Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles.   Posted by GM StarMaster.Group: 0
GM StarMaster
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Thu 1 May 2014
at 21:18
Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
With Grimsby and Dash going about their business, and Remi staying on the ship, it left the other three to their own devices.

Alas, none of them were particularly interested in the night life, even though it was still going strong as the witching hour approached. Equally alas, Marseilles wasn't noted for its strong scientific and inventive flair, and even if it had been, no one was likely to still be up (though one can never tell with the 'mad scientist' types).

Still the lights and sights were bright and gay, even at night, and the harbor was always a buzz with ships coming and going.

The three were able to hail a carriage and go in search of a decent meal. The driver, at this hour, recommended Le Cantine that specialized in Corsican food and had a low downbeat for music.
Matthew Renfrew
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Thu 8 May 2014
at 20:55
Re: Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
Matthew was educated, but he was far from being worldly. His only travels had taken him to London, so Marseilles was another new experience.

"I'd like to see some of the sights," he says to the others, "but I don't think we have the time. A brief sojourn to a nightclub might be fun... or would you rather have a good dinner? The hour is late. Would restaurants still be open?"

His stomache chose that moment to let out a low growl, clearly indicating to the others what his real preference was.
Viktor Stahler
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Thu 15 May 2014
at 03:10
Re: Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
"I don't know that much about Marseilles, but I've heard that it has a quite active nightlife," Viktor replies to Matthew. "If we head to the right part of town, we should have any problem getting a decent meal. The driver recommended Le Cantine."

"I have no idea what Corsican food is, but it sounds like it's worth a try."

"How about you, Mercy? Food? Corsican okay with you?"

Mercy Kincaid
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Fri 16 May 2014
at 16:15
Re: Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
Mercy was not really paying attention to the conversation at hand. She was dressed like a boy as usual, feeling no need to get all fancied up.

"Huh," she says when she heard someone talking to her. "Yes, that's fine."  She really was not picky and at the moment anything would due, so long as it was eatable.
GM StarMaster
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Mon 26 May 2014
at 03:05
Re: Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
Into Le Cantine you go, although there are tables and chairs sitting outside with a few customers. The interior is somewhat of a cross between a restaurant and a nightclub... dim lighting even though it's electric, a small stage, and a small band with singer.

You get the impression that most of the customers are there for the singer. The food is incidental.

The music is rather mellow, not loud and not often up-tempo.

However, the menu is only in French, but the waiter translates with broken English. He recommends either the fish provenance or roasted pork.
GM StarMaster
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Sun 8 Jun 2014
at 23:45
Re: Mercy, Matthew and Viktor Footloose in Marseilles
The meal passed uneventfully. The food was good and the music rather delightful, though clearly aimed at a romantic crowd. Then again, it was France.

Just as they finished up the opulently rich desert and were shipping their sherry, the three of them, as well as the rest of the cafe, were startled by a loud report, and then two more, which most of the patrons recognized as gunshots.

Several of them were curious enough to exit the restaurant to see what was going on.