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A guide to posting
1. 24 hours for posting actions shalt be given before prompts to get the story moving forward, if this is not enough time ask for more and it will be granted based on circumstances.

2. Short posts are fine Please try to make an effort for IC posts but I would rather a short post than nothing to keep the story moving forward.

3. Help each other out Ryan as alpha or Sean (New beta) can't be expected to do all the talking and thinking, feel free to chuck in your 2 cents worth and direct it accordingly. Answers will be expected within 24 hours.

4.COMBAT shalt be conducted as follows:

After any surprise actions or actions outside the start of combat are resolved.

Phase one: Initiative will be called for, you will be given 24 hours to roll and post your initiative in OOC chat or The ST will roll it for you.

Phase two: Your actions will be asked for one at a time in reverse initiative order you will have 24 hours to post (more time may be requested). Please use the following format:

A) Post an Intended In Character Action With as much description as possible.

B) Followed by a Spoiler with action breakdown including all expenditure of rage, movements, etc.

Should you be unable to post in this timeframe ST will post for you with no rage expenditure/gift usage but with the sole intention of keeping your character or packmates alive.

Phase Three: Dodge phase All players will be given a 12 hour window before the rolling phase to nominate dodges.

Phase Four: Players will be asked to roll one action at a time in order of highest initiative to lowest repeating until all actions are completed. Again a 24 hour window will be given or you can nominate the ST to roll for you.

Phase Five: A Summary of the round will be posted for all players, and a new round will start at phase 2 if the combat hasn't ended.

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Thu 20 Oct 2016
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A guide to posting

Sometimes a car chase, some hacking, a moot or a meeting will occur, in which rolls will be required but no combat has been initiated. people will be taking actions of varying lengths and it would be ridicules to run things in 3 second increments like with combat.

For this reason I propose the following:

1. SCENES shalt be conducted as follows:

 Upon the initiation of an extend action in which rolls will be require but combat hasn't been engaged.

Phase one: Once an extended action has been initiated I will define the parameters for the scene and give a summary of how things are beginning and turn lengths which will encompass what is being done.

Phase two: Everyone will be given a chance to post there intended actions each play will get a post and like combat once you post your action and make your rolls changing actions once posted will only occur under extenuating circumstances.

Phase Three: Rolls will be made if required this could be one roll or more whatever I think is appropriate for the action stated.

Phase Four: A Summary of the turn will be posted for all players, and a new turn will start at phase 2 if the combat hasn't ended.

Please give me feedback in ooc if possible.

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Fri 30 Mar 2018
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A guide to posting
Posting In Character

Player Posts:

Ok I would like to take a moment to view incharacter posts from players. As storyteller I am looking for 3 things.

1. Who: Who are you directing your post at?

eg. Ryan turns to the whole pack.
    Nancy slpas Lockjaw lightly across his face making sure she has his undevided attention.

2. Speech: What you are saying and its content. (This should adress everyone you indicated in step one.)

eg. "Ok ahead we need to get over the wall before we can get into the pentex compound. LJ you are the best jumper you go first jumping to the top of the wall and help the others over. I'll come next then Sean, Leaf, Nancy, and shadowclaw and finally Luke brining up the rear once over all of you hide and we will continue from there."
    "Lockjaw, when I disable the alarm you rip those doors open got it?"

3. Actions: this is what your character is physically doing and should be put into every post you make.

eg. Tapping LJ on the shoulder indicating he is up. Ryan kneels waiting for the Get to move into action.
    Nancy moves to the control panel for the door and taking her utility knife prys off the front cover preparing to short circuit the security system and unlock the door. She glances at LJ making sure he is ready.

This 3 step process I know will give everyone a clear indication of what is happening.

Story Teller Posts:

With my posts as the storyteller it is my job to provide you as much information about your current situation as I can. Now I don't claim to be infallible which is why I maintain the OOC thread for asking any questions.

I ask simply that before you post you read my last post to see what has been described around you. Please don't assume things have happened that have been spoken about or expected but not actioned in character. I try to post a revision of the surroundings and the ACTIONs carried out by you all as often as I can and if I miss something please pull me up on it.