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Baedeker's Travel Guides

Ruler: Princess Yetive.
Capitol: Edelweiss
Other Communities: Ax, Dawsberg, Erisco, Glandorna, Jera, Lursk,
     Marbleton, Orpheon, Runderfarn, Tugrov, Vokollang, Zetra.
Comments: Axphain, Graustark and Dawsbergen are three neighboring nations
     that form a capricious, chaotic and convoluted area in the Balkans. The
     Graustark area is a narrow (25 miles x 150 miles) area that runs northwest to
     southeast. Axphain lies in the northwest end of this area and Dawsbergen in
     the southeast, but at the present time, the three form a single country under
     the auspices of Principality of Graustark. Axphain and Dawsbergen, however,
     are on the verge of declaring independence yet again, though it is unclear if
     either has the ability to enforce that. The politicians of both are currently
     endeavoring to broker treaties with other nearby countries. So far, they have
     had no luck as everyone seems to consider Graustark ‘insignificant’. In the
     volatile Balkans, though, that could change overnight!
          It is a mountainous country with an area of approximately 3,750 square
     miles, bordered on the west by Albania, on the south by Rumelia, on the east
     end by Trans-Balkania, on the north by Bulgaria and Ruritania. Its unit of
     currency is called the gavvo, worth about 2 shillings. Its native language is
     Graustarkian, a Bulgarian dialect, though the Queen’s English is universally
     spoken among the educated classes and is the everyday language of the royal
     family and court.
          It is noted for court intrigue, royal disguise, and romance. Supposedly,
     it owes Axphain about twelve million gavvo in reparations for a previous war,
     but claims that debt is voided by the present ‘arrangement’. It is conceivable
     that it will grant Axphain its independence for canceling that debt. Otherwise,
     Axphain’s independence could reinstate it.
Points of Interest: Krazikov Sapphire, Marquisa Hotel, Knights of Dawsbergen statues,
     Our Lady of Axphain Cathedral, Royal Museum in Uskub, Orpheon Hotel,
     cave paintings of Lursk Caverns, Mt. Zetra.
R&D: Professor Dom Zornig from Axphain, Dr. Harlan Rood from Dawsbergen and
     scientist Karma van Lyskra have formed a Triad (of Intellect) to design and
     build a dyna-sphere.
Population:  479,390.
Resources: Agriculture, bauxite, chromium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc;
     chemicals, pharmaceuticals; sapphires.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Axphain and Dawsbergen.
Aims: Apparently the only aim Graustark has is to sow international confusion, which it does with aplomb.

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Re: Baedeker's Travel Guides
(Reunion Island)

Status: Independent island kingdom.
Ruler:  Queen Fleur-de-Lys.
Capitol: Saint-Denis.
Other Communities: Le Port, Saint-Andre, Saint-Benoit, Saint-Joseph,
     Saint-Louis, Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre; +15 smaller communities.
Comments: Originally named Bourbon by the French, it was renamed Reunion
     after the House of Bourbon fell, renamed Bourbon yet again when the Bourbons
     reclaimed the French throne, renamed Reunion once more, renamed Bourbon again
     when the heir of the Bourbons settled on the island and claimed she was the
     Bourbon throne in exile. After it was able to establish and maintain its
     independence due to being defended by the British, its name was officially
     changed to Bourbony.
          This island kingdom lies off the eastern coast of Africa. Daughter of
     Louis XVI, reported to have died in France, was smuggled out of France by
     monarchists. Had anyone found her trail, it would have led to the Americas.
     Instead, she went to Reunion Island.
Points of Interest: Furnace Peak, the Royal Opera, Grand Basin waterfalls in
     Le Tampon, Les Gorges du Bras de la Plaine, many canyons, Temple Tamoul
     Narassingua Perournal, Cathedral of the Holy Cross.
R&D: Dr. Orlantha Zarad was hired by the crown to bring Bourbony into the
     19th (soon to be the 20th) Century, at least scientifically. She had developed
     many new innovations, including a solar desalinization plant, artificial wings
     for personal flight, a submarine and ubermenschen.
Population: 82,840.
Resources: exotic fruits, Bourbon roses, coffee, sugar; Grand Crow bourbon whiskey,
     Seven Roses wine, Marquise delaCroix brandy; fishing; golden pearls; gold, iridium.
Allies: Great Britain, Mauritius, Zanzibar.
Enemies: France.
Aims: Improve economy, become self-sufficient.

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Re: Baedeker's Travel Guides

Status: Independent native kingdom.
Ruler: Wali Zobi Bahar.
Capitol: Asmara.
Other Communities: Adi-Keyh, Adi-Kwala, Assab, Barentu, Biyakundi, Dekemhaere,
     Keren, Massawa, Mendefera, Nakfa; Abdi, Hasta, Karora, Mersa Gulbub, Rahayla,
     Rora Bakle, Zula; +100.
Comments: This small country lies on the east African coast along the top of
     the Horn of Africa, and includes the Dahlak Archipelago and several of the
     Hanish Islands. It has an extensive coastline along the Red Sea, directly across
     from Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
         Probably the ancient land of Punt, it became the Damot kingdom in the 5th Century BC
     and the Kingdom of Aksum in the 2nd Century, followed by various invaders and colonizers,
     including South Arabians, Ottoman Turks, Portuguese (from Goa, India), Egyptians,
     the British and the Italians (in the 19th Century).
         Following the opening of the Suez Canal, European powers scrambled for territory
     in Africa for coaling stations for their ships. Italy invaded Ethiopia and
     occupied Eritrea. Having also turned its attentions to Mars and Venus, Italy didn’t
     commit enough forces to keep Eritrea and pulled out in 1887, giving the country
     its independence again.
Points of Interest: Pre-Axumite monolithic columns in Qohaito, Cascade of Flowers,
     sea caves, Fisher-man’s Point.
R&D: Dr. Tersen Zadesay has set up a scientific research station on Dahlak Island.
     So far he has produced a type of robotic man that is more or less bulletproof.
     He also has created a small submarine and is working on building a larger version.
Population: 714,240.
Resources: fishing, livestock; food, sorghum; textiles, small manufactured goods;
     copper, gold, granite, marble, potash.
Allies: Somaliland, United Kingdom.
Enemies: Ethiopia, Italy, Ottoman Empire, Russia.
Aims: Remain independent, modernize.
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Re: Baedeker's Travel Guides

Ruler: Shah Amet Kurfilli the Wise; Sultan Abdul Ha-mid II (Ottoman Empire).
Capitol: Lugarno.
Other Communities: Bukha, Diba Bayah, Kumzar; Al Bidy, Al Jerry, and Zighi.
Comments: Located on the eastern tip of the Musandam Peninsula on the southeastern point
     of Arabia, it has a traditional Persian heritage heavily modernized by British influence, particularly
     anything coming from India.
          Stemming from the 12th Century dynasty of Akbar the Magnificent, it is currently a semi-
     autonomous state under the Ottoman Empire. As a Middle Eastern nation, it functions much
     like the European ‘postage stamp’ countries—it is too small, insignificant and unimportant to
     be bothered with. There is no army to contend with, no navy, no significant industry, no natural
     resources, and no political importance. It came into existence on a whim, and continues to exist
     more as a standing joke than for any practical reason.
          The Portuguese built a semi-fortified port called Khasab overlooking the strait to protect
     their shipping lanes, but after they were pushed out in 1741, it was absorbed into the city of Lugarno.
          Oddly, Lugaash has the Regular Official Police Enforcement Service as well as a secret
     police—the Bureau of Special Security.
          Other than its position overlooking the Strait of Hormuz, its only resource is the
     rare pink diamonds found there. Its national treasure is the Pink Panther diamond.
Points of Interest: National Museum, the Pink Panther diamond, old Khasab fort.
R&D: Murad Selim, a practitioner of the ancient art of alchemy, claims he has invented
     synthetic life, though no one has yet seen what form it is.
Population:  12,200.
Resources: Pink diamonds, sand; stamps; possibly oil.
Allies: Portugal, United Kingdom.
Enemies: Oman, Ottoman Empire.
Aims: Not only do their aims remain obscure, but their main aim is to remain obscure!
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Re: Baedeker's Travel Guides

Ruler: Rani Kocha Varsa
Capitol: Kavaratti.
Other Communities: Agatti, Amini, Bangaram, Bitra, Chetlat, Cheriyam, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan, Suhe-li, Thinnakara.
Comments: Also known as the Laccadives, this is actually an archipelago of several small groups of islands which are the tops of a submerged mountain range in the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean off the southwest coast of India. It is composed of an assortment of twelve atolls, three reefs, five submerged banks, ten inhabited islands, 17 uninhabited islets, lagoons, sandbars, a few attached islets, five submerged reefs and four newly formed islets.

     It includes the Cherbaniani Reef in the north, Byragmore Reef in the northwest, Amindivi Islands (middle; Chetlat Island, Kilian Island, Kadmat Island and Amini Island), the Laccadive Islands (south; Bangaram Island, Tinnakara Island, Agatti Island, Kalputhi Island, Pitti Island, Kavaratti Island, and Androth Island), Cheriyam Island, Kalpeni Island and Minicoy Island (southernmost).

     The only significance to these islands is that they form an important shipping route to the East Indies, though this is waning due to steamships and air-ships.

     The islands bought their independence from Indian administration with a bucket of black pearls.

     The British have not granted the islands independence, but it also doesn’t challenge that because they don’t want the Lakshadweep submarines attacking their ships.

     The island of Agatti has a small aerodrome, and an airship from the mainland makes a weekly visit.

Points of Interest: Agatti aerodrome, pearl divers, sandy beaches, reef diving.
R&D: Theron Ziff has invented a battle submarine powered by thermic dynaspheres. These dyna-spheres aren’t as powerful as the Laosian ones, but they last longer, which makes them ideally suited to powering a submarine.
Population: 12,850.
Resources: Coconut, coconut oil, coconut fiber products, and fish (tuna, shark, crabs, shrimp, and lobsters) are the islands’ main resource; black pearls.
Allies: India, United Kingdom.
Enemies: None at the moment.
Aims: None.

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