Tavern (was the Beaming Hearth before some childish vandalism), and this evening troubles seem far away.

Well, except for that dragon in Skull Mountain.

Do you remember D&D adventures which consisted solely of trekking to a dragonís lair and slaying it, old-school style? Do you feel like playing a short campaign based loosely on  THE HOBBIT? If you love the idea of starting out traditionally in a small village setting with sandboxy plot hooks and sub-quests, followed by a good-old fashioned hex-crawl across wilderness to a dungeon, some dragon slaying, and then lots and lots of treasure - this adventure is for you! Itís simple and old-school.

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Wed 4 Sep 2013
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Applications to join
This will be a short campaign in a traditional Dungeons and Dragons setting based on the 'To Slay A Dragon' module by EN Publishing. We will be using the latest playtest D&D Next packet, which is free to download.

The game will begin with four or five level 1 player characters, and start in the village tavern one evening. There will be lots of sub-quests available in and around the village, and players are expected to drive the story forward in a sandbox setting from the very first tavern scene. Since this is a sandbox setting, ill-chosen quests may be too challenging and some characters may die.

At some stage between levels 2 and 4, characters are expected to set off across the wilderness to find the lair of the dragon, in a traditional hex-crawl with random encounters, dangerous locations, secret knowledge and magic items. Characters are expected to drive the mission forward and find reasons to keep going.

At some stage between levels 3 and 5 characters will have arrived at the lair and we will play through a traditional dungeon-crawl until you meet the dragon - at which point you will either slay it, or it will slay you! Characters will be between levels 4 and 7 when they encounter the dragon and the campaign will then be complete.

I will be using handouts and visual aids. Battlemaps and tokens will be used for important battles but not for small skirmishes where 'theatre of the mind' will be sufficient.

      *** Expected posting rate is 1/day and 6/week ***

As a GM on RPOL I have a track record of regular and consistent updates in my games over a long period of time. For example:
Zeitgeist: Gears of Revolution: started 20/02/2013 and still running 04/09/13 Ė total running time over six months and ongoing.
Prince of the Undead: started 8/6/2011 and still running 04/09/13 Ė total running time two years plus and still ongoing.

      *** Expected posting rate is 1/day and 6/week ***

This game will be very active. The expected posting rate for each player is once per day, six times a week. If you cannot easily match this posting rate, this game is not for you. Of course, life happens, even to me: when it does weíll work around it.

      *** Expected posting rate is 1/day and 6/week ***

To apply to join this game, please click the in-game RTJ link at the top of the main game menu and ensure your application contains the following elements:

1) Please describe your experience with play by post and D&D in general. What are your favourite aspects of a roleplaying game/D&D? Are you interested in trying out the playtest rules for D&D Next? I would also prefer you to indicate your age, but that is optional.
2) How frequently do you believe you will be able to post? What about in the near- or longer-term future?
3) Please provide link(s) demonstrating consistent and regular post/blog/other contributions to an online community over the long term. Ideally this would be links to online play-by-post games you play in or GM, letting me know which character/username are yours.
4) Provide a short character concept, including potential races or classes, that you would be interested in playing for this campaign. Include possible background(s), personality, and motivations. Bullet points are fine - consider this a working first draft. Please do not submit a character sheet at this time. This game will begin in a tavern and players will be expected to drive the story forward: what is it about your character concept that will make this work?

I anticipate that I will be accepting players over the next ten days until perhaps 15/09/2013, and that the game will begin shortly after that after the latest September playtest packet comes out. All characters will be built using the September playtest rules. If the September playtest rules are delayed we can begin using the August rules (the ones currently available) and then update when we level up.

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Wed 4 Sep 2013
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D&D Next Playtest Rules and Posting Guidelines

The link to the New D&D BAsic V5 Rules is here
. Successful applicants will send a Private Message to me with 'Healer Interested' as the subject and providing your real name.

As a condition of joining this game, you must adhere to all aspects of the NDA. In practice this means that you are limited in what you are allowed to discuss about the mechanical aspects of the game outside the game threads. Within the game threads, of course, we can discuss whatever we like. All of our in game threads and OOC threads will be private so that only successful applicants and the DM can read them. Lurkers will need to follow the procedure above.

Posting guidelines
The usual posting requirements apply - please take a look at my other games I linked to above if you are not sure what is expected. At the beginning of the game, avoid extremely long and detailed posts where these do not add to the story and only serve to present your characters thoughts and background. Such posts are quite boring for other players to read. Express your character through shorter posts and action instead. Combat posts and other stressful situations are a great place to express your character.

This will be a mature game
'Mature games are games which have (as some minor portion of them) mature themes, strong language, drug use, and/or extensive violence. Mature games use the Mature Content flag to warn potential readers that some of the game material may be considered offensive. Despite this flag, Mature Games must remain suitable to all ages.'
This means that there is no age restriction on this game, but that all players are expected to behave in a mature manner. This is not an Adult game, thus 'graphic sex or graphic and gratuitous violence' is not allowed. Please refer to RPoL's Adult Games Policy for specifics.

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Mon 16 Sep 2013
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Map of Holdenshire - click for larger version

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Mon 29 Jun 2015
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Re: Map of Holdenshire - click for larger version
House rule:

I am implementing a house rule on Perception.

As it stands in 5E Passive Perception checks are simply 10 + wisdom mod + proficiency bonus if you have the perception skill and +5 if the GM says you have advantage or - 5 at disadvantage.

I don't like that. I like a bit of chance for seeing, hearing, or feeling things passively. Perhaps you were fiddling with a loose thread and walked right past your objective. Or perhaps in spite of the supremely well hidden spot the thief is in you catch a glimpse of his eye peeking through the crack in the wall.

The only way to reflect that is to roll.

So my house rule is to roll D20 + Wis mod + prof bonus (if skilled) +/- for advantage disadvantage (GM to tell you on advantages).
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Thu 28 Jan 2016
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Re: Map of Holdenshire - click for larger version
Fear. Each target must make a Wisdom saving throw
and becomes frightened for 1 minute on a failed save.
While frightened, the target drops whatever it is holding
and must move at least 30 feet away from the glyph on
each of its turns, if able.

Lasts 6 rounds max and a save chance each round is more appropriate.

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